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Barack Obama’s (Endless) Victory Speech

In case you missed Mr. Obama’s historic address last night and have a half hour to spend, via YouTube:

Obama “Our Time Has Come” Part 1

Obama “Our Time Has Come” Part 2

A transcript of Mr. Obama’s remarks would probably run in excess of twenty pages. And yet he says practically nothing.

Instead, he intones sonorous platitudes seemingly selected from a poetry class in an all girls junior high school

Worse still, when he does inadvertently veer into any kind of specifics Mr. Obama suddenly sounds like the latest reincarnation of Josef Stalin or Pol Pot.

Is there really where we are today as a nation?

Have we really been so dumbed down that we are all like the hysterical blonde buffoon over Obama’s right shoulder who finds this empty rhetoric so incredibly moving she eventually swoons?

If so, God help the United States of America.

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