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Obama’s Hawaii Christmas Vacation Sacrifice

From The Hill:

President Obama’s Hawaii Christmas vacation dilemma

By Amie Parnes – 12/21/11

President Obama faces a most difficult decision with the payroll tax extension up in the air, and it isn’t whether to compromise with Republicans. The toughest call for the president this holiday season could be whether to join his family for Christmas in Hawaii or stay in lonely Washington.

The White House won’t say whether the president is heading west for the holidays — or even if he’s making an abbreviated appearance.

Absurdly enough, this probably is one of Obama’s toughest decisions in his Presidency. He probably would like to take a few weeks to think about it.

Jay Carney, the White House press secretary, said Tuesday that Obama “intends to stay and work with Congress to ensure that Americans don’t have their taxes go up.”

So why doesn’t he get his Democrat colleagues to pass a year long extension, instead of a ridiculous two month one?

Even if there’s no ideal time for a presidential vacation, this one comes at a particularly inopportune moment. For weeks, Obama has insisted that lawmakers stay in town to pass the tax extension. Otherwise, as he said earlier this month, “we can all spend Christmas here together.”

Now, with the payroll tax extension compromise unsettled, and members of Congress already back at home, does Obama up and leave, too? Or will the president be forced to spend the holidays at an empty White House with the Yule Log on TV, listening to Elvis Presley’s “Blue Christmas”?

“If he stays, he could be seen as the only adult in the room,” said Susan MacManus, a professor of political science at the University of South Florida. “If he leaves, it could hurt him.”

Imagine, someone actually pays this woman to teach.

The question of whether Obama would stay in Washington was posed to Carney a couple of times during Tuesday’s briefing at the White House.

“Are you saying there’s a scenario that’s possible, on Dec. 25, where the president wakes up and ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ is on, and he puts on his Christmas sweater in the White House, and he’s all alone and his family is in Hawaii?” Ed Henry, the senior White House correspondent for Fox News, wondered.

We think we might just burst out crying.

Still, you have to wonder why Michelle and the girls couldn’t have waited? Or why they all could not have just gone to Camp David, which seems like more a Christmas destination, anyway.

“I’m reluctant to say where he’s going to be on which day because I don’t want to make this about him,” Carney responded after jokingly asking Henry if he’s available to spend time with the president on Christmas. “It is a very fluid situation. It’s hard to know what tomorrow is going to look like, what the next day is going to look like, as this saga continues.” …

No, things are never about him. Except that they are always about him.

But if the measure isn’t passed and Obama does go to Hawaii, the imagery of the president in paradise amid the payroll tax extension debate could give Republicans campaign fodder well into the election year, observers say…

On what planet? Here on earth it will be ‘forgotten’ by our news media even while it is happening.

This article was posted by Steve on Wednesday, December 21st, 2011. Comments are currently closed.

8 Responses to “Obama’s Hawaii Christmas Vacation Sacrifice”

  1. OTA Mom says:

    Steve, I just want to say that I am personally SO HAPPY that you are back on the job.

  2. canary says:

    Steve I love to see your humor as you nail the articles. Makes my day.

    Sympathetic (R) Spicer:

    “He has every right to celebrate the holidays with his family,” said Sean Spicer, the communications director for the Republican National Committee.

    every right? I’m just glad Obama isn’t visiting our troops in Afganistan and ruining their holiday.

    Carney: “I’m reluctant to say where he’s going to be on which day because I don’t want to make this about him,”… “It is a very fluid situation…., as this saga continues.” …

    Carney will be with Obama as he is writing Obama’s 1000 page novel mini-series.

    • canary says:

      Petronius, They closed the highway for the big lump of coal to add Obama to Mt. Rushmore , but forgot some s**t. Disgraceful and distasteful of the planning commission, when Obama should properly be stoned.

    • Petronius says:

      canary, since Nerobama ranked himself among the four best US presidents –– the other three he named being Abe Lincoln, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Lyndon B. Johnson –– I figured that Nerobama was getting ready to carve out his spot on Mount Rushmore.

      Of course I always ranked LBJ as the worst American president until now :


      And folks down here in the Conquered Province never thought much of Lincoln.

  3. proreason says:

    Let’s bet.

    I bet Obamy goes to Hawaii for not less than 15 days.

    He has a lot of old boyfriends there who have been intimidated into keeping their mouths shut.

  4. Mithrandir says:


    As soon as I heard Michele was going to Hawaii ahead of her husband, I thought the same thing, “Why can’t they just stay at Camp David?” What the heck is wrong with showing a little restraint in a bad economy? They must fly 1/2 way around the globe, for a $4 million vacation? In fact, WHY are they going on vacation at all? What do they do exactly?

    Bono sent his trilby hat 1st class from the U.K. to Italy, and Jack Nicholson once had a Philly steak -n- cheese sandwich sent on a flight to California BUT that was PRIVATE MONEY.

    These people are so blatantly out of touch, and the media does every slick lawyer maneuver in the world to cover for them, but as soon as a Republican sneezes, they run out with their petty jr. high school nit-picking. “Well, he could have used a handkerchief, as it just proves he doesn’t care about spreading germs to the middle class!”

  5. wirenut says:

    Anytime these fools are out of DC., is best for “We The People”. IMHO. Time from Lt. Cmdr. Worf “is” a vacation for the man-cub and the 3rd or 4th bestest prezdent evaah. No…No this pile will skate to the island, with two jets and back-up. Gee, I wonder what the poor people, Oops! Taxpayers are doing today? You know, the glop of whatever it is on the top of a freshly opened can of SPAM, is starting to look good nowadays.

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