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Obama’s Pro Gay, Pro-Abortion Church

In view of Mr. Obama’s appearance at Notre Dame, we are reminded of his peculiar brand of black Christianity as espoused by Jeremiah R. Wright, Jr. After all, how many black churches are both pro-homosexual rights (including ‘gay marriage’) and pro-abortion?

The Reverend Doctor even regularly went out of his way to mock and chastise other black churches for being so closed-minded.

From Reverend Wright’s ‘Pastor Page’ in the Trinity Church newsletter for June 12, 2005:

The Day of the African Child

By Reverend Jeremiah R. Wright, Jr.

… What is even worse is that the Black churches across this country are exhibiting a silence which is deafening!

The Black churches, in the eyes of the media in capturing the heart of Americans with their push for “moral values,” are talking about gay marriages and abortion while Black African children are dying like flies.

Most Black Christians, who are saved, sanctified, filled with the Holy Ghost, and have the precious gift of tongues, are trying to get rich, get bling bling and become “prosperous.” In the meantime they have turned a deaf ear to the cries of the African children in Darfur. The average Black Christian can’t even tell you where Darfur is!

From Reverend Wright’s ‘Pastor Page’ in the Trinity Church newsletter for July 22, 2007 (and again on August 12, 2007):


By Reverend Jeremiah R. Wright, Jr.

Do you know what the National Council of Churches is? Do you know what the World Council of Churches is? Do you know what either of those bodies does?

Or is your knowledge of the Body of Christ across denominational lines limited to hot ticket items like the arguments over “tongues,” whether Christians should be watching Harry Potter, homosexuality and abortion?

On its agenda are topics like hunger, health care, housing, nonviolence, poverty, and other issues which their leaders are told should not be their focus the way homosexuality and abortion are, but which they find hard to avoid because of the hundreds of pages in their Bibles which do address such issues.

And Mr. Wright and Trinity did not limit themselves to such indirect references. They actively promoted these causes.

Here is one example from the ‘Take Action’ page in the Trinity Church newsletter for Sunday, December 4, 2005:


By Rev. Reginald Williams

With the nomination of Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court, it is clear that should he be confirmed, the court will unevenly lean to the conservative right, meaning that civil rights and civil liberties will be adversely affected.

Consider the record of Alito. As an appellate judge, he argued that Pennsylvania had the right to require a woman seeking an abortion to notify her husband. This requirement was found to be a noxious burden on women by Justice O’Connor and the Supreme Court. Alito further argued for the endorsement of what essentially are a man’s property rights over his wife’s reproductive choices – an argument which reduces women to sub-humanity, in the sight of Alito

Urge your Senators to vote against the Alito confirmation.


1. Urge your Senator [sic] to vote against Alito

a. Senator Barack Obama
(312) 886-3506
(312) 886-3514 fax
Toll free: (866) 445-2520 (for IL residents only)

b. Senator Richard Durbin
(312) 353-4952
(312) 353-0150 – fax


This aspect of Mr. Wright’s church is often overlooked.

But it was undoubtedly a factor in Mr. Obama’s decision to attend Trinity for more than twenty years.

And maybe a reason he has found it so hard to choose a new parish for himself and his family.

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7 Responses to “Obama’s Pro Gay, Pro-Abortion Church”

  1. proreason says:

    More evidence of the success that the statist multi-nationalists have had infiltrating every corner of the country.

    Here we have the lunatic Wright supporting two or the three pillars of tearing down the American family:

    1. Encourage abortion (because when abortion is widespread, marriage is less necessary)
    2. Encourage gay marriage (because it degrades the sanctity of marriage and encourgages homosexuality)

    the third pillar of the anti-family agenda is:

    3. Pay women to have babies out of wedlock (obviously an anti-family policy)

    Those 3 pillars are a deliberate strategy laid down years ago. The lunatic Wright may not even aware that he is marching to a long-ago communist drum. It is so ingrained now in the schools and people like the lunatic, that they know longer require instruction.

    And the destruction of the family unit is only one of dozens of initiatives laid out long ago to break down the elements that allowed Americans to live free and independent lives for centuries.

    With weakened families, with weakened churches, fearful of speaking openly, pumped full of fear of their ability to take care of themselves in the free market, Americans are now plump and ripe for the tyranny of the “benevolent” despot who has magically appeared ” to take care of them”.

    • heykev says:

      You are absolutely correct Pro. This “church” is more social organization to protest the ills of the downtrodden than it is a real church.

      I worked with one of their members for a while. She had no understanding of any of the doctrines of faith that places we would recognize as a church follow. It seemed to me that the primary purpose of their meetings was to talk about alleged social ills – how homosexuals can’t marry, how abortion is a right for women…all the talking points of liberals everywhere.

  2. Reality Bytes says:

    What’s the first thing Rev Wright will say when he meets his maker?

    “Jesus Christ?!”

    JC: “Yeah, George Carlin said the same thing. Now, about your soul…”

    RW: “But Lord, how many times did I say your name?”

    JC: “I tell you I don’t know you.”

  3. pinandpuller says:

    Well rev “Reich” is no Dietrich Bonhoeffer-that’s for sure.

    What’s the German word for “colaborator”?

    • Reality Bytes says:

      While Bonhoeffer was shot for his convictions, Rev. Wright gets a condo, a caddy & a book deal. But that’s just scratches the surface of the differences between them.

  4. beautyofreason says:

    I don’t think that church is so much a religion as a political system….

    Too bad this place of liberal indoctrination is tax-exempt. They might as well be the DNC from the sound of it…

  5. catie says:

    How can this place actually call themselves a church? Didn’t the belle spend her youth in this “church”? No wonder this is the most unhappiest bunch of people in the country.

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