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Obamas’ Easter Service Reverend Attacks GOP

From the Weekly Standard:

Notes from Obama’s Easter Service

By DANIEL HALPER | Mar 31, 2013

President Obama and his family this morning went to Easter Sunday services at St. John’s Episcopal Church in Washington, D.C…

Which, if we aren’t mistaken, means there will be six more weeks of winter. Still we are impressed the Obama daughters broke off their ‘Spring Break’ vacation in the Bahamas and Rocky Mountains for this photo op.

Highlights from the Rev. Dr. Luis Leon’s sermon [from the pool reporter]:

What God wants of every one of us is to believe as much as we can at a given moment … it’s all right to have doubts.

We often want things to go back to the way things used to be, before "work got difficult and faith got confused, and life got more confusing," but when we dwell on the "if only" of life we forget that "God addresses us in the now."

As Jesus told Mary not to hold on to the past, "You cannot go back."

"It drives me crazy when the captains of the religious right are always calling us back … for blacks to be back in the back of the bus … for women to be back in the kitchen … for immigrants to be back on their side of the border."

Isn’t it wonderful how Obama inspires everyone to come together in the spirit of love and tolerance? Still, we are so glad that the Obama found a a radical Leftist minister who preaches hatred for one’s fellow man. They must finally feel at home.

By the way, could the Rev. Dr. Luis Leon name one Republican leader who has called for blacks to be back in the back of the bus? In actual fact, it was Republicans who pushed for the end to Jim Crow laws. (Jim Crow laws that were enacted and enforced by Democrats.)

And as for women pushing women to go back to the kitchen, isn’t that what the left has said about Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Nikki Halley, Mia Love, and every other female Republican candidate?

"The message of Easter is about the power of love over loveless power."

"Easter vision" will allow you to see the whole world in a different way. "There is no injustice so insidious that there can be no truth … no war so deep that there can be no peace … no enemy so bitter that they can’t become a friend." …

Unless they are Republicans. The very Republicans who went to war to do away with slavery.

In a similar vein of willful ignorance, we have this from the Associated Press:

‘His story must not be forgotten’

March 31, 2013

Elwin Wilson, the former Ku Klux Klan supporter who publicly apologized for years of violent racism, including the beating of a black Freedom Rider who went on to become a Georgia congressman, has died. He was 76….

Nowhere in this long twelve paragraph piece does the AP ever once mention that Mr. Elwin Wilson was an activist Democrat. Nor do they mention that the KKK was a militant wing of the Democrat Party created to prevent Southern blacks from voting Republican.

In fact, the KKK’s original targets were more often white Republicans than blacks. For some reason that story must be forgotten.

His wife, Judy Wilson, said he died Thursday at a hospital in South Carolina after a bout with the flu and suffering for years with heart and lung problems.

She told The Associated Press in a telephone interview Sunday that he was relieved he lived long enough to try to make amends for years of racial hatred. He detailed his deeds at length when he called The Herald of Rock Hill to apologize shortly after President Barack Obama’s inauguration in 2009…

Among his actions were cross burnings; hanging a black doll in a noose at the end of his drive; flinging cantaloupes at black men walking down Main Street; hurling a jack handle at a black boy jiggling the soda machine in his father’s service station; and the brutal beating of future U.S. Rep. John Lewis at a Rock Hill bus station in 1961.

“His story is a powerful story; his story must not be forgotten,” Lewis (D-Ga.) told The Herald in a telephone interview Saturday. “His story and the way he arrived at his position must be understood, must be told.” …

But just don’t expect his full story to be told by the AP.

After his apology to the newspaper, Wilson apologized in several other public venues, including during a meeting with Lewis at the congressman’s Capitol Hill office…

In 2009, Lewis and Wilson accepted the Common Ground Award for Reconciliation at the Canadian embassy in Washington, D.C. Also that year, both were honored in California with awards on Worldwide Forgiveness Day. In Maryland, Wilson presented Lewis with an award. They also told their story to Oprah Winfrey and millions of viewers.

And look at how this has helped put all racial division behind us. Just ask John Lewis.

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3 Responses to “Obamas’ Easter Service Reverend Attacks GOP”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    Can’t we all just get along?


  2. canary says:

    Obama’s Rev. Dr. Luis Leon intentionally lied when he said Jesus told Mary not to hold on to the past, “You cannot go back.”

    They say the Devil sits in the front pew in churches so I was taught in Catholic Church. No way a Minister with a Doctrine could make this mistake.

    The Easter scriptures tell after Mary found Jesus resurrected he told her to go back and stay with his brothers and apostles and tell them the good news, and then he showed up where they were gathered. And the visit ended with Jesus saying he would leave a comforter for them, and He, Jesus would come back someday.

    I think that day is coming sooner than we think as people become lovers of themselves.

    Further the Rev Louis Leon showed himself to be a hypocrite taking his erroneous out of context scripture, when he turned around and lied that people are trying to make some people sit in the back of the bus. Everyone, knows to let the Latinos have a seat on a subway.

    It is such a shame, that Obama and Michelle can not let go of their bitterness and are living in a different century.

  3. Mithrandir says:

    Republicans just don’t get it. They say something that JABS democrats, and immediately, they must apologize.

    Democrats JAB Republicans, and they are heroes, and new stars in the party.

    Every opportunity Republicans have to castigate liberalism, they need to say it, repeat it, stand by it, and have all their people use the opportunity to explain why liberalism is terrible. Yet, they apologize left and right for even the smallest things. Students protest a conservative speaker at a university? They back down, instead of taking the opportunities to roast them with all their might.

    Always the conservative has to get beat up, no matter the situation. Jeez man, throw some punches or get out of the ring.

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