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Obama Family Once Were On Food Stamps

From YouTube and a worshipful Associated Press:

Obama’s wife attends rallies in Indiana

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

EVANSVILLE, Ind. – Michelle Obama fought back Wednesday against criticism that her husband is elitist, painting the presidential candidate as an ordinary man whose family once lived on food stamps and saying they both understand the plight of working America….

Michelle Obama, 44, drew heavily on her upbringing in a working-class family in Chicago. She said her family lived on her father’s city salary while her mother stayed home.

“There were no miracles in my life,” she said. “The thing that I saw that many of us still see is hard work and sacrifice.” …

“Does this sound familiar? Am I out of touch?”

Later, she noted that she and her husband felt fortunate to have paid off their college debt thanks to two books he wrote. But millions of couples aren’t so lucky, she said. Many are still paying off those loans even as they need to begin saving for their children’s educations.

Others struggle to find affordable, quality child care, she said.

“But then again, maybe this isn’t something you’re experiencing,” she said to cheers and applause from the audience. “Maybe I’m out of touch.” …

Did you ever think that it would be a badge of honor to have been on food stamps? That it would burnish one’s credentials for the Presidency to have been on food stamps?

And when did this happen? Jetting around the world, Barack’s mother never seemed to lack for money. Was it while he was attending Hawaii’s most elite private school?

By the way, his grandmother, who raised him, was the Vice President of one of the two most important banks in Hawaii.

It should also be noted that Michelle’s father, Frasier Robinson was a longtime pump operator at the Chicago city water plant. (It is said he made 50K a year in the 1970s.) He was also a Democratic precinct captain.

Her mother, Marian Robinson, was a longtime secretary at Spiegel’s catalog store.

So one also wonders just how much the Robinson family ever struggled. Especially since dad was a foot soldier in the  Daley Machine, which is well known for taking care of its own.

However, the heartbreak of Mr. and Mrs. Obama’s struggle to pay off their college loans to Occidental, Columbia, Princeton and Harvard Law does bring a tear to the eye.

Still, you would think Mr. Obama’s million dollar book deals and Mrs. Obama’s six-figure sinecure at the University Of Chicago’s hospital would have taken some of the sting out of their terrible ordeals.

After all, it’s not like either one of the Obamas has ever had to work for a living.

“Maybe I’m out of touch.”


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