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Obama’s New Jobs Push Means Stimulus II

From USA Today:

Obama jokes about ‘shovel-ready projects’

By David Jackson, USA TODAY
Jun 13, 2011

While meeting with his Jobs and Competitiveness Council today in Durham, N.C., President Obama cracked wise about one of his administration’s early catchphrases.

Remember "shovel-ready projects."

Those were construction projects in the 2009 stimulus bill that were supposed to get moving right away — but jobs council members [including Jeffrey Immelt] told Obama today that some got held up because of elaborate government regulations and permitting procedures.

"Shovel-ready was not as shovel-ready as we expected," Obama said.

When it comes to ‘shovel-ready’ infrastructure jobs the biggest obstacles would be due to two groups: the ‘environmentalists’ and the unions. Two of Mr. Obama’s most important and loyal constituencies.

In both the jobs council meeting and in his speech later to employees at a Durham lighting company, Obama said regulatory change is a major part of his new jobs push.

"How do we deal with making sure our regulations make sense, so that we start eliminating ones that don’t work, aren’t making consumers better off or aren’t improving our quality of life?" Obama told the employees.

Yes, we can see Mr. Obama taking on the Sierra Club and the SEIU now. By the way, lest we forget, Mr. Obama said the pretty much the same thing when he was first telling us about the ‘shovel-ready’ jobs in the first place.

Republicans said Obama’s "shovel-ready" comment is more proof of the shortcomings on his economic policies.

"He’s a couple of years behind the rest of America," said Brendan Buck, a spokesman for House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio. "But it’s refreshing that the president himself is now acknowledging the failure of his stimulus program."

Mr. Buck is mistaken. Mr. Obama is not admitting any failure here. Apparently yesterday was meant to be the kick-off for the administration’s campaign for a second stimulus.

As we noted yesterday, Jeffrey Immelt argued for another stimulus in the editorial pages of the Wall Street Journal. Next, Larry Summers wrote an editorial for Reuters, in which he also called for another even bigger stimulus — albeit in the most impenetrable prose possible.

Then, after having met with Immelt at the ‘Jobs Council,’ Obama talks about his ‘new jobs push’ here. There are no accidents in politics. Obama wants and needs another round of ‘jobs stimulus.’

After all, those Democrat votes aren’t going to buy themselves.

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7 Responses to “Obama’s New Jobs Push Means Stimulus II”

  1. Liberals Demise says:

    I just know there’s a joke in here somewhere……..
    “Obama’s New Jobs Push Means Stimulus II”

    More of dingleBarrys ‘3 Card Monty’ and ‘3 Shells and no pea’.
    “Where’s the money from the first bamboozle?”

  2. JohnMG says:

    …..”Apparently yesterday was meant to be the kick-off for the administration’s campaign for a second stimulus……”

    I’ve had all I can take. I suggest Obama go stimulate himself and leave the rest of us alone.

  3. canary says:

    They still haven’t found that rare lizard, plus they learned they can’t cut grass long grass, because it takes snakes and skunks natural inhabitant, I kid you not.

    Obama has to take the blame for some of this because of ordering EPA, Dept of Agriculture, etc. new regulations. And he will laugh all the way as he creates more.

    Any day now, he will tax trucks with a V8 engine, and that will hurt businesses.

    They also have new standards they can put on newer homes, to penalize and take away. If anyone wants me to elaborate let me know.

    Truth is it takes time for cities and communities to grab land. The rich people putting up honey bee hives & pigeon nests for tax breaks may find it’s a mistake when the govt claims their land.

  4. P. Aaron says:

    A 2nd stimulus means more largesse for GE & Immelt. Must be nice to pay your employees with federal cash.

  5. Papa Louie says:

    The Democrats are so addicted to stimulus that they should all follow Weiner into rehab.

    • tranquil.night says:

      Apparently it’s going to take one of the biggest group Intervention’s in American History. Bigger than 2010. Bigger than Weiner’s addiction to his.. well yeah.

  6. Rusty Shackleford says:

    “Obama said regulatory change is a major part of his new jobs push”

    Regulatory change in that more restrictive and punitive regulations will hurt business even more than it already has been. I guess he still believes in a command and control economy, which, as we all know, always works out so well.

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