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Obama’s Model For Healthcare Reform

From Mr. Obama’s 2006 second autobiography, second autobiography, The Audacity Of Hope – Thoughts On Reclaiming The American Dream, pp 108-109:

Chapter Five – Opportunity

… The market alone can’t solve our health-care woes—in part because the market has proven incapable of creating large enough insurance pools to keep costs to individuals affordable, in part because health care is not like other products or services (when your child gets sick, you don’t go shopping for the best bargain).

And finally, whatever reforms we implement should provide strong incentives for improved quality, prevention, and more efficient delivery of care.

With these principles in mind, let me offer just one example of what a serious healthcare reform plan might look like. We could start by having a nonpartisan group like the National Academy of Science’s Institute of Medicine (IOM) determine what a basic, high-quality health-care plan should look like and how much it should cost. In designing this model plan, the IOM would examine which existing health-care programs deliver the best care in the most cost-effective manner. In particular, the model plan would emphasize coverage of primary care, prevention, catastrophic care, and the management of chronic conditions like asthma and diabetes. Overall, 20 percent of all patients account for 80 percent of the care, and if we can prevent diseases from occurring or manage their effects through simple interventions like making sure patients control their diets or take their medicines regularly, we can dramatically improve patient outcomes and save the system a great deal of money.

Next, we would allow anyone to purchase this model health-care plan either through an existing insurance pool like the one set up for federal employees, or through a series of new pools set up in every state. Private insurers like Blue Cross Blue Shield and Aetna would compete to provide coverage to participants in these pools, but whatever plan they offered would have to meet the criteria for high quality and cost controls set forth by IOM.

To further drive down costs, we would require that insurers and providers who participate in Medicare, Medicaid, or the new health plans have electronic claims, electronic records, and up-to-date patient error reporting systems—all of which would dramatically cut down on administrative costs, and the number of medical errors and adverse events (which in turn would reduce costly medical malpractice lawsuits). This simple step alone could cut overall health-care costs by up to 10 percent, with some experts pointing to even greater savings.

With the money we save through increased preventive care and lower administrative and malpractice costs, we would provide a subsidy to low-income families who wanted to purchase the model plan through their state pool, and immediately mandate coverage for all uninsured children. If necessary, we could also help pay for these subsidies by restructuring the tax break that employers use to provide health care to their employees: They would continue to get a tax break for the plans typically offered to workers, but we could examine a tax break for fancy, gold-plated executive health-care plans that fail to provide any additional health benefits.

The point of this exercise is not to suggest that there’s an easy formula for fixing our health-care system—there isn’t. Many details would have to be addressed before we moved forward on a plan like the one outlined above; in particular, we would have to make sure that the creation of a new state pool does not cause employers to drop the health-care plans that they are already providing their employees. And, there may be other more cost-effective and elegant ways to improve the health-care system.

The point is that if we commit ourselves to making sure everybody has decent health care, there are ways to accomplish it without breaking the federal treasury or resorting to rationing…

It’s not like he didn’t warn us.

Not that we can ever take him at his word.

From ABC News:

Obama’s Thinking ‘Evolves’ on Health Care Requirements


WASHINGTON, June 24, 2009

Acknowledging that his thinking on the issue has "evolved," President Barack Obama says he could support a law mandating that individuals purchase health care coverage, with fines for those who do not, but he stressed that there must be some kind of waiver for those who are simply unable to afford it.

"People have made some pretty compelling arguments to me that if we want to have a system that drives down costs for everybody, then we’ve got to have healthier people not opt out of the system," the president said in an exclusive interview with ABC’s Diane Sawyer today on "Good Morning America."

During the election campaign, Obama said he was opposed to a federal law mandating the purchase of health care coverage. But earlier this month in a letter to Congressional leaders working on the reform legislation, he said he would consider supporting such a measure, if it has room for exemptions for small businesses and individuals who cannot afford the premiums…

Like the Constitution itself, Mr. Obama is constantly ‘evolving.’

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46 Responses to “Obama’s Model For Healthcare Reform”

  1. bronzeprofessor says:

    “Nobody disputes it.”

    I guess I’m nobody.

  2. Liberals Demise says:


    Just last week he said that he would not pay for defensive medicine…..so there goes the idea of “Preventive Medicine.”
    Our gubbamint has “NO” business being in any business what so ever!! Talk about being waaaaaaaay off course ….. woooooooo wheeeeeee!

  3. Lisa22 says:

    This is a disaster in the making. Having lived in the UK for 8 years and seen first-hand the horrors of the health care system there, I would tell every American to pressure their congressman against this idea of Obama’s. My friend’s father died recently in the UK because of the lack of health care there. The doctors did not follow up on a series of small strokes her father had, and as a result he died of a major stroke. So sad. If you are over 60 in a health care system like this, you can forget it because the government will consider you useless to society.

    • Lisa, it’s a sad story and send our condolences to your friend. Unfortunately, people don’t listen. I’ve know some people who were told stories like this and they said things like “That wouldn’t happen here” or “it will be better here”. Don’t get me wrong, I love America, but with universal health care, it won’t be different here.

    • Lisa22 says:

      Thanks CaliforniaBear, I appreciate that. Yes, when I tell people it took one of my friends in the UK over 2 years to get an appointment with a neurologist, they just can’t take it in.

    • proreason says:

      “That wouldn’t happen here”

      Similar stuff already happens here. Talk to somebody who has had a Workman’s comp claim. Talk to doctors who no longer accept Medicare. Even the situation at Walter Reed is an example.

      The government never runs things more efficiently than the private sector. Never. The reason is competition.

      Now, there have been a few things the government mandated or implemented sucessfully….desegregation, polution cleanup, interstate highways, the Apollo program. But the successes are few and far between. And the successes are certainly not things that happened in competition with the private sector.

      In this case, if the goal really is Universal Health Care, then it could be as simple as requiring everybody to have medical insurance, and subsidizing the genuinely needy. That is discussed a bit later in this thread.

      But the goal isn’t Health Care. The goal is power.

    • jobeth says:

      Obalmy spilled his own beans last night when he he told the daughter of a 100 yo + mother who was fortunate enough to get a pace maker at 99….that we can’t consider “spirit” in the decision making in health care. What he means is we can’t consider LIFE.

      That is blatant rationing of health care used to skip giving the old good health care.

      Exactly what happened to my own father in law in England when they refused to give him ANY care after his stroke. He was too old at 85. Great mind…otherwise strong as an ox…but useless to the state.

      They refused him nourishment because he couldn’t swallow. He could have received IV nutrients or a feeding tube. Either would have kept him alive and able to work through rehab.
      He was too old for rehab in their eyes. To expensive for an old person.

      The rehab would have been afforded to him here in America, under our current plans even if it had happened when he was visiting…and even if he hadn’t bought travel medical insurance, which he did when he came over.

      My mouth dropped to the floor when I heard Obalmy say that…right on air…but no one seemed to react to what he was saying. Unbelievable! He actually admitted it! Outright!

      And no one jumped on it. The left never will and the right are tuning him out….Dangerous!

      Rush mentioned it today and our local talk radio has been talking about it. But I have only heard a passing mention of it on Fox…let alone any other network.

      This IS THE HEADLINE!!! It will hit all of us! WAKE UP AMERICA!!!

      Next is the handicapped and anyone deemed unfit to the state…(Hitler)

    • proreason says:

      “he told the daughter of a 100 yo + mother who was fortunate enough to get a pace maker at 99….that we can’t consider “spirit” in the decision making in health care”

      thanks for making the sacrifice to watch the thug, jobeth.

      Like I’ve been saying, the 1.6 – 3.5 Trillion in cost is the tip of the iceberg.

      The real cost is that millions of people will die before their time. Who can put a price on that?

      The arrogance of the thug is beyond description.

    • wardmama4 says:

      Jobeth – a caller on Rush today caught something – last night in the All Barack Channel Kennedy Free (wink, wink) Healthcare for All, Illegals First bill Infomercial – The One ™ did indeed say ‘spirit’ had nothing to do with healthcare decisions but it must be about rules and yet, The One ™ has put forth a Supreme Court Justice that he has emphasized is ’empathetic’ and will use that to ‘the greater good’ of American ‘justice’.

      Seems that The One ™ isn’t consistent on a damn thing. Or truthful.

    • jobeth says:

      Wardmama…I heard that too. I’m getting used to his double talk.

      The SCOTUS thing really irritates me, but the health care situation scares me to the core.

      I can see not only myself and others be denied care as we get older, but little babies who survive abortions be “euthanized” to use a nice word or murdered to use the real word.

      I see children born with Downs syndrome deemed useless and not get the heart surgery that many of them need. I can see the (sorry about this word) retarded children or the brain damaged adults via accidents, be deemed not worthy. What about our dear parents who have Altzheimers? Any of us can go on and on and name any number of ailments or conditions that could easily cause that person to be deemed of no use to the state. This is a horrible concept.

      And who gets to decide if that warm wonderful elderly mom or dad or that wonderful husband or wife who got injured for life gets to live?. If “spirit” or life doesn’t matter and has to be second to the cost we are lost as a humane society.

      The only thing that matters then is if you can be taxed and tapped for more $$ for the state.

      Obalmy is so far removed from any concept of Christianity that ProReason probably has it right when he says he feels he’s an atheist. Obalmy has no concept of the love we can have for the not perfect. He is the worst of the worst as far as atheists are concerned. Not all atheists behave this way.

      I know not everyone is a Christian and even atheists are humane. We don’t all have to believe the same…but we all DO have to have morals. A sense of right and wrong and be someone who values life over death.

      Someone mentioned somewhere, that Congress and the president should have to subject themselves to the same health care we ordinary people have to go through. Nice concept but the “important” and powerful will always jump the line and/or demand exception for their own loved ones.

      Of all the things that are happening to us right now..most, we can work our way out of in the coming years. This euthanization is the worst though.

      People will be killed just as sure as they were murdered by a worst serial killer. And it will be the state that does it. The state will be that serial killer! We will never get our loved ones back from death. Even if we are able to undo this later…they will be just as gone.

      We miss my father in law deeply.

    • BatK says:

      I think the common denominator that you all have mentioned is that Obama has 0 respect for human life, period. Whether it’s in the womb or elderly… and for some reason, he believes “the governement” (read: him and his elitist buddies) have the RIGHT ney RESPONSIBILITY to determine who should live or die. The problem when you try to “play” God is that sooner or later He reminds who YOU are and who HE is.

    • pdsand says:

      For shame, BatK, he has iminent respect for human life, just not yours or mine. Just the same as his taxes would take the money of the rich without coming close to balancing the budget, and his cap and trade would make the rich unable to conduct business, while only being a drop in the bucket on global CO2 emissions…Obama-care would primarily focus on preventing the rich from being able to purchase their own medical care. That’s the “inefficiency” that bothers him the most, the idea of an old money man like Kennedy having a team of physicians tending to him personally while someone who can’t afford insurance has to sit in an E.R. In the end it won’t fix the problems or help anyone out in any meaningful way, but it will take from those who have, which is good enough.

  4. Howard Roark says:

    All of this is simply a re-hashing of Hillary’s 1993 attempt at universal health care. It was full of over 1,000 mentions of prosecution for individuals who tried to purchase their own coverage.

    The overall goal is to cripple the employer-based health care coverage you and I receive, so as to make the government the knight in shining armour to come in and “rescue” us.

  5. wardmama4 says:

    Senator Jim DeMint did an interesting presentation on this issue yesterday – I do apologize but I can only watch about a half hour before my eyes glaze over and I lapse into a coma – which is probably 1)intended by these Congresscritters and 2) why the majority of America does not have a clue what is going on in DC. – but anyway here are his figures (disclaimer – as I remember them, it’s not posted yet on CSPAN for me to get exactly):
    60% of Americans have health insurance via their employers (hey poll driven Dems, that is a majority!!!)
    between 20 and 30% of Americans have two of the major government coverage – Military and Medicare (I would assume somewhere in there is Medicaid)(oh and with the above 60% makes between 80 and 90% of America – have healthcare coverage)
    which leaves between 10 and 20% of the country without insurance – not even a real high percentage (i.e. first lie)
    Of those millions without – DeMint broke down their composition:
    10 million (yeah, like we’d love to even imagine it was that low) are illegal and not entitled to healthcare coverage (oops, another lie(the 10 million, not the not entitled – at least DeMint got that right))
    Then there are the 18 to 34 age group who notoriously do not even think about health insurance much less budget for it (isn’t that what America is about – freedom of *cough* *cough* choice ?)
    and the small percentage of those eligible for Medicaid/Medicare who aren’t signed up for it (maybe pride and dignity?)
    And then I think it ended up with about 20 million (i.e. less than half of the euphemistic 47 million) who are under-employed, in poverty and who don’t have health insurance. (6% of the population, oh wow, that is a crisis)
    He made some very good points:
    1) that Medicare/Medicaid pay less and less a percentage (each year) to doctors for care and thusly private insurers raise their rates to cover the costs that doctors pass on to paying patients (might this particular situation, government created, be the real cause of America’s healthcare ‘crisis’?)
    2) that states (probably because of Federal laws) have created health insurance monopolies because people can not buy health insurance across state lines (as they do with car insurance) which keeps prices inflated (and protected).
    3) That those who have employer provided insurance get a tax break – yet those who buy out of pocket don’t. (Would that not be the best and first way to work at fixing the ‘problem’ rather than scrapping the whole system and letting Uncle Obama take over?)

    Write your ‘representatives’ this is a massive tax fraud joke that will lead us down the path of Cuba and Venezuela (I won’t even give Our Fearless Reader the credit for taking us down the Canada or British road – he intends to turn us all into his personal slaves – reparations and paybacks you know).

    • Liberals Demise says:

      God slay the Weenie!!

    • proreason says:

      Your memory is pretty good, but I’ve seen it written several times lately that the current numbers leave about 10 million with no coverage, not 20 million…..and even they can get medical care. Just visit an the Emergency Center of any hospital to meet them in droves.

      So it’s about 3% of the population who are too poor to have coverage.

      What a joke.

      The point about the state monopolies is also commonly written about. In addition to that, something like 1300 mandates have been pork-barrel force-fed into the private coverage plans that force us all to pay for conditions that should be in special coverage categories. That drives the cost of insurance up quite a bit for everybody.

      So basically, insurees already pay for:
      – illegals and poor people using emergency care facilities
      – 20% underpayment by Medicare and Medicaid
      – pet-project mandates for conditions that should be handled separately
      – built-in government-dictated monopoly costs

      But if you think that sounds bad, just wait.

      It will get 20 times worse if Univeral Health Scare passes.

    • wardmama4 says:

      Yes, I meant to write Working poor – like we have been most of our lives – rich enough to not qualify for any ‘entitlements’ but too poor to live a middle class life.

      And part of it is that we (the employed) are paying so much for the illegals and welfare crowd not to mention all the fraud from Our Fearless Reader to the Klownposse in DC down to ACORN and all the other grifters pretending to work for We The People whose only work seems to be figuring out how to hide (and keep from paying taxes on) the money they scam and steal.

      I think ‘representatives’ such as William Jefferson should be removed from office immediately and people like John Murtha should be restricted from putting any earmarks/pork/or amendments on bills ever again (not that I don’t think he too should be removed from office immediately) and Pelosi who wrote in a opt out from a bill for one of the biggest companies in her district (isn’t that exactly what the Left screed on that Republicans supposedly do in every single action they do – protect their corporate donors?).

      Perhaps if these scammers and scum were out of office after the first offense (sort of like Kennedy – the murderer) – 1) the scum would do a double think about running for office and 2) we could again afford to take care of our families and donate to charities that take care of the truly needy.

      And yes – people like me & my son – will be the first to be denied any care beyond basic yearly checkups – for my son it isn’t a big deal – he’s had a DNR for years now (he does not want to do another major medical event) . For me – I would not be here, if it weren’t for doctors who thought outside the box and went that extra mile (well, neither would my son) – and I take care of myself and have a responsibility to my family and my community to be healthy to take care of my son – so that no one else has to. But I know I’m a medical trainwreck heading for that big crash. Or my mom – who is 93 now – who won’t be considered for much care at all.

      My dad – a doctor is rolling over in his grave at what has happened to healthcare in America – he bartered with his patients, he set up the first evening/Sat clinic, he made housecalls – and he set up clinics in conjunction with the visiting nurses association. There are ways to get things done – that have nothing to do with the government -and usually work – and are much cheaper and much better.

  6. canary says:

    Obama keeps saying he’ll get his way, no matter what. His lawlessness and dictating may show up big time. He’s a renegade that thinks he’s superior to everyone else in the world. No one can say no to him, now that he’s the president. He’s in full auto mode dictator.

  7. Chinnubie says:

    “Simple interventions like making sure patients control their diets” I want to know WHO is going to “Make Sure” I control my diet or take my meds. I guess we will have to hire medical police to enforce the health care laws to “make sure” individuals are doing what they are supposed to do.

    What an intrusion into my personal private life. They will virtually be able to control every aspect of a person’s life from cradle to grave. Not to mention the falling-off of the excellent R & D that private companies handle to further the great breakthroughs they accomplish in the medical field.

    Do we see a serious increase in the death rate in America should this bill become law? How about inflation with the massive amount of spending this will surely cause and on top of that we won’t be able to get out of the recession any time soon, but hey that doesn’t matter, because for some unknown reason we want to re-live the Jimmy Carter years.

    • take_no_prisoners says:

      And this will give him an excuse to ban meat (he’ll make the additional argument that this will help combat global warming since there will be fewer cows and pigs emitting methane), sugar, require a doctors prescirption to buy salt, outlaw tobacco and alcohol. Then he will ban all T.V. and radio except for essential state run media/propaganda broadcasts–all in the name of getting us off the couch doing more exercise to improve our health. If we still aren’t getting enough exercise he will mandate physically demanding community service. And, of course treating traumatic injuries from car accidents and gunshot wounds, accidental or otherwise raises health care costs so he will find a way to ban guns and cars as well. I haven’t decided whether he is an American Taliban or the Manchurian candidate. Ever wonder what things were like in communist china under chairman mao? We’re about to find out.

  8. proreason says:

    His comment at the press conference yesterday was extemely informative.

    His was asked about the “public option”, and his answer demonstrated a profound confusion about the private and government sectors, or more likely, a profound willingness to lie to destroy the country.

    He said that nobody should be nervous about the public option. After all, private insurers have always said the government can’t do anything efficiently, so the government “competing” with the private sector can’t possibly hurt.

    Now, he seems to have neglected to mention that the government dictates the prices it will pay to the Providers, paying them less than 80% of what they get from the private insurers, even though the private insurers have already squeezed the providers dry. And then there’s that other pesky little detail, oh what is it? Oh yeh, THE 54 TRILLION UNFUNDED LIABILITY FOR MEDICARE.

    I’m not a Hahvad graduate, but it seems to me that when the government is “competing”, and taps into a 54 trilliion dollar taxpayer pool to keep it’s “business” solvent…….well, I just can’t seem to fathom how that counts as “competing”.

    • pdsand says:

      A comment like that really bothers me, because the government doesn’t “compete” in any true sense of the word. Either they will have such taxpayer forced subsidy that they will blow everyone else out of the water, or they will grant themselves a legal monopoly.
      The other thing that really bothered me was during the campaign the stump speech about healthcare always began, “if you’re happy with your coverage, you can keep the plan you have now”. There’s something really scary about Obama telling me I will “be allowed” to do anything, much less something as important as choose my own health insurance.

    • proreason says:

      “There’s something really scary about Obama telling me I will “be allowed” to do anything”

      The Moron really does see himself as the Ruler. It’s just another manifestation of the greatest ego since Hitler and Stalin.

      He’s the most dangerous human being in the last 80 years.

      As you say pd, if he “allows” you to choose private health insurance, what won’t he “allow”? He’s a very very scary dude. And it doesn’t help that he is so profoundly ignorant about everything that impacts normal lives.

  9. U NO HOO says:

    All this talk about federalized health care and insurance has stressed me so much my blood sugar is over 200. Obama, you want preventive medicine, shut up and play golf. Let me relax.

  10. beautyofreason says:

    ” President Barack Obama says he could support a law mandating that individuals purchase health care coverage, with fines for those who do not, ”

    Grrr. If I don’t want to purchase health insurance, that’s my choice. It may not be a good idea – but it’s my decision. Not the government’s choice.

    • proreason says:

      I hear ya BOR……but if you consider the likely alternative, mandated health insurance might be a far better “solution” than a $2 trillion plus health care cramdown that will result in banrupting the country and killing millions of seniors.

      Auto insurance is already mandated. You can’t drive without it.

      Several groups have suggested high-deductable mandated health insurance. I posted about it a few weeks back. It’s a far far better idea than most that have been floated for this made-up health care crisis.

    • U NO HOO says:

      “Auto insurance is already mandated.”

      The roads are owned by government, so the owner makes the rules, and auto insurance is to protect the other guy.

      Dick Durbin on the ed show just said no republicans are complaining about medicare. I will soon be eligible for medicare. I am complaining. I would prefer to shop for my equivalent to medicare, but I am not allowed to.

      “Medicare insurance is already mandated.”

      The old term “creeping momism” comes to mind.

    • pdsand says:

      There’s something I’m missing in this thing though. Unless you require a person to purchase the government plan, the money they pay in doesn’t ease the government costs. If you require people to purchase private insurance the only people who really benefit are the insurance companies, who are supposed to be the devil in this little melodrama. So unless Obama’s still evolving, and will end up evolving towards not merely a “public option” but required purchasing the government health insurance, then what about this statement makes any sense?

    • proreason says:

      “then what about this statement makes any sense?”

      I don’t think it makes sense from his current position. But it might be an indication that he is thinking about fallback positions, since there seems to be more than a little opposition to the whole enchilada.

      With the information given, there isn’t much to go on, but I suspect Obamy would view such a fallback as merely a step toward a full-blown government-run system.

      But you know, it’s nice to take a purist’s position and think that we can defeat Universal Health Scare on its merits…..but personally, I think something is going to pass…..and I sure would prefer mandated private insurance to a mandated government take-over.

    • Yarddog1 says:

      “Auto insurance is already mandated. You can’t drive without it.”

      I am in the insurance business. Yes – insurance is mandated, but there are thousands of uninsured drivers. Individuals buy 3 months worth of insurance to get thier tag and then let it lapse. Enforcement is always after the fact (accident or traffic stop) and penalties are not severe. How on earth will mandated health care be enforced? Th “gubmint” can’t seem to enforce all the needless legislation they already have. And…. Freedom is certainly an issue here. I agree that this egomaniacal Stalin in sheeps clothing truly wants to rule the world. At 58 years old I thought I’d be dead before the s–t hits the fan. But, now I’m not so sure. I would not be surprised if “civil unrest” begins to happen very soon.

  11. jrmcdonald says:

    I’m not a wealthy man, but I would pay good money to see the look on Hillary’s face…

  12. 12 Gauge Rage says:

    If the government would pull it’s head out of where the sun don’t shine and make it a law to abolish outrageous malpractice lawsuits then health care would be affordable to all. Or if nothing else at least put a cap on the amount a person can sue for perceived damages.

    The cost of health care continues to rise only because of the amount of insurance that must be paid for potential lawsuits. The medical field pays these premiums as a form of CYA. Of course the amount of ambulance chasing lawyers only aggravates the situation.

    I don’t want to see our health care changed for the worse. Even though I’ve been retired for seven years now, and that active duty military get a higher priority (as they rightfully should), I can still get my dependents and myself seen after only a few days of making an appointment. Yes there’s a co-pay, but where I live it’s only $12.00 per visit. Hell! If people scream that’s too much then there’s no pleasing them no matter what you do.

  13. texaspsue says:

    Did anybody else get the robocall yesterday about supporting the President’s program? I swear they think it’s still campaign season!

  14. canary says:

    Obama’s thinks crack cocaine is not as bad for you as studies suggest.
    Attorney General Holder plans on changing laws on crack cocaine because it’s racist. Inspite of the fact that crack cocaine is much more addicting and leads to worse crimes, he considers it racist because it is the drug of choice by black people. This means more crack users will be on the street robbing and murdering, crack baby’s needing health care, and less soda pop.

    Further ABC who is giving Obama free HOUR on health care will not allow the public to “pay money” for commercials advertising a different view.

    And someone told me ABC has been having these flashes of Obama’s mug on their station. I guess it’s to be subliminal? or is it a mal-function?

    • jobeth says:

      Has Holder ever watched a person destroy their lives and the lives of their families? Is he completely out of his mind?

      Racist?…So, it’s racist to deny someone the ‘Right’ to destroy children’s lives, and to steal and kill when they go into a drugged panic during a 7-11 robbery? Great.

      Just kill the law. That way, no one brakes the law. But I can promise you these vermin on legal crack will still hurt, steal and kill.

      I’ve seen too many on crack go completely berserk from that poison. They couldn’t be stronger or more nuts.

      Does he want to see more black children born to crack moms? Or is it he just wants to equalize it by making it easier for white moms to do the same. I guess then it won’t be racist.

      Oh I guess it won’t matter though. Once the feds bring in Obalmy’s health care plan in, they can get all the care they “need”. Of course the 70 year old in the next bed with a heart attack who worked all their life to retire in peace won’t get HIS medical care. He’s too old. So it’s rationed!

      Our happy little druggie is young…thus more valuable. Never mind he has never held a job or he has spent most of his life behind bars. But he is the valuable one. Not the 70 year old who has paid taxes all his life.

  15. proreason says:

    Here’s another interesting alternative health care proposal:

    “In their book Healthy, Wealthy and Wise, Glenn Hubbard and John Cogan propose a simple solution: make all health care expenditures, including out-of-pocket costs, tax deductible. This would not only make health care more affordable, but it would also increase consumers’ incentives to buy policies with higher deductibles. In turn, the higher deductibles would cause consumers to be more conscious about costs. The authors estimate that this change — along with some other modest policy changes like tax credits for the poor — would reduce costs by 9% and increase the number of insured by 20 million.”


    Beautifully simple.

    Simply beautiful

    • jobeth says:

      Pro, another piece, of that puzzle, albeit small, might be if, along with the insurance companies, we as a patient would get an itemized bill so we could keep track of the costs.

      Perhaps there could be some sort of incentive for the patient to find mistakes and outright fraud that have pushed our heath care costs up.

      Being a health care worker for 15 years, I have seen time and time again where known charging ‘mistakes’ were made but ignored. I’ve seen nursing stick charge stickers on one patient and use the items on another. Guess who’s insurance paid for something their patient didn’t get. If you said anything it was brushed off as “no matter” it just needs to get paid for. In their favor, they were always busy trying to get too much done in too little time. To the nurses, their loyalty was to the hospital, not to the patients insurance company.

      I also remember my mother buying a second hand hospital bed due to a chronic health issue and asked that the insurance company reimburse her. Nope…not a chance. They could only RENT a bed for her but since she already had one they wouldn’t now.

      Go figure. She TRIED to save the insurance a buck but to no avail and was punished for it.

      Anyway.. monetary.incentives for the patient/patients family to keep track of what they use and receive during their care and incentives for patients to find less expensive ways to be served would certainly be one more piece of the high costs. We need a lot of these small things along with the larger ideas like legal reform etc.

      I like the higher deductible for the primary care docs. This could be a great way to keep patients from running to the doctor every time little Timmy gets a sniffle. I raised 5 children who got very good care but I hardly ever ran to the doctor. Common sense and a little TLC goes a long way where everyday health care is concerned. Most parents can tell the difference between a real crisis and a sniffle. I have an ex daughter-in-law who runs to the doctor every other week for some imagined illness for my grandson. Ridiculous! He’s going to grow up running to the doctor all the time and I can already see hypochondriac behavior developing. He’s going to be a high maintenance patient…and of course you and I are going to have to pay for it under Obalmy’s plan.

    • proreason says:

      “an itemized bill ”

      Whoa now jobeth, gotta crawl before we can walk. You must be one in favor of inter-stellar travel next month as well.

      But seriously, it seems to me that medical billing is the most complicated thing an average American has to deal with outside of one’s work speciality.

      One thing the government could do that would be useful would be to establish some better guidelines for patient billing (layman’s English is one wild idea that pops into my head). Then, as you say, we wouldn’t be faced with impossible situations when we get the fantasy bill that is somehow loosely associated with a medical service.

      And that would be a small step to help people to begin to focus some financial judgement on the medical services we receive.

    • jobeth says:

      LOL….I expected that if we got that far they would at least put it in a common invoice form with real English words.(What a concept!)

      We do need to be able to understand it. As it is now it’s all in codes. I understand them, but most don’t.

      Our medical billing HAS to be simplified. It has to become more like any other commodity billing.

      For sure you are going to find those who will receive the bill only to stuff it in the drawer but most of us want to know what we are charged with. Even if it is a third party payer.

      The small things are not an issue, but we are always hearing about medicare fraud. The patient in many cases have no idea what has been billed in their name.

      I’m all for the hospital and doctors needing us to sign off on any bill that is not showing a major mistake before they are paid.

      I can think of no other thing we purchase, that we have no idea of what it includes. A third payer should not be blindly made to pay. If we don’t know what we are charged, who can/WILL hold the hospitals and caregivers responsible for padded bills. I understand WHY they do it. To regain what the feds have underpaid per service, but it still has to be stopped and the underpayment per service issue has to be dealt with on it’s on.

      Can you imagine buying a car that way? Or a house? Or a vacation? No..because we have to pull that money right out of our own pockets. We need to find a way to involve the patient more in his own heath costs. He must have built in incentives to be a watch dog.

      I’m sure there are many other good ideas out there but they have to be looked at…at warp speed :-). Obalmy is moving fast. We have to move faster with better ideas.

    • Lisa22 says:

      Jobeth is right…Obama is hoping to get major health care legislation passed by the end of the year, and it’s almost certain he will get something passed soon to get a foot in the door. Once they start getting that program in, we’ll never be able to reverse it, it will be terrible. Obama wants to shove a lot of stuff through before people wake up to this. But it’s really up to the congress now and the people putting pressure on them.

  16. BatK says:

    Does he ALWAYS smirk?

  17. canary says:

    He just said that alot of treatment people are getting isn’t necessarily good for people. Sounds like more cuts. I like the way he says many details would have to be addressed and no easy formuala, and

    we don’t want to do anything from employers dropping the health plans they are already providing for employees.

    That defeats his idea of a health plan that everyone will want, so the government can make trillions implementing his. What’s he gonna do, make a law, only who can use the government plan? A cheap plan and employers will all switch, and it will be socialized poor care. How else will the government make trillions on theirs? Obama’s not dumb. He just knows everyone that voted for him his dumb.

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