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Obamas On 17 Time Covers Since 2008

From the UK’s Daily Mail:

Living at the White House has made us a normal family: Michelle Obama’s frankest interview yet

By Paul Thompson
22nd May 2009

Her husband has the most pressurised job in the  world.

Having faced more challenges in his first 100 days than any  other president,  Barack Obama could be excused for putting work before his family.

But his wife Michelle has revealed that since moving into the  White House they  are able to enjoy more family time together than at any other  time in their  life.

The First Lady said having her husband home for dinner most  nights had been  one of the single biggest changes to their lives.

(Photo caption: Making history: It is the 17th time one of the Obamas has appeared on the cover of Time magazine since 2008)

In a wide ranging interview for Time magazine, Mrs Obama also  told how their  daughters everyday lives – from homework to soccer matches – help  keep them  grounded.

‘Kids force you into normalcy,’ said Mrs Obama, who calls herself ‘Mum-in-chief’.

‘There are things that I have to do. There’s soccer on  Saturdays. And we went  in Chicago, we go to all their games…or I do, at least.   

‘So that makes you get out and be normal. There’s  parent-teacher conference,  there’s the play, there’s the concert, there’s the  birthday party.

‘You want to meet the person who’s going to … your kid is going  to sleep over with.

‘They want friends over, so you’re arranging to make that happen.’

Mrs Obama said for the first time in her 17-year marriage her  husband was able  to join the family for dinner…

She was asked about the often commented on decision to wear  dresses that bare  her arms.

Mrs Obama, 45, said women should make choices for  themselves.

‘The one thing that I said in one of the interviews, which is  one of my  personal philosophies and it didn’t come from this experience, it just  came  over life, is that in life you’ve got to make choices that make sense for  you,  because there’s always going to be somebody who’ll think you should do  something differently,’ she said.

‘So you might as well start with what you like, and what you care about, what  your passions are, what makes sense.

‘That’s my message to  women. Find your  space. Find your spot. Wear what you love. Choose the careers  that may have meaning to you, because there’s always somebody who will say, I  wouldn’t have worn that colour, or why didn’t you work at that job.   

‘But if you’re comfortable in the choice and it resonates with  you, then all that other stuff … it’s just conversation.’

In the interview,  published tomorrow Mrs Obama  said she knows her husband is  under a huge amount of pressure but says he  handles it so well she has a  ‘sense of calm’.

‘The beauty of my husband is that he is capable and  competent,’ she said.

‘I don’t worry about him. I rest easy that he’s in the White House. So it  makes it easier for me, because I figure I can turn it off; he can’t.

‘And knowing that he can’t, that there probably isn’t a minute that goes by that he’s not worrying, thinking, dealing, mulling something around in his  head,  that there’s no real time that he can be down, and just knowing how stressful  that is on a person, that’s a tough thing to watch. 

‘But he handles it so well that he even gives me a sense of  calm, that I don’t  worry every day but I just know that it’s there.’   

This ‘interview’ is the usual waste of space.

We really only posted this because of the Daily Mail’s revelation that one Obama or another has been on the cover of Time Magazine 17 times since 2008.

That is surely a record in the annals of idolatry.

By the way, this is one of the photos that Time published in their homage to great lady.

Love is blind.

This article was posted by Steve on Friday, May 22nd, 2009. Comments are currently closed.

49 Responses to “Obamas On 17 Time Covers Since 2008”

  1. Reality Bytes says:

    “I rest easy knowing that he is in The White House.” Hmmm… what do you suppose that means?

    • beautyofreason says:

      It means that she has four years of assured safety, lobster dinners, hosted parties, designer clothes, and fawning by the press no matter how badly the America economy sinks under the weight of federal spending and nationalization.

      Besides, who cares about regulating SUVs out of existence when you get limos?

    • EvaTheFrisbeeDog says:

      “Everyone should have a chief of staff and a set of personal assistants” — Michelle Obama

    • Liberals Make Great Speedbumps says:


      And guaranteed access to the public trough for life!

  2. EvaTheFrisbeeDog says:

    That Michelle Obama is one big dude!

    • Reality Bytes says:

      Wait! She’s a chick…Right?

    • Right of the People says:

      That’s debatable. She is if you consider Rosie O’Donnell a chick.

    • Liberals Demise says:

      I thought she was some of the family livestock.
      She looks like she should be pulling a plow.

    • Liberals Make Great Speedbumps says:

      She really is an unattractive woman. Even the carefully massaged photos of her are terrible. Guess you truly can’t polish a turd.

    • republicguard says:

      Picture Jamie Foxx in drag, biceps and all.

  3. proreason says:

    “But he handles it so well that he even gives me a sense of calm”

    The key things he does that brainwash the Obamabots:

    1. never gets flustered.
    2. talks in that nicotine induced baritone.
    3. uses a moderate tone of voice.
    4. pretends to be thoughtful about every topic.
    5. pays lip service to “recognizing” the other side of the issue before ridiculing it.
    6. avoids extremist words to describe extremist position.
    7. is bold about the lie, but not loud. He doesn’t shy away from outrageous lies, but states them calmly.
    8. when called out for another idiocy, scoffs at it (brainwashed allies are critical to make this one work).
    9. pretends that he has lived a normal life.
    10. declares that he is the moral one. declares that he is the fair one. declares that he is the balanced one.

    These highly learnable personal characteristics convince his worshippers that he is smart.

    They are a critical ingredient of his success.

    The reason his supporters hate Cheney so much is because Cheney’s mannerisms naturally give him a gravitas that The Moron can’t come close to. Several items on this list are things that Cheney does as well, but much better because they are a genuine part of Cheney’s personality rather than an act.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:


      Along with Alinsky’s rules, this clown utilizes some basic public-speaking and selling techniques but he avoids a couple of critical ones. One is “involve the audience” and the other is “listen to others”.

      Your list is bang on and just like an actor who is revered by the easily impressed, they get a sense of impact. Obviously they are more impressed by impact than information.

      “Tell me what I want to hear, tell it strong, and tell it to my heart”.

      Cheney is a facts man, regardless of the outcome. I can see him talking to a teenager and laying it on the line, “Here’s the deal. You do that again and I’m taking the car.”

      Obama, when faced with his daughter smoking dope…”Here’s the deal. I’ve….uh….discussed this with your mother and…….uhhhhhhhhh…she’s upset about it…..and you know……uhhhhhh that upsetting her will cause her to uh…….do things……that you don’t like. Now…..you are free to make uhhhhhhh……..you own…….uh…..choices…..and I…uhhhhhhhhh support that. Just so we’re clear……..that it’s your mother that you’ll be hurting when you do this”

      That way, he’s absolved of any responsibility, and in his mind he’s “done his job” as far as parenting goes and it’s the kids fault for hurting her mother.

      In essence, he has escaped all blame, all responsibility while appearing to be “in control”.

      Classic fool’s approach.

      The saddest thing of all is that that’s how he’s actually wired. He cannot see any other way. Were he ever in basic training, he would’ve been sent home the first day as untrainable. Thus, the liberal colleges where he attended further enhanced his detached responsibility approach and gave him the tools to make sure he identified others as bad…or doing the wrong thing…but never himself.

      As you well know, arguing with a liberal who just clobbered your car is a useless endeavor. I had to go to court against a black lady who hit my car. Her arguments:

      I was going too fast: Actually, I was stopped at a stop sign.
      I had passed her “dangerously”. Actually, I hadn’t seen her ever before and was at the stop sign when she failed to stop and hit me.

      I had been drinking and wanted to know why the cop didn’t give me a sobriety test.: It was 8:30 in the morning and I was on my way to work.

      The best by far was..you guessed it….that it was my fault because I was racist. At which point the judge asked her, “In what way?” Which made me choke back a laugh somewhat because I wanted to hear the explanation. Her response: “Well, just LOOK at him…you can tell.”

      Case dismissed, pay the claim for wrecking the man’s car.

      Granted, twig-boy is probably more adept at such tactics and can make someone think a little harder before they see the lack of reason in his approach. But, the real art is that he knows you have to waste oodles of time to dissect much of what he says to find if there’s any substantive argument.

      Looking and listening at the two speeches…I found Cheney to be direct, factual, compelling and far less accusatory than even the speech twig-boy gave beforehand. I could easily imagine beloved man-child leader fuming under his stuffed suit and vowing to get even.

      The truth always hurts people like him. The wife-thing is too busy lapping up the adoration from the media that she knowingly deserves to be bothered with anything her sperm-donor is doing.

    • proreason says:

      Rusty, your story about the lady who hit your car is a microcosm for the country. Total detachment from reality. Total sense of entitlement. If they don’t get what they want, scream racism. “Well, just LOOK at him…you can tell.”

      You can’t make this stuff up.

    • heykev says:


      excellent points. it is more a cult of personality vs. substance.

    • jobeth says:

      “7. is bold about the lie, but not loud. He doesn’t shy away from outrageous lies, but states them calmly.”

      Yep! He’s no Nancy Pelosi! Lies about as much, but carries it off better.

      Rusty…I had a similar situation when I pulled into a Wal-Mart parking lot a few years ago. As I pulled in the slot, there were two toddlers playing in the parking place. I stopped in my tracks until one of the two adults (you guess the race) finally took their hand and giving me a dirtly look removed them from the parking space. I gave him a sarcastic return look…hoping he would understand I thought he was an idot to allow his toddlers to play in a parking space. But I didn’t say anything.

      The man walked by my window and told me I was going too fast and almost killed his kids! Now if I was going too fast I WOULD have killed those kids.
      Now how fast can you go while pulling into a parking place between to other cars? I told him it was his resposibility to keep his children safe and not allow them to be playing in the parking space. He came back and raised his hand to me! I just smiled and said “You do and you will spend tonight in jail”! He backed down then called me a racist! Sigh…! Always someone else’s fault.

  4. 12 Gauge Rage says:

    Okay, I confess. Twenty-five years ago I had a subscription to Time magazine. But I let it expire because I began to see a pattern of it’s negative reporting and of all the perceived evils America was committing. This was back when our marines were in Beirut and their barracks was bombed. Having only been in the military for just only a few months, I was outraged that Time’s reporters gave more press to the terrorists motives and only mentioned the loss of our marines only because of how many perished. In some way I guess I should be grateful to Time magazine. Because of my disgust for it’s blatant liberalism, it helped set the foundation for me wanting to become a conservative. Now when I hear of Time magazine I keep thinking of an old Billy Joel song where he states: ‘All your life is Time magazine, I read it too. What does it mean?’

    • catie says:

      12 Gauge, I think you must be my age. I was in my second year in the Army when the Marine Barracks were bombed. I also got Time as I was also taking some college classes and the cheapo magazine offers were in the bags with the books so I got it. I remember they had very little about the Marines as well and just had a few somewhat gruesome pictures and it just seemed disrespectful to those men who had died or were severely injured. I didn’t renew it when it expired either.

  5. wirenut says:

    I always “liberate” two copies of Time from whatever waiting room I’m in. One to defecate on and the other to cover it up with. To bad the bias in this rag is easier to spot than where’s Waldo.

  6. Media_man says:

    I liked Iowahawk’s parody of Wanda Sykes when Vickie Windsor (QE II) roasted Obama, praising how advanced the US space program had become, what with his wife being a klingon. Check it out, it’s a scream. Here’s the link:


  7. Colonel1961 says:

    Hey Michelle, why the long face?

    • MinnesotaRush says:

      Wow, Colonel!

      What a coincidence .. that’s what the bartender said to the horse who stopped into the bar for a quick one. So horse .. why the long face?

      What a coincidence. Small world, huh (?). ror

    • Liberals Make Great Speedbumps says:

      Hey Michelle, why the big Adams Apple?

    • Colonel1961 says:

      That smirk on her face is bizarre – like a train wreck that I can’t turn away from… And I thought Hillary was ugly and scary. Sheesh.

  8. Anonymoose says:

    I swear if I hear one more thing about “Gorgeous and Gracious” I’m going to scream.

    “Having faced more challenges in his first 100 days than any other president, Barack Obama……”

    What? The Civil War, World War Two, even the Great Depression don’t count? Especially with a Congress and media completely in the bag for him?

    • Liberals Demise says:

      I loved Wirenuts’ response up there………

      I just want to infuse that Jet and Ebony Ragazines haven’t had these 1 1/2 negros on their covers as many times.
      Wha be up wit dat, dog?

  9. Yarddog1 says:

    As far as the O Holes having been on the cover 17 times …….. It takes very little to entertain the small minds of the liberals. And who on earth ever said this mule faced woman was attractive? Perhaps she is really a gelded equine.

    • Umm since you started mentioning animals..

      Does anyone else’s first thoughts go to Lycanthropy when looking at the second pic Steve posted in there? Just wondering..

    • jobeth says:

      Jason, I just love this blog! I learned a new word today! lol

  10. StevefromMKE says:

    Sorry libs…she’s NOT beautiful.

  11. VMAN says:

    “Nuq a ‘IH be” roughly translated that’s Klingon for “what a beautiful woman” Of course only a Klingon would think so.

  12. DW says:

    It has been a long time since the last time I went through a supermarket check-out and not seen at least one magazine with either his or her mug (or the both of them) on the main cover along with some fawning, feel-good caption.
    Also, usually at the top of the cover is some unflattering shot of Sarah Palin along with the latest unsavory scandal headline (what agenda???)

    Too bad the magazine rack isn’t at the store entrance instead of the check-out.
    Imagine the money you’d save on groceries if you lost your appetite the moment you entered the store…

  13. You know, normally I would balk at participating in the insulting treatment of a first lady, but THIS one is disqualified from receiving any real courtesy IMO. When her husband had beat the odds, merely to get a law license, write two money producing books, and basically live a better life with her family than 80% of the country, she had the “audacity” to claim she had never been proud of this country? She isn’t worthy of the respect usually given the first lady.

  14. U NO HOO says:

    “Mrs Obama said for the first time in her 17-year marriage her husband was able to join the family for dinner…”

    Say what?

    Better yet, say what the …?

    • Anonymoose says:

      I agree, are we expected to believe the mighty “O” has been so busy saving the world that only when he becomes the leader does he have time for dinner? Just what have those two been doing all this time?

      And to really hurl your stomach click on the link to the Daily Mail at the top of the page and look at the OTHER pictures.

      From top to bottom:

      The cover: Lady, I can see the Aquanet from here, and the makeup ain’t helping. Like the line from “Tootsie,” can we back out to say, Cleveland?

      The second: A hot pink pink dress that accentuates her already unflattering figure. And why are they both puffing their lips? An after dinner ritual or the frustration of keeping up appearances?

      The third: I really feel sorry for that dog, having to live as little more than another marketing gimmick for His Holiness. No, I mean…..you know which one I’m talking about. And Michelle, while you’re at it with the pedicures and stylists, get a tailor.

      The fourth: Ya-ya, the inauguration AGAIN, which will be in very “history” book for the next fifty years. I just wonder how many poor lampshades were sacrificed to make Michelle’s dress.

      The fifth: All the clothes and photographers and media spin just can’t make it happen, you are MRS: O, not JACKIE O. It’s easy, one was a classy lady, the other is, well, you.

      I only wish I could flip the channel of life….

    • snix says:

      “The fifth: All the clothes and photographers and media spin just can’t make it happen, you are MRS: O, not JACKIE O.”

      Or as I saw a very long time ago (probably from SG), “Blackie O.”

  15. 12 Gauge Rage says:

    For Obama to appear so many times on the cover of Time must be seductively flattering to his ego. But for people like me I see it as nothing short of cult worship. Years ago, Life put out a series of books about World War II. The first volume was ‘Prelude to War’ in which it described the events leading up to the rise of the Nazi Party. Once in place, it was said that no self respecting party member was without a properly sanctioned photo of Der Fuhrer proudly framed in a place of prominence in the home. It makes you wonder how many lefties have a small shrine of the ‘enlightened one’ in their homes.

  16. canary says:

    ‘There are things that I have to do. There’s soccer on Saturdays. And we went in Chicago, we go to all their games…or I do, at least.
    ? they use the helicopter to go to the Chicago games.?

    Finally, Michelle has private detectives to help her hubby find his way home.
    Kennedy and Slick Willy still found a way.

  17. 11ten1775 says:

    As disturbing as their fawning over Michelle is, I don’t think much of it has anything to do with her. After the bit about loving her country for the first time, the press never quotes her saying anything interesting. It’s always, “Blah, blah, blah, we’re just normal parents. Blah, blah, blah, Barack is good at stuff. Blah, blah, blah, I like to wear muscle shirts.” I think this has a lot more to do with Hillary and Laura. The press tried so many angles to make us like Hillary, but they just couldn’t do it. Then along came Laura, whom everyone liked right away, so they didn’t talk about her for eight years. Now, they see the same Hillary-like qualities in Michelle, and they’re scared stiff that they’ll have to constantly cover up for another one of those for 4 (or – heaven help us – 8) years. So, they’re putting all their energy into convincing us that she’s a domestic, motherly, husband-supporting, fashionable, delicate flower right away, so that anyone who says otherwise will seem like a big meanie. And we won’t hear a word from the feminists about her going from a “high powered” job to being a stay-at-home mom who’s main job is trying to look pretty for the cameras. We are instructed to like her and admire her for being “normal” and having toned arms – no other opinions allowed.

    • Liberals Make Great Speedbumps says:

      “Blah, blah, blah, I like to wear muscle shirts


  18. Confucius says:

    Oi. Ganug’already with the affirmative action. It’s nauseous-making.

  19. wardmama4 says:

    I thought that the picture of her in the Time online segment – was actually flattering – but it reminded me of The Supremes when they were good.

    Yes I do think that this is all an attempt to crow because ‘We Won’ and look at what we are – beautiful, smart, sexy (gag me), fun, and normal.

    Those who have to pound home such concepts on such a regular basis are usually not only Not those things but most likely the exact opposite.

    She is not attractive – yes it is possible to capture moments when she does look good – but like Hillary, Ginsburg, & Pelosi (not to mention that awful liberal icon, Helen Thomas) – the anger, the hate, the whole vile negative personna shows up in most pictures – besides the fact that The Queen of Mean has no grace and moves like a lineman for the Chicago Thugs, oops my bad, that’s Chicago Bears.

    I am saddened that Time has become just another arm of the Obamamedia.

    And BlackieO – wow that is one worth remembering.

    Let them build shrines to Obama – just remember where is the ‘Kennedy’ dynasty now? Such stunning examples such as Ted ‘Abridgetoofar’ Kennedy, Robert ‘flatearthersaretraitors’ Kennedy Jr and of course Caroline ‘Uh,uh,umm,huh,uh’ Kennedy (one has wonder exactly why this stellar speaker isn’t The One’s Press Secretary?!?) – not to mention any single such political ‘idol’ – they are only human and time waits for no human (actually it runs down most humans) – most especially when their greatness is not based upon what is best for their citizens or the World but their own greedy, base, selfishness desires.

    They might look good in pictures but in the end they are as forgotten and as useless at the average Joe they spit upon and stepped upon on their climb up – nothing is more humbling than reality. Too bad none of these people even have a clue what reality is.

    • proreason says:

      “sexy (gag me), ”

      I have a secret machine that tells me without fail whether a woman is sexy or not.

      Take it from me, you are absolutely correct. She ain’t even close to being sexy. And if male says so who isn’t a salivating revolutionary, you know with high certainty that person’s opinion about gay marriage.

      I suspect artificial insemination.

  20. proreason says:

    Priceless. from Rachel Marsden in Townhall:

    “And it’s the dorks who are most obsessed with control, in whatever way they can get it. How does Obama fit into this? Well, did you see him riding that bike in his blue jeans during the campaign? Obama is a dork, pure and simple – and now he’s going to impose all his control games on society at large.

    Meaningless control games based on rules of the dork’s invention are at the very foundation of the dork existence. That’s why every accredited nerd is obsessed with war games or Dungeons and Dragons, or some other make believe time-waster that gives him the opportunity to exert his dominance over other nerds. Now, the public at large has been yanked into these games by their heartstrings. ”


  21. canary says:

    Obama did write as Senator he spent 12 hours a day going to hotels to meet donors, returning phone calls, and live television interviews. He probably never was home for dinner. Now, he doesn’t like being confined in the White House and having the highest security of any U.S. President.
    “The inside of the White House doesn’t have the luminous quality that you might expect from TV or film; It seems well kept but worn, a big old house that one imagines might be a bit drafty on cold winter nights.” pg 44 the audacity of hope,
    A real let down the poor thing to move out of brand new mansion, and his stimulous pkg request for money for renovating the White House, and helicopter was taken off.
    OHB can only blame old worn WH on the way slick Willy Clinton left it. Cost a fortune to bring in the Bio-Hazardous/Waste team, and Computer Virus techs.

  22. JaneLovesJesus says:

    Here is a really well done gallery & commentary documententing the Obama Orgy at Time.
    Check it out!

  23. republicguard says:

    I canceled magazines and newspapers that kept fawning over them. Of course I had to let them know why I was canceling, wasn’t a money issue but a lack of journalism integrity. Less trash in, less trash out. See I am helping to save the planet.

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