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Obama’s MSM And Twitter Minions Mock Rubio

From a knee-slapping Politico:

Marco Rubio’s drinking problem

By KATIE GLUECK | February 12, 2013

Twitter exploded during Sen. Marco Rubio’s Republican response to the State of the Union, as the Florida senator appeared a little sweaty and dry-mouthed at mid-speech, taking an awkward swig from a bottle of water that had been placed off-camera.

We are only surprised that the good folks on Twitter would take this time off from cheering on their hero, Chris Dorner. But apparently, they have their priorities. Pausing to drink some water in the middle of a speech! Gosh what a gaffe!

Still, where is the outrage? This is the second time the media and the rest of the Democrat Party have attacked a minority when he gave the Republican response to an Obama SOTU address. (Bobby Jindal.) That can’t be a coincidence.

Rubio handled the hullabaloo with some humor, later tweeting a picture of the water bottle.

According to Twitter, Rubio’s account was hacked. Republicans have no sense of humor.

Here’s a look at what watchers had to say on Twitter:

Which we have pared down considerably.

Oh Lord, I am thirsty now. #gulpgate Rubio was thirsting for fame and got hot and bothered with it all tonight. #Gulp #SOTU2013— Donna Brazile (@donnabrazile) February 13, 2013

Republicans. Sponsored by: water. Refreshing.— Marc Ambinder (@marcambinder) February 13, 2013

Rubio going the way of Jindal – just slightly more nervous and with a little bit more sweat.— Stephanie Cutter (@stefcutter) February 13, 2013

Isn’t it funny how political assassins, like Ms. Cutter, also took out Jindal through similar mockery. They really seem to hate minorities with power.

MT @mmurraypolitics: Rubio is a very fine speaker, but tonight was a reminder why giving the SOTU response is a tough assignment— NBC News (@NBCNews) February 13, 2013

This is what passes for journalism at NBC.

Rubio is generally a very, very good speaker. But that was not it.— Taegan Goddard (@politicalwire) February 13, 2013

Marco Rubio takes a panicked swig of water — again and again gifboom.com/x/99f8db90— Salon.com (@Salon) February 13, 2013

The Rubio water thing is the move that launched a 1,000 .gifs.— [WP’s] The Fix (@TheFix) February 13, 2013

This is what passes for political punditry in the golden age of snark.

Well delivered story telling for Rubio but at once sweating and thirsty. Did that happen in Spanish version?— Kelly O’Donnell (@KellyO) February 13, 2013

Ms. O’Donnell is another ‘reporter’ from NBC.

If Rubio had chugged a Shiner Bock instead of fru-fru bottled water, he might have my vote.— Paul Begala (@PaulBegala) February 13, 2013

Another Democrat (and Palestinian) flack.

Maybe TIME Mag was right about Rubio being a “savior.” John 19:28: “So that Scripture would be fulfilled, Jesus said, ‘I thirst.’”— [Yahoo News’] Chris Moody (@Chris_Moody) February 13, 2013

Twiiter going off on Marco Rubio water bottle. Really dousing him— HowardKurtz (@HowardKurtz) February 13, 2013

Good line ?RT @grossdmYou’ve heard of arch-conservatives? Rubio is a parched-conservative. #sotu— EJ Dionne (@EJDionne) February 13, 2013

More so-called journalists weigh in.

“An equally impassioned drink of water that is trending on Twitter” -@bwilliams on Marco Rubio’s drink during response— TODAY(@todayshow) February 13, 2013

And Brian Williams, also from NBC.

Meanwhile, throughout the morning MSNBC has been running a Rodney King like endless loop of Rubio’s ‘gaffe’ over the banner: “Water bottle gate. Rubio take awkward sip.”

And the rest of our media guardians are treating this like the biggest story since Romney foolishly mentioned the ‘Binders Full Of Women’ he was given by a women’s group who were trying to help him hire more women for his cabinet in Massachusetts. (Remember that ‘howler’?)

Washington Post: Marco Rubio takes a water break

CBS News: Marco Rubio’s "water bottle-gate" moment

CNN Breaking News: Video: Marco Rubio’s awkward water break

CNN Political Ticker: Video: Marco Rubio’s dry mouth moment

Salon.com: Marco Rubio takes a panicked swig of water — again and again

Huffington Post: Marco Rubio Drinks Water During GOP State Of The Union Rebuttal (VIDEO) (GIF)

Deadspin: Let’s all watch Sen. Marco Rubio take a panicked sip of water in very slow motion

This is how the political tone in Washington is being raised by Obama’s (paid and unpaid) minions online and in the mainstream media. They shout down and mock anyone they feel threatens them.

Granted, in the good old days of the Weimar Republic, the Brown Shirts weren’t so subtle. They would release rats and stink bombs at opponents’ meetings. And throw beer mugs.

Now their spiritual heirs use ‘social media’ to shout the opposition down. And they invent ‘laws’ that are supposed to prevent anyone from noticing their striking similarities to previous groups in history. (The sophomoric ‘Godwin’s Law.’)

And we wonder why Republicans can’t get their message out. And we wonder why more good people don’t go into politics.

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5 Responses to “Obama’s MSM And Twitter Minions Mock Rubio”

  1. untrainable says:

    Flies land on Obama’s face during outdoor speech. Flies know bull-sh*t when they smell it.

    Obama consistantly stammers through lies, makes straw man arguments (some say, everyone agrees, we all know… blah blah blah), and creates an entirely fictional picture of the American economy on a regular basis, and they’re bitching about a guy drinking water. The proirities of the left are astounding, but when you have as a party the combined intellect of a field of turnips, this is what you get.

    • Petronius says:

      Unlike turnips, which are at least useful and limited in quantity, there seems to be an almost infinite number of useless, stupid, ignorant, biased, ideologically-blinded, and ill-informed people out there, most of whom actually believe they are smart.

      And a vastly disproportionate number of them call themselves “journalists” and “fact-checkers.”

  2. Chrispbass says:

    Can’t destroy the message? Destroy the messenger.

  3. LannCo says:

    The Main Stream media will never mock Obama for sweating because he never exerts himself enough to sweat.

  4. Mithrandir says:

    Media TROLLING again (definition defined below)

    BINDERS FULL OF WOMEN! The false “outrage” about a very positive statement made by Mitt Romney.

    George Allen’s Macaca false slur that lead to his Senate re-election defeat.

    Romney’s 47% truthful NON-GAFFE that the media ran with, and Romney tried to backtrack on. Why? It’s true!

    For those of you who are UNAWARE, let me update you on this semi-new tactic: On the web, it’s called TROLLING. for you fishermen, it means something different, here is the definition:
    To be a constant nuisance on a website, web forum, facebook, or other places to leave comments in which your only intended goal is to nitpick, and annoy the presenter of a topic, picture, video, blog, idea, or other format. The purpose is to harass, distract, deny, and ruin the conversation. The TROLL has really no life, other than to monitor the website seemingly 24 hours a day and find fault and opportunity to reply and fight with all he/she disagrees with. The Troll is unproductive, unable to be reasoned with, and generally ignored when finally labeled as a Troll.

    For example, let’s say you make a comment about anything, and your ideas are fantastic, true, thought-proving.
    Presenter: “I believe are rights are granted by God, not men or governments.”
    Troll: “You are an idiot! It’s spelled ‘OUR’ not ‘Are.” You are a moron!

    This is exactly what the media has been doing, performing the actions of Trolls. Search around the internet, it’s a derogatory word for fools who act this way. When you see the media lose their minds on incredibly unimportant words, actions, gestures, and ignore the important crux of the argument, THEY ARE TROLLING YOU. They are intentionally trying to frustrate and harass you. That’s what they do.

    CNN just yesterday showed standing ovation for Obama during SOTU address, then cut to Rubio drinking from his water bottle and the “controversy” surrounding it. I thought, “CNN trolling again.”

    Same with Pope Benedict retiring, CNN couldn’t help but mention no less than 3 occasions, it was because of the church sex scandal, the HOMOSEXUALS molesting children scandal is what it really is, but CNN doesn’t Troll for that kind of information, just to try to embarrass the church.

    Now you know, label the flailing and false outrage for what it is.

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