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The Obamas Jet To NYC For ‘Play Date’

From a swooning Associated Press:

The presidential limo waits outside as U.S. President Barack ...

The presidential limo waits outside as U.S. President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama see the play "Joe Turner’s Come and Gone" during a personal visit in New York May 30, 2009.

First couple’s date: dinner and a Broadway show

By ANN SANNER, Associated Press Writer

Saturday, May 30, 2009  

(05-30) New York (AP) — President Barack Obama made good on a campaign promise to his most important supporter Saturday night — his wife, Michelle.

The president and first lady jetted to a date in New York late Saturday afternoon, aides and media in tow.

"I am taking my wife to New York City because I promised her during the campaign that I would take her to a Broadway show after it was all finished," the president said in a statement an aide read to the press.

After dining a little more than two hours at Blue Hill, a West Village restaurant touted by New York magazine as a "seminal Greenmarket haven" that features food grown by chef and owner Dan Barber on his upstate farm, the president and first lady headed to the Belasco Theater to make curtain call for "Joe Turner’s Come and Gone."

The play by August Wilson is about black America in the early 1900s, with residents of a boardinghouse recalling their migration from the sharecropping farms of the South to the industrialized North.

As the motorcade left the West Village and drove up Sixth Avenue to the theater, crowds of people, at times about eight deep, gathered on the sidewalks of the blockaded streets to wave as the Obamas passed. Some cheered. Cab drivers opened their doors and stood on the frames of their taxis to glimpse the president and first lady.

The White House declined to say how much the trip was costing taxpayers, and even before the smaller jet left Washington, the there-and-back trip drew criticism from the Republican National Committee. The RNC issued a news release that chastised Obama for saying he understands American’s troubles, but then hopping up to New York for "a night on the town."

Noting that General Motors is expected to file for Chapter 11 protection on Monday, the news release said: "Putting on a show: Obamas wing into the city for an evening out while another iconic American company prepares for bankruptcy."

In an interview before his inauguration, Barack Obama said he and his wife like having "date nights," usually on Fridays. Since moving to Washington, the Obamas have managed to fit in at least a few nights out in the nation’s capital

Onlookers crowd outside as U.S. President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama see the play “Joe Turner’s Come and Gone” during a personal visit in New York May 30, 2009.

How much will this cost the US taxpayers?

Mind you, this is the same man who chided people for using their own money to go to Las Vegas.

By the way, note that the Obamas went to a ‘black’ show.

When does he ever pay homage to his white side?

(Thanks to Caligirl9 for the heads up.)

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62 Responses to “The Obamas Jet To NYC For ‘Play Date’”

  1. caligirl9 says:

    Did you all see this? An Associated Press story by way of SF Gate.

    First couple’s date: dinner and a Broadway show

    President Barack Obama made good on a campaign promise to his most important supporter Saturday night — his wife, Michelle.

    The president and first lady jetted to a date in New York late Saturday afternoon, aides and media in tow…


    I have no problem with TOTUS and MO having a “date night”—as long as it’s coming out of TOTUS’ wages. Which I suspect it isn’t.

    I would have had a problem with this had it been either Bush, Clinton, or even Reagan. I seriously doubt Regan would have been classless enough to do this, and I can’t remember either Bush doing something like this (same with Clinton but I was not really paying much attention to his goings-on).
    Of course the comments in the SF Gate version of this story are like “no big deal, the Repubs did it all of the time.” Typical for the Bay Area…

  2. pinandpuller says:

    They don’t really seem to like the White House. What’s in a name?

  3. GL0120 says:

    When queried as to his opinion of the show, TCO hesitated, and searched the room for his faithful teleprompter (TOTUS).
    Unable to locate TOTUS, TCO simply shrugged and walked away.

  4. beautyofreason says:

    And to think, just under a year ago the media slammed Governor Palin because the RNC funded her wardrobe for the McCain campaign. Stylists insisted on the clothes, which were only used for the job and donated to charity after the election…

    So Palin, who regularly shops at consignment stores is the bad one, yet Obama, who goes to racially grounded plays in a private jet and limo on the taxpayer dollar, is above criticism?

    The media is woefully one-sided.

  5. DGA says:

    While us lowlife taxpayers work nights and weekends in part to pay the incredibly high tax burden he will put on us, he takes weekends off, on our dime. While we sit and freeze this winter because we can’t afford to turn the furnace up to even comfortable levels because of his crap and tirade scheme, he will have himself sweating it out in a short sleeve shirt in the White House, again, on our dime. The things I would like to say if I were EVER face to face with this a**hole couldn’t be repeated on this site.

  6. Al Morone says:

    Talk about fiddling while Rome (in this case, GM) burns!

    • Petronius says:

      Does anyone remember how the Obamacrats ridiculed the auto executives who flew to Washington in their private jets? Of course that ridicule was entirely justified because the auto companies were on the verge of bankruptcy. Whereas it is an altogether different matter when Nerobama and the Empress Armtonia fly in his private jet on a date night, inasmuch as the USA is not on the verge of . . . oops . . . wait a minute . . . .

  7. Moonspinner says:

    If this was Bush having date night with Laura and going to NYC for dinner and a broadway show, well you know the response the media and the left would have had. They couldn’t stand it when Bush went to Crawford. Obama sure is living high on the hog. Enjoying all the perks of the presidency just like Clinton did, BUT American people are losing their jobs, struggling to pay bills, cutting back. Obama tells the American people to sacrifice. I don’t see him sacrificing but putting more spending on the back’s of the taxpayers. Spending our money for his and Michelle’s date nights. I seem to recall another president during the civil war era who also attending a show.

  8. imnewatthis says:

    Yeah, we never turned our heat above 65, and we NEVER go on a date night. It seems like such a splurge. He’s probably just trying to show off what a great husband he is. After all, what does MO need a break from, living in a fancy house where she never has to lift a finger?

  9. canary says:

    Try to have empathy for these two. Imagine how difficult it is for a couple who have grown up despising the white people, and having to be spend more time that usual. They lost their all black church, and it gave them a night to be with black people, and the rich history of voo doo living on. I can’t figure out, during election campaigns Obama’s telling how he was from the south and understood their plight, but sometimes said he was a Black Northernor.

    Seriously, I feel like Obama is trying to bring racism back, constantly bringing it up, instead of focusing on how much unity and progress America has made, in loving everyone in the world. America is a compassionate country, yet Obama keeps playing the race card, tricky and sneaking it in, or just boldly playng it.

    If there was a way Obama could disguise himself, change his appearance, blend in, try a short beard, pin his ears back a bit, dress in jeans, change his dialect, and visit, or live in some southern states, he would be greatly surprised, and it might change his stereo-typing of the South. Get over his predjudist views.

  10. Dutch1974 says:

    I think this is some sort of ‘Look at us poor, innocent (White) Republicans struggle under the rules of law of that evil Mr Obama and his red-commy-leftwing dictatorship–” website, which, once again, scares the #%$^ out off the rest of the world, because it very clearly shows that The US and its’ citizens are completely out of touch with reality, have no clue what they are saying, acting up and having fits and throwing tantrums like a pre-teen spoiled child that didn’t get it’s favorite toy, when finally the REAL TERRORISTS, being that weasel of a George Bush and his father and the entire administration for the past 8 years, have “lost” their chokehold on the world by constantly waging war on EVERYTHING including their own people and a group of so called anti-US / anti-Israel terrorists, thus dragging the ENTIRE WORLD into worldwar 3 under the pretences of “the threats from the so called axis of evil to the free world and democracy” Whilst the real threat lies in the IGNORANCE and CHILDISH disposition the Bush administration so cleary has.
    Do you people not recognise the patterns ? Are you all just merely truely mindless, violent fanatic followers of insane so called “Leaders” like said mr Bush and his gang of dissidents ? I give you there words;

    The rich upper 1 percent who scr3w3d up and continues to scr3w up everything for everybody by ponting their fat fingers at so called terrorists and threats to the entire world to act as lightningrods to draw any attention away FROM their sick powergames to stay in control and get away with anything their sick and twisted brains can think of just so they can keep their greedy hands on their fat wallets and keep a tight grip on the world, which they have already succeeded to rape and maim beyond recognition.

    Let me ask you this, why does the US VETO OUT ANY ACTION AGAINST THOSE TRUELY EVIL PEOPLE over there in Israel ??? Whilst they use one of the most advanced armies, backed by the USA against men, women and children who barely have clothes to wear, what would you do if you were robbed of your land and houses and have nothing to do about it ? putting on a belt full of C4 and trying to take as many of these REAL massmurderers with you in the process when detonating yourself running into an Israeli mall doesn’t sound as weird anymore when you are on their side of the fence, does it ?
    Artrocities against mankind, the Geneva convention, etc. etc….. the denial of the International Tribunal against Warcrimes….et…..etc…. So there you are, pointing your finger at so called bad guys with some dynamite, whilst you yourselves can get away with GENOCIDE AND MASS MURDER each and every time again (Oh yeah there’s also Guantanamo bay…..olé, olé…..).
    All in the name of GOD and PEACE and JUSTICE….yeah right…..

    Any country would be very very pleased with a people such as the average US republican, blind followers of criminal’s orders, whilst 99% of you can’t even point out your own State on a world map you DO have the nerve to bomb, nuke, rape and pillage any country or people, the Paranoid Bush administration deems a threat to the modern world……I’ve lived there in the US, fortunately in the North-Eastern part, where peolple tend to be more like the rest of the world, so I KNOW what i’m talking about…….

    Stop throwing mud at eachother and go catch the REAL CRIMINALS……..BO taking a trip by plane to see a show or whatever and whining about what it will cost the taxpayer, WHILST THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION HAS PLUNGED YOUR BELOVED “NATION” INTO THE BIGGEST ECONOMICAL CRISIS BY PUMPING ALL THE TAXDOLLARS INTO THE ARMY, THAT’S CALLED HYPOCRISY…….it’s VERY EASY to blame the guy who has the impossible task ahead of him of cleaning up all the cr@p the previous “gentlemen” have left behind, which is what you are doing right now…..

    If any of this makes sense to you….then maybe there’s hope yet…..but I’m afraid I’m giving you far more credit then you will ever deserve, because it is simply in your nature to breed hatred and war and killing off an entire planet in the process…..

    Doesn’t it strike you as being strange to say the least, that the US has a history of war and violence ? That’s ALL YOU ARE CAPABLE OF apparently…..destruction……even your own people say so…..George Carlin had a clue, but he was silenced many times and unfortunately he died before seeing any positive change on your side…….


    • beautyofreason says:

      “but I’m afraid I’m giving you far more credit then you will ever deserve, because it is simply in your nature to breed hatred and war”

      I am giving you far more credit than you deserve by assuming that under that shoddy rant you are capable of a reasoned debate. Several of your misconceptions (though by no means an exhaustive list):

      George Bush is not a terrorist. George Bush Sr. is not a terrorist. George Bush did not “wage war on everything” or the U.S.

      “so called anti-US / anti-Israel terrorists”

      Not so-called. They really do hate the United States and Israel – and they suicide bombed two civilian buildings in my favorite city to prove it…..idiot.

      We do not promote genocide or mass murder.

      “you DO have the nerve to bomb, nuke, rape and pillage any country or people”

      More slander…..the only time the U.S. used nukes was to end a World War with Japan, which attacked our Pearl Harbor and otherwise would have required a land invasion estimated to kill 100,000 American soldiers…

      The rich are not bad people hell bent on destroying the poor (at least not on the conservative side!)

      Let’s see, did I miss any obvious ones?


      Defense spending did not cause the economic crisis….the housing bubble, average consumers spending outside of their means….did. And the current crisis will be exacerbated by continuing government bailouts, spending, and nationalization of private sector jobs…

      You are beyond brainwashed….it must take a special talent to look at us with such loathing.

      I assume you’re one of those Euro-snobs who hates the United States and plays moral equivalence with governments that have no clue about human rights. How’s Hamas doing? Heard they shot out the kneecaps of 60 “suspected spies” recently.

      Well, enjoy your high taxes and Islamic immigration….should be fun to see whether or not your country exists in 50 years….

      Let’s see…the Netherlands. Ah, where they’re prosecuting Geert Wilders for “insulting Islam?” As I said, just peachy.

    • Liberals Make Great Speedbumps says:

      Dutch1974, let me put this as kindly as possible, FOAD! Your BS doesn’t even qualify for a serious response.

    • TwilightZoned says:

      “…acting up and having fits and throwing tantrums like a pre-teen spoiled child…”

      Pretty much like the rant I’d say.

      “so I KNOW what I’m talking about…….”

      Yes, and I’m sure Hilter, Mussolini, Stalin, Castro, Chavez and the like all thought they knew what they were talking about too. Not that I am comparing you to them, but just because you think you know what you are talking about doesn’t make you correct. As a matter of fact, just because a majority thinks one way doesn’t always make them correct either.

      What makes this country so great is the fact we can all share our opinions without prosecution. When we lose the ability to openly criticize we are not free. Perhaps you’d be more comfortable with like-minded people such as the Daily Kos or Huffington Post.

    • Anonymoose says:

      “BO taking a trip by plane to see a show or whatever and whining about what it will cost the taxpayer”

      I think it took until about paragraph three to say something related to the topic. Kind of like this one guy posting on CBS last fall about he didn’t care if BO hung around with Ayers, a guy who “may have set off a cherry bomb in a toilet when he was a kid.” You disallow anything your hero or his side does and then accuse us of exactly the same thing.

      If taking Michelle on a play date (what else do you call it when everyone knows about it and the whole thing smacks of yet another PR stunt) was done only once in his presidency then you might have a point. Or if BO went out on “real” dates (on his own dime and not letting the entire world know) then that’s his right as a person.

      However, a display like this when we are facing the biggest “economical” (that would be comical if it weren’t so serious) crisis of our generation, on top of keeping the White House at 80 degrees in winter and all the parties and “events” the Obamas are hosting, it literally is fiddling while Rome burns.

      And it goes without saying that if a Republican was doing such a show of wealth and in-your-face extravagance that you’d be screaming for his impeachment, and if he was living austerely to show we all need to give up something to make it through the crisis then you’d be crying how false it was.

      Now please, clam your temper down and have a nice cup of chamomile tea.

    • proreason says:


      That and the fact that you are posting to a conservative website at 4 am in the morning says it all.

      Is that the only time when you can escape from the orderlies?

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      Dutch, you ignorant misguided slut.

      By living in a land, you thus claim to know all about it. How pathetic the premise.

      The world according to liberals states thus:

      Bush not being in the white house when terrorists flew planes into the WTC=irresponsibility

      BHO not being in the white house while the nation is trying to recover from tough economic times=a deserved break from the pressures of public life.

      Aside from my first post being deleted by Steve, and rightfully so as it was inappropriate, I’ll just address your poorly-worded and dopplered view of the world as you see it.

      For one thing, president Bush was in a grade school reading to young children as presidents do from time-to-time. In essence, he was actually functioning in one of his many capacities as president.

      Blammy, on the other hand, took the big 747 to NYC. And, in case you were wondering, whenever the big 747 takes the president anywhere, it’s not a simple affair. BOTH 747’s have to go as well as at LEAST one C-17 to carry the limos, the CIA personnel, the support personnel and so forth. So that’s 3 large, expensive-to-operate 4-engined aircraft each and every time his majesty wants to demonstrate his love for his wife. I’m not against displays of affection, but I am against doing it on the public dollar.

      If he had hired a small Gulfstream, put the secret service on it, and flown it to NYC with his wife, and then hired a private limo, and one for the secret service to tool around in, on HIS DIME then I would not have any objections.

      However, he is using the excuse that because he’s president, that means that he has to have the football (the nuclear codes) with him at all times and that he cannot be without the communications center, etc., he is therefore JUSTIFIED somehow that when he wants to take his wife to a play in NYC, that all that stuff has to come too.

      This is his personality on display. His shirking of responsibility. His inability to recognize how others see it; How the truly responsible people can easily mark him for the selfish, arrogant fool that he is.

      If you told your kids to wash up before dinner and then you, yourself came to the table with greasy hands, would you not see that it’s a bad example? If you told your family that you had to stop buying luxuries like cable TV and spending on gasoline for trips out to the country, and then rented a limousine and paid for an expensive dinner for yourself and a couple of friends, would you not see that also as a bad move?

      Where do you get off?

      Or are you one of those who say it’s ok for one set of people to behave this way, while also saying out of the other side of your face that it’s NOT ok for other sets of people to behave this way.

      Anyone on this discussion board would have said the same thing about any president who points the finger at the citizens of the US to “behave” while simultaneously playing hollywood celebrity. If he was doing it on his own dime, that would be perfectly acceptable, perhaps. But he does so on the people’s money. Maybe that’s ok in Holland where such things are expected what with royalty and government being one and the same…in true old-world style, where the military bases cannot fly on Sunday because it irritates the queen and all.

      But here in the US, our nation was founded on principles. These principles have gotten pretty beat up as of late. In fact, for the last half-century, since the end of WWII, which, by the way, kept you from having to live life under a red and white swastika-laden banner, and later from having to kow-tow to the sickle and hammer…all beside the point since you seem to relish the possibility, but since WWII, we in the United States built an economy that the world had never seen on the backs of AMERICANS who saw opportunity, the chance to live a great life and actually reap the rewards of hard work, good education and living a decent life.

      You, on the other hand, have lived probably on the government ticket most of your adult life. I cannot be sure but I suspect.

      And, when you are outside of that government protection, you get scared. Your safety net is gone. Well, true Americans are not afraid of risk. For with risk comes the desire to succeed.

      Back to the point, when any one person in the United States uses public funds for their own betterment, unless such funds are specifically marked for such, such as student loans, then the PUBLIC tends to have a problem with it. And this president doesn’t just do it once. He has done it several times already. And already it is tiresome and insulting to the intelligence of not only his opponents but to those who voted for him.

      It is not just a simple rudeness. It is flagrantly selfish. In fact it is such a complete immersion in self-indulgence that history has shown that it won’t be tolerated for very long. In fact, the very systems of government that he emulates came to power, usually with events that marked the end of the lives of those considered “privileged”. From Marie Antoinette to the Romanovs of Russia….regardless of the style of politics, the people really hate it when they see deliberate excess on the part of their government.

      And Americans are no different, other than we in this nation have the right to loudly complain about it openly without the fear of being imprisoned, or worse.

      What’s really funny is the paradigm you so obviously display; That being that you cannot, for one second, entertain how it works here in the United States. Our freedom of speech is truly a mystery to most Europeans.

    • DGA says:

      Mr Dutch, how are you liking socialism so far? Working out for you? Whether you live in Holland or the US, I don’t know. If it’s Holland, how do you like your tax burden? Love paying for all the deadbeats there, or are you one of them? Likely the latter, from your totally distorted world view of how we live here, or it will be, USED to live here, in freedom and prosperity. You try to see all the distortion the MSM pumps out in the name of their heroes in the DNC, and it’s so overwhelming you miss all the details left in the wake, as that’s how they want to play the game, the more you promote a lie, the easier it is to get the dupable left to accept it as fact.

      Mr Dutch, if you like your socialsm so much, why not go all the way, the left’s dream of communism. Then you won’t have to bother at all to try to have a better live for yourself, the govt. will just GIVE it all to you. And if you believe that, then you truly deserve all the spoils of a tyrannical govt. Idiot!

      OK, got to go, I’m heading to a gun show to buy an AK and ammo. Yes, we can do that here in the US too, another one of our fleeting rights.

    • ptat says:

      Hey Dutchie! As I read your hateful rant, for some odd reason I picture an overweight, 30ish adolescent living in his parents basement, munching on twinkies and such as he spews forth. Correct?

    • Barbie says:

      I love the lively debates on this website. I am hopeful once Dutch1974 gets over his paroxysm of ‘George Bush hysteria’ and/or sobers up from imbibing last night’s excess of liberal koolaid, he will return and try to make some reasoned arguments instead of the specious hyperbole he drunkenly ranted about earlier.

      Sober up, Dutch, and come on back. The people at this site are more than willing to take on any point you think you can deliver and they will do so, unlike yourself, with solid arguments and counter-arguments. Stand up for your drunken comments in the light of the sober day! HAH.

      p.s. Dutch, I sure hope you can attribute your poor writing skills such as your excessive run-on sentences, illogical thinking, lack of any evidence for your ‘premises’, emotionally charged rhetoric, and paucity of facts on your drunken, impaired state. If not, you need to look at your own educational failings before you deride anyone else (btw, most of the people who can’t identify their home state on a map happen to be products of the liberal education system in this country).

      Anyway, I’m sure you’re a whining little wimp puking your guts up somewhere. So you are an ambassador of ‘peace’? You are a very, very poor representative.

      Come on back, jack. ( Like you have the guts to do so.)

    • catie says:

      Cheers to you Dutch or Jack or whomever you are. I’m glad you know what you’re talking about because we’re all on pins and needles awaiting your next missive. Does the h.s. stand for “hate speech”? Just curious as you’re spewing it.
      Take an enema and you may feel better.

    • Liberals Demise says:

      Mr. Meoff isn’t returning our calls but the answering service said Jack will get all of his calls tomorrow.

  11. wardmama4 says:

    Wow here I was going to ask if any single one of the msm has done a story yet on how many vacays Obama has done?

    Since it seemed that one of the endlessly repeated talking points for the past 8 years (even highlighted in that stellar Oscar winning doccrockumentary – Fahrenheit 911) was how often Bush was away from the White House. I’d bet if you checked GW Bush and Laura did not dash off by day 12 complaining how ‘they needed to get break from the White House’.

    But alas – Dutch 1974 managed in one little post to include every single talking point of the US left from the past 8 years – doubt he even knows where Holland/the Netherlands are, much less a nativeof/living there. He/she just wanted to raise some hackles – and prove once again:

    Better to thought a fool than open your mouth and prove it.

    • Dutch1974 says:

      ……why thank you my US friends, for once again confirming the stereotypical behaviour we have all come to know soo well over the past 50 or 60 years !!

      1) H.S. are my initials, for those of you trying to figure out what incredibly wicked things that acronym could stand for….

      2) Thanks for confirming the stereotypical notion the rest of the world has about the average US citizen’s I.Q. when asking me why I would be posting things on this website at 4am in the morning…..once again this is a great display of the arrogant notion that the USA is the one and only “country” in this world, and we apparently only have 1 timezone, and that would be Hickville Texas or something, if you do the math, you will see that 4am your time is about 11am CET (Central European Time) or GMT +1 (Greenwich Mean Time + 1 hour, i.e. all countries one timezone to the RIGHT of the UK (That would be the United Kingdom, or England, or Great Britain……yes !!! those are ALL names for the same country !!!) which can be The Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Portugal, etc….etc…)

      3) I am Dutch, Born and raised in ZWOLLE, OVERIJSSEL, The Netherlands. (Als je wilt dat ik het in mijn eigen taal vertel, dan vraag je het maar. ok ? Stelletje inteelt mafkezen daar in dat strontgat van een VS….)

      4) I myself, (and most (northern) Europeans, especially the Dutch are known for this)) speak 6 languages, Dutch (and Belgian Dutch or Flemish, Afrikaner, which is pretty much the same as Dutch), German, English, French, Spanish and Italian. on top of that I can get around and insult you in over a dozen other languages, including Swedish, Finnish, some Arab / Urdu / Berber, Japanese, Chinese, Portugese, Korean, Hindi and probably some more I can’t remember right now……

      5) The big shocker…..I am WHITE, 6ft4″, blonde, blue eyed, definitely not USA-shaped (somewhat pear shaped that would be) and have worked pretty much my entire life.

      6) I am a non-religious person, was brought up as a Catholic for the first 10 years of my life, and was given a CHOICE to either go with a religious stream (whichever) or not, I chose the latter…..

      So….that needed to be said first, now for the rest……


      Now, about the attacks on my person, which only confirm the already present suspicions of the average US republican / conservatist / p-Christian citizen not being able to stick to the topic because they have run out of counter-arguments to throw against any critically tainted comments made by a person or a group, thus taking it down to a personal level and try to discredit the person him- or herself by making weird, non-factual allegations, just to have something to say, anything BUT agreeing with, listening to, or even considering the opinions of other people…..

      In fact, isn’t that what little children do when they cannot win an argument ? They start slinging around profanity and name-calling and so on, and usually, that’s right before the jock-type, “daddy says I have to become a baseball-star or else” kid ( ie, the intelligence deprived, steroid filled one) starts physically attacking the person or persons in question, right ?) There is an eerie parallel to be found right there, frightening, isn’t it ?

      For those in need of a more graphic example to get the picture, here’s one for you;
      Two kids in a school’s cafetaria start arguing about say the evolution theory vs the Biblical version of our start on this planet….the evolution theory kid says, “Well there is actually not any evidence of a supreme being having created everything out of thin air, and it sounds a bit fairy-tale like to me…..”, the religious kid responds with, “Well there is no proof that we evolved from ape-like creatures or for the so called Big-Bang theory either !!”, back to the thinker, “Actually, there is a lot of evidence supporting Darwinism, etc. look at this website and these books,…..etc…etc..”, the reli-kid feels cornered and lacks any supporting evidence for his point of view and says, “…ehhh…well….you are just an idiot and don’t know what you’re talking about !!”, the other kid replies, ” didn’t I just show you the proof that shows you might be mistaken ? Why do you start calling me names?”, the reli-kid again,”Well, your mother is a whore and you suck !! you want to take it outside buddy ?”, “No I don’t, I guess you are just not open to different opinions or something like that, so let’s quit here…” And the reli-kid responds by bashing the other kid’s teeth in and dumping him in a trash-can or something. (That’s what we get to see on USA TV-shows in the rest of the world, PLUS again, I have witnessed all this first hand whilst being in the US.)

      If you look at that example, it does look very, very much like the way which most of you responded to my comment, right ?

      Calling me a drunk, a fat, twinky munching guy in his parent’s basement, claiming that I am not Dutch and probably wouldn’t even be able to point out the Netherlands on a map (this one’s my favourite, especially since it is an exact copy of part of my posting where I say most US citizens cannot even point out their own state on a map of the US, which, by the way, is the sad truth, that most of the people in the rest of the world are well aware of….) and the one feeble attempt at sounding intelligent by mentioning Geert Wilders and the PVV (that would be his political party, do you also know that he runs the ONLY party in the Dutch government of which you cannot become a member ? You can vote for him, but you cannot join his party….strange…..isn’t it ?)

      All of these intelligent comments have been made without any knowledge about my person, if any of you had taken the time to check my profile, you would have seen where I come from, why I was in the States and for how long and since when I have been back in my own country.
      Some even skipped that part and went straight to the name-calling and offensive remarks, because as much as you would like for this site to come over as a non-biased, intelligent meeting-point for discussions and opinions, it is in fact nothing more than a sad collection of beaten rapepublican (Oops…it seems the hate mongering has rubbed off on me…sorry ’bout that!!) pointing their fingers at the rest of the evil world and blaming everyone but themselves for the US being in the messed up state in which it is and patting eachother on the back several times a day on a daily bases trying to justify having plunged the entire world into WWIII by engaging in a pointless, unwinnable (I know that’s not a word), war against Terr’r (That’s how your beloved Mr Bush pronounces TERROR, isn’t it ? Let’s not even mention the Nukular / nuclear bomb screwup shall we?).

      Once more, how on Earth can one be soo ignorant as to blame the people who only recently GOT ELECTED (That would be by you and your people) into Office and haven’t even had a chance to do anything to better the situation, for the BIG MESS LEFT BY THE ADMINISTRATION WHO RAN THE COUNTRY AND THE ENTIRE WORLD FOR THAT MATTER, INTO THE GROUND FOR 8 YEARS !!!!! That’s just plain ignorance.
      Everyone knew that whomever was going to be the next President of the USA, was going to be facing the impossible task to clean up after the criminal Bush administration…….it does seem to be strangely convenient that this new guy was going to be a BLACK man and a DEMOCRAT, doesn’t it…..that can only lead to one big “WE TOLD YOU SOO !!!” from your side, since everybody knows failure is the only possible outcome of any attempt to recover from this 8-year reign of real terror.

      Comments about my interpunction, spelling and grammar are really the crown on this so called attack. Coming from people who cannot even speak or write their own language properly, let alone the fact that 99.99% of all US inhabitants cannot speak any languages other than their own, they mean very little to me…….

      I leave you with that….knowing that I might as well be talking to a brick wall, but when I checked my Yahoo! Mail account yesterdaymorning and logged off and got to see this highlighted article about the outrage and frustration coming from you guys over BO’s trip to Broadway, I just couldn’t take it anymore and HAD to vent MY anger and frustration about these constant displays of ignorance and biggotry.
      If this would be on a nationwide scale only, then I would have shrugged and sighed and let it go, but since whatever you morons decide to do affects the entire planet, thus my own personal life as well, this leads to feelings of powerlesness and frustration on the part of the rest of the world, I hope you are not soo thickheaded you can’t even figure that one out….

      Yours unwillingly,


    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      And yet, you address none of the points I made.

    • catie says:

      Well Rusty, you know how it is with the libs they can’t baffle us with their brains so they try to baffle us with bullsh*t.
      But since he does mention his poor grammar and spelling-there is spell check on this site Jack or whomever you are. Typical, arrogant, lefty Eurotrash.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      Yeah, well, to quote a line from a Monty Python movie…to 1974 I say, “I fart in your general dy-reck-shawn”

      Ironically spoken by a lampooned French character.

      He is pretty typical of the far left of the Europeans who, having less to be proud of than ever before (like craftsmanship, builders of great navies, innovators, or even nukular scientists) they fall back on the same psychological crutches that most insecure types do…long-winded diatribes that say nothing, mean nothing and address nothing.

    • proreason says:

      Hey Dutch…….i’m shocked you came back to the site.

      I thought all Europeans were cowards nowadays.

      Your continued presence is some evidence that you may not be as cowardly as your country’s recent history indicates.

      Please provide us some links where you chastise Muslims on their web-sites so we can measure the depth of your courage.

    • I love to see when people don’t realize that they are doing the attacking first, and all we are doing is defending ourselves. If dutch were to really look through this website and read the comments, he would realize that we only attack others AFTER they have begun to attack us and our beliefs. If you read carefully, Dutch, you would realize how insulting your first comments were to everyone on this site. If you would have approached this subject (which you very rarely do in your comments), you would notice that you would get respectful responses to your concerns and questions (as you would see in previous subjects). But since you neither present concerns or questions, but merely insults, then you are responded to in the same way. So before you go around throwing arguments of “you are just like a kid in grade school”, look at how you approached the topic first and then look at our responses. We are merely responding to the non-sensical slander that you have thrown at us.

    • Liberals Demise says:

      6’4”, blond, blue eyed and not pear shaped …………. more like ….

      4’6”, bald mammas’ boy, dark eyes and bowling ball shaped!!

      You are the main reason I wonder why we save your miserable asses during WWII. Tell me little dutchboy, are you all still afraid of the big bad wolves (muslims) telling you all how bad you all are?
      Don’t come here telling us how screwed up we are here when in a few years you will be begging us to pull your nuts out of the Islamic Jihad vice.
      You may very well speak 10 languages but you don’t understand the basic principles of individual “FREEDOM”. So go hump someone else leg mutt face!!

    • Barbie says:

      Dutch, I wanted you to debate your points, not come back with additional hysterics.

      It’s very valid to point out your poor writing skills when you are more than happy to insult others over their perceived (in your eyes) educational deficiencies. Communication skills are very important, just as important as geography.

      If you felt secure in your comments, you’d come back armed with facts and not scream (we see your
      ‘all caps’). You showed up here in hysterics insulting all and now you’re all sensitive when comments are made about you. Well, if you’d shown up writing and debating like an adult, you would have been treated like one. btw, why would anyone ‘check your profile’? Do you think you’re such a compelling personality? You’re not. As far as I can tell, you’re just another punk who shows up with a big mouth and a little brain.

    • proreason says:

      “Dutch, I wanted you to debate your points”

      Why would you think that?

      They don’t want to discuss, they only want to destroy.

    • Liberals Make Great Speedbumps says:

      “you will see that 4am your time is about 11am CET (Central European Time) or GMT +1 (Greenwich Mean Time + 1 hour, i.e.”

      Then get back to work and STFU doucheb*g!

      “Coming from people who cannot even speak or write their own language properly, let alone the fact that 99.99% of all US inhabitants cannot speak any languages other than their own, they mean very little to me…….”

      Funny, but for some reason everyone seems to need to speak my language while I have no need whatsoever to speak theirs. The world really is unfair Dutch, isn’t it?

    • Celina says:

      >>let alone the fact that 99.99% of all US inhabitants cannot speak any languages other than their own<<

      Dude, where are you getting your numbers from? If I had to guess, I would have to say your hind end. Do you know how many immigrants are here who have learned English? Do you know that Native Americans and Hawaiians have their own languages?

    • Petronius says:

      “That would be the United Kingdom, or England, or Great Britain……yes !!! those are ALL names for the same country !!!”

      Sorry, Dutch, but I cannot allow this shabby bit of geography to go unanswered. The English, Welsh, Scots, and Irish are four different nationalities. The Cornish often claim to be a fifth nationality, but that is an open question. Great Britain is the large island consisting of England, Scotland, and Wales, including also their outlying islands (except the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands, which are independent). The United Kingdom includes Great Britain and Northern Ireland. You should by now be familiar with the red cross flag of St George, which is of course the national flag of England, as that flag has waved triumphantly over football stadiums in the Netherlands and Europe for many decades now. It differs from the Union Jack of the UK, whose armed forces liberated your country in 1945, and twice in the last century defeated the Germans at their national sport. England is also the national home of fish ‘n’ chips, universally acknowledged as the world’s finest cuisine.

    • proreason says:

      “let alone the fact that 99.99% of all US inhabitants cannot speak any languages other than their own”

      Aside from the fact that it is demonstrably false, what a profoundly stupid point to make (surprise, huh?).

      Hey Dutch, how many Australian Aborigine languages do YOU know? If the answer is none, then explain to me why I should waste my time learning German or Portugese. I mean, other than to impress darwinian dead-end Europeans.

      Of course, Obamy has complained about the same thing, so it bears repeating to say “what a profoundly stupid point”

    • BannedbytheTaliban says:

      Speaking 6 languages really isn’t all that useful. Now if you knew how to rebuild a small block v-8 or flash my roof I might actually give a shitte. But I guess those menial, constructive skills are for us retards with an average citizens I.Q.

      But there I go again tilting at windmills.

  12. StevefromMKE says:

    I seem to recall Michael Moore took issue in Fahrenheit 9/11 that Bush was on vacation too much during his first 8 months…comparatively speaking, Obama is WAYY ahead of that pace.

    It’s not as if he didn’t do anything while away from D.C., since he was also at Camp David while on vacation, I just don’t recall Bush jetting away to take in a musical, flying home to Chicago or having staged burger hopping events when things got to be too much in Washington.

    • Anonymoose says:

      I remember that also, I wonder why our watchdog media or Mr. Moore haven’t taken notice of Obama’s multiple flings. (sarcasm).

  13. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Post moved to above

  14. BigOil says:

    It’s good to be the King.

  15. Confucius says:

    How lovely. I’m sooooo glad Barry could put aside our problems for a little “me” time.

    So. What did we get Michelle? Dinner? Flowers? A chew toy?

  16. JohnMG says:

    I liked dutch. He was funny, if a bit cranky. I supose sitting in that wet diaper would tend to do that to a person though.

  17. Barbie says:

    These repeated escapades of Barry, in light of his repeated statements that we all have to make sacrifices (while he obviously doesn’t think so), reminds me of an old joke:

    The Lone Ranger and Tonto are riding together when they find they’ve been surrounded by angry Indians on the warpath. The Lone Ranger says – Tonto, looks like we’re in big trouble. Tonto says – What do you mean ‘we’, white man? Prez Barry says ‘we’ have to sacrifice? Prez Barry means the low life, poor folk have to sacrifice. He’s doing just fine, thank you very much.

    • proreason says:

      Actually, Barbie, I’m pretty sure Obamy’s zombies like seeing him rub our noses in it.

  18. VMAN says:

    In one article I read the O hole and the beast drove right by “Ground Zero” (I hate to call it that). These tools couldn’t even take a few minutes to stop and give even feigned homage to those souls lost on that fateful day.
    Wednesday night parties, flying to Chi Town for Valentine’s day, a hop to the Big Apple to take in dinner and a show and on and on.

    • JohnMG says:

      Surely you’re not suggesting a ‘return to the scene of the crime’? If he were anything other than the phony he is, that thought might have occurred to him–or at least one of his flunkies. This only proves “You can dress ’em up, but you can’t take ’em to town”. He’s anything but a class act.

  19. catie says:

    All I have to say is it must be nice. I want a “date night”.
    VMAN, I’m not surprised they didn’t stop by. They have to spend June 13’s date night with the peons in the military. Word on the street is they’re going to the Army Ball in D.C. They can play fake homage to those who will be there. I will be in Chicago far away from the Boy King.

    • Celina says:

      That’s what I’m saying, I wish I could have a date night with my husband. Only my husband is in Afghanistan, serving his country honorably along with a lot of other troops which is a lot more than I can say for BO.

      Maybe spending an evening out with MO is his way of saying “Hey, I’m suffering too!” :P

  20. canary says:

    Dutch1974, You are one sick puppy. Sorry, the big Dog’s driving a screw up your tail. It’s Obama’s esculating cold war now. Sucker, your just mad because you’ve not recieved one benifit or promise from the lying dog who’s having the time of his life, world traveling, and partying like there’s no tommorrow. Sucker.

  21. artboyusa says:

    Hello American dogs. I am Dutch! Because you are ignorant animals you vill not be aware of special history my country. In Vorld Var Vun ve was neutral country – we sell to both sides! In Vorld Var Zwei ve is occupied by German Nazis after heroic four day resistance. I say “German Nazis” to make distingush betwen home grown Dutch Nazis, of which dere is plenty. Enough to make whole entire SS Division! Anyvay, ven Nazis come zey deport all Dutch Jews to Auschwitz. Dutch people is happy to help! “Der Juden ist behind zis false vall, Herr Obersturmbannfuhrer – kick it down!” ve say and zen it is bye-bye to Anne Frank! Since end of var Netherlands is country known for widespread tolerance und easygoing lifestyle. You vant smoke dope? You vant see live boom boom show? You vant to marry dog? -you come to Netherlands!

    See Dutch? Its easy to throw together some random factoids and construct a pile of toxic nonsense, isn’t it? Nothing I just said is factually incorrect (well, maybe the dog thing) but as a whole its just one big distorted lie, like everything you said about my country. NOW back to our main story, Barack ‘n’ Michelle’s Big Night Out…

    Barack eyed Michelle’s voluptuous form with an appraising yet approving eye.

    “Man, you look hot, baby” asserted the warm blooded progressive. “And your arms look really, really sculpted in that dress”.

    “Why, than you kind sir. And you look so clean and articulate”.

    “Nice sneakers too”.

    “Thanks. They only cost $500” said Michelle, glancing down at her size 11 feet.

    “$500 for a pair of sneakers? That seems a bit pricey, babe”.

    “Um, $500 each, actually” said Michelle. “I hope that’s not too much. You want me to look good, right?”

    “Hey – and you do! It’s not our money anyway. Well, are you ready for our dream date?”

    “I’ll say! What’s our itinerary again?”

    “At 6.30 a battalion of Marines in dress blues will escort you, me and the teleprompters, plus a gaggle of our devoted lackeys and slaves, to the helipad. On the way we’ll sweep majestically past the assembled media, who will applaud and shower us with rose petals. Then we’ll board a chopper to Obama International –sorry, its still ‘Dulles’, isn’t it? Gotta get that changed”.

    Obama lit another Chesterfield from the end of the one he’d just finished. “Anyway, then we’ll fly on Obama One to Cape Obama, where we’ll board the space shuttle ”Changeful Eagle” and soar into orbit, circle the earth a couple of times while sipping champagne cocktails before landing at BHO International, where a motorcade with flashing lights and screaming sirens will escort us to an intimate meal at The Veal Crate, Manhatten’s trendiest eatery, after which we’ll take in a Broadway show –“

    “What show are we seeing?”

    “It’s called ‘Obama!’ I’m not really sure what it’s about but it got five stars in the Post. Anyway, and then its back to our hotel, the Obama Hilton, where some unspecified but mutually respectful and satisfying sexual activity will take place, I hope”.

    “Wow. Certainly sounds like a busy evening”.

    “Nothing’s too good for my Special Lady”.

    “Who? Oh right –me. You know, Barack, I must be the luckiest African-American in the world. Sometimes I feel so glamorous and special. Like I’m Jackie and you’re JFK”.

    “Me too, baby! And we know how happy they were”.

    • BannedbytheTaliban says:

      Thats a Delta Hotel on Dutch artboy! And Dutch, Delta Hotel is right-wing racist militant speak for direct hit.

      And if things are so rosey for you in Holland, why are you so angry? Clogs too tight?

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      Banned, it’s those danged wooden condoms… Probably got a splinter.

    • caligirl9 says:

      Artboy, again, you are the best! Such wonderful literature in so few words!

      The bottom lines here are simple … and I said it in my original post, and I’ll say it again.

      I’m fine with TOTUS keeping his promise to his wife to have “date nights.” I’d have been equally fine with either Bush, Clinton (ha!), Reagan, and pretty much any previous president choosing to do take his wife out on the town.

      What I do object to, as some one who struggles to earn enough money to pay rent, utilities and groceries, let alone being taxed to death, is those precious dollars I had to hand over to the government paying for the darn thing.

      Yes, I accept the taxpayers are stuck paying the salaries of the Secret Service agents who have to shadow TOTUS. I accept that tax money pays for the use of Air Force One and its necessary entourage in shuttling whomever the president happens to be here and there on official United States business. Date night with MO in any other city than Washington DC (or if he’s elsewhere on official business) where special trips by Air Force One are called for are NOT acceptable. Why no “date night” during his recent “fund raising” trip to my wackjob state? California not good enough for date night with MO, eh?

      This is also another prime example of “do as I say, not as I do.” I don’t go to movies, go to lunch with my co-workers (when I have work!) or relax with an adult beverage at the bar because times are tight and I can’t afford to let go of $5 or $10 without consequences down the road. TOTUS tells us we have to tighten our collective belt … yet what I see is someone enjoying their “position” in life far too much, a kid in a candy store who can’t focus on anything more than a half-second, and is trying to sneak as much as he can into his pockets without anyone looking.

      Except this kid’s actions have a negative effect on every aspect of my life. As an American, it’s my right to be outraged and expect better from the supposed commander-in-chief (not capitalized on purpose).

      Perhaps if “date night with MO” was indeed being paid for in part by TOTUS, he’d learn to economize a tiny bit… I bet taxpayers even footed the bill for dinner and the theatre ticket!

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      The gorilla in the room, caligirl9 is that he’s operating under the assumption that he will never be held accountable for his thievery because anyone who does will be flamed for being a racist.

    • caligirl9 says:

      Sadly Rusty you are correct.
      When in doubt, scream “racism.” Unless of course you happen to be white, in which case it becomes a matter of “your just desserts, and about time.”
      How far we have fallen in such a short time …

    • proreason says:

      “What I do object to, as some one who struggles to earn enough money to pay rent, utilities and groceries, let alone being taxed to death, is those precious dollars I had to hand over to the government paying for the darn thing. ”

      caligirl, the main reason he does that crap is to rub our noses in it.

      A BIG part of everything he does is to make damn sure we know he is doing EXACTLY what he chooses, with no consideration for what taxpayers might think whatsoever.

    • Petronius says:

      Pro: “the main reason he does that crap is to rub our noses in it.”

      Yes, yes, yes, and a hundred times yes! Nerobama is laughing at all of us. Just as Justice Thurgood Marshall told the Supremes, “Now it’s our turn.” Flying in a pizza chef from St Louis for a Saturday night snack. Flying in $100 Japanese beef steaks. An all-expenses-paid Broadway date with the Empress Armtonia. Mocking America, rubbing his middle finger up and down the side of his face, nose in the air, with that patented sneer as his answer to the universe, dealing out destruction on all sides. “I won.”

  22. canary says:

    H.S. Dutchie? The half-sister who although not a U.S. born citizen also attended the prestigous Panahou Acadamy going on to Universities. Might explain the Dutch, Hindu, German fluent in Spanish, and Dutchie is not religious, was a Catholic, another Indonesia you had to be registered as to a religion acceptable. Specifically spent the 4 monthes in Bali helping bro and his wife write book, when he was suffering, writers block. Lot’s of world travel this group. And now Obama’s half-sister who traveled the country campaigning for Obama, is coming out with her own book.
    Dutch were commies running Indonesia, Japs infiliterated on top of that. Dutch did their best to build and structure their military after U.S.A. Obama blames democracy for ruining his beloved, best years of his life, for ruining Indonesia. But, did not see the connection of hard core muslim’s taking over, and bombing Indonesia. His mother who consistently said Americans were not her people, though everyone in her life got free education there, even had to start wearing a veil to keep her head on. And Indonesia and Pakistan were not the only countries she traveled with Oboma’s half-sister. Many other countries have been mentioned in name, sis says all around the world. She campaigned
    especially to other Mexicans who speak Spanish to vote for Obama. I suppose the Spanish in America who couldn’t speak English, had citizen-ship and voting priviledges? . And I suppose sis born in Indonesia , got her citizenship so she could vote too.


    Hawaii University, NY University. Religion Buddhism, Married Canadian born hubby, son of a Malaysian Chinese immigrants, so didn’t get a citizenship from marriage.

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