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Obama’s Proposal – Myths Versus Facts

From the Republicans on the House Committee on Ways & Means:

White House Health Proposal Claims

Myth vs. Fact: Setting the Record Straight

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The White House has made numerous claims about its latest health care proposal, which is largely based on the Senate Democrats’ health care bill.

Those assertions, however, are contradicted by the analysis of that legislation by the non-partisan and independent Congressional Budget Office, Joint Committee on Taxation and the Office of the Actuary at the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

Below is a list of some of the major myths being spread by the White House:

Myth #1: Insurance premiums will decrease

White House says:

But the facts say:

  • “CBO and JCT estimate that the average premium per person covered (including dependents) for new nongroup policies would be about 10 percent to 13 percent higher in 2016 than the average premium for nongroup coverage in that same year under current law.”

Myth #2: If you like the coverage you have, you can keep it

White House says:

But the facts say:

Myth #3:  Seniors’ Medicare benefits are protected

White House says:

But the facts say:

Myth #4: Many small businesses will receive tax breaks

White House says:

  • “Third, many small businesses will be able to get a tax credit to help cover the cost of the coverage they offer.”
  • “Your business taxes will not go up. Instead, you may be eligible for new tax credits to help offset the cost of covering your employees.”

But the facts say:

Myth #5: Health spending is capped for every American

White House says:

But the facts say:

  • Only subsidy-eligible individuals would have their premiums and cost-sharing capped as a percentage of income.  According to CBO, 90% of Americans would not be eligible for subsidies in 2016 and will not have limits on how much they will have to pay to receive health care coverage.

Myth #6: Those without access to employer-provided health coverage will get tax credits to purchase coverage on their own

White House says:

But the facts say:

  • CBO says that a little more than half the individuals purchasing health insurance on their own will be eligible for these subsidies in 2016.    

Myth #7:  Tens of millions of Americans will receive a tax credit to purchase health care

White House says:

But the facts say:

Granted this material is put out by the Republicans on the House Ways and Means Committee.

But, as they note, their points are all substantiated by documentation from the CBO and other supposedly non-partisan sources.

Heaven knows we will never get this information from our watchdog media. They only ‘fact check’ Sarah Palin.

They don’t have the time for piddling issues like ‘healthcare reform.’

This article was posted by Steve on Wednesday, February 24th, 2010. Comments are currently closed.

18 Responses to “Obama’s Proposal – Myths Versus Facts”

  1. proreason says:

    If this crap is crammed down America’s throat, their fantasy that the Tea Party grannies are homocidal maniacs will come true..

    • jobeth says:

      Pro, as usual you have your finger right on it.

      Lately I am feeling more and more like throttling somebody or something. ;-(

      I don’t ever remember a time where so many people have been more disturbed with our government.

      For the first time I am actually afraid of my government. That has never happened before. I had a slew of things I mi’ght be in opposition with, with …but never have I been afraid of it. (with the possible exception of the IRS ;-) )

      I feel like someone is trying to force me in line for a death march, because having the experience with my father in law in England I know that will be the end situation for the old and not so perfect if O’Balmy and his flock gets their way. We’re the people that the state can’t tax (as much, via income tax) any longer. “Can’t tax you? Well off with your head!”

      Viva’ the party of “NO!” If ‘no’ is what it takes…we need to say it.

    • proreason says:

      “I feel like someone is trying to force me in line for a death march”

      I don’t feel it, I know it.

      If 31 million (the current number) new people are going to be provided with the same health insurance we all now pay about $500 a month per person for, and they also intend to cut $500 billion from Medicare, which is already seriously underfunded, and no actions are taken to increase the number of doctors (and there is none), then the message is 100% clear.

      Senior citizens will be allowed to die.

      This bill is an attempt to redistribute of life itself…..from you to Obamy’s dead-beat cult-worshippers.

  2. P. Aaron says:

    Fact checking Sarah Palin: about the only sector of the drive-by media to show growth.

  3. canary says:

    Myths: White House says “likely” “expected” “may” “could” , “ten’s” of millions isn’t even a ballpark figure.

    The White House just left out the “penalty” phase if you don’t at least buy their quacks. Penalty could be a rice size bar code chip implanted in your forehead

  4. proreason says:

    Ann Coulter describe an effective (and winning) approach to Health Care in 2 sentences:

    “Congress needs to outlaw state and federal mandates on insurance companies and allow interstate competition in health insurance.

    The end. ”


  5. Bronson says:

    Weren’t liberals just outraged a few years ago at the beauracratic nightmare of a government run healthcare system when it showcased itself at Walter Reed Army Medical Center? It wasnt just Walter Reed, but every hospital associated with the Department of Veterans Affairs turns out to be a hospital where services are rationed and patients are neglected. And this is for our Veterans whom our politicians try especially hard to treat well, so I can only imagine the hellish hospitals the government is going to maintain for the rest of us.

  6. Mithrandir says:

    What part of this health care debate is confusing for everyone? Don’t you get it?


    People will not just lay down in the streets and die to save themselves (or anyone else) the burden of the cost. This isn’t buying a Wii, it’s saving your own life, there is no choice in the matter, save your own life, cost and everything else is secondary.

    MOST places do not have health care as part of their job package. You know those people that work at a church, a gas station, fast food places, and other non-career jobs? Yeah, they can’t afford to get sick.

    It doesn’t matter what shell game you do with credits or money or any of that, if you can’t afford to play the game, other people absorb the cost somewhere.

    It just shows that MEANS TESTING is probably the only way to ensure everyone can pay. It’s a fair or unfair system, depending on your perspective, but since 0% of the people in the health industry are going to take a pay cut, I don’t think there is a better way.

    It’s like the bank charging you 1000% interest, and saying, “Hey buddy, if you can’t play by our rules, then tough luck! You shouldn’t try to borrow money for anything: college, car loan, mortgage, emergencies, credit cards….nothing!”

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      It appears that you approach this from the misconception that healthcare is a right. It is not. And although it sounds cruel, it is not up to the masses to provide medical care to the rest. This nation is about competition. So, from the start, when you are born, your parents teach you the fundamentals of working smart and hard, to get ahead, to be a winner. Not some kid who sits in the corner and expects everyone else to do it for him.

      Your assumed argument might be then, “Well, not everyone is born into ideal circumstances and gets that kind of chance”. And my answer is that well, that’s true and unfortunately, that’s the way it goes. But even more, it can easily be noted that millions of people in this country pulled themselves up by their bootstraps, struggled, worked hard, made a better life for them and for their next generation, and so on thereafter. Recently, we have seen a decline in this because the tipping point was reached thanks to government handout programs.

      I recently had this discussion with a guy who was worried because his kid was coming of age and would not be able to afford their own healthcare insurance. I said, “Military”. But…ohhhh no. Not an option. So, then, tough darts. The military is an excellent opportunity to learn a skill, get some education, while having medical coverage. And, contrary to popular belief, not everyone who goes into the military is assigned a rifle and has to go fight in some strange country.

      It’s about choices. This nation used to offer a great number of choices but thanks to NAFTA and many other social-engineering mechanisms, many of those choices a limited. Still, it’s not up to, nor has it ever been, for the people of this country to pay for some other persons’ broken arm or heart procedure. You start out in life, do your best to get where you can, legally, without destroying anyone else and as long as you do that, you should be able to find your talent, exploit it, maybe struggle a little, have a few bumps in the road and ultimately become a success.

      The high cost of medical insurance right now is a direct result of government interference. Though government should regulate such things in order to PROTECT the people…not provide for the people…they should never fiddle with free enterprise and should always allow any industry the opportunity to grow, flourish and provide the service the market needs.

      Lack if interstate commerce for insurance providers has really helped to raise premiums to the ridiculous levels that they are. The cost of research and development for new drugs is largely due to interfering government regulation. Safety, yes, by all means. But ridiculous testing that takes years is costly. Then, frivolous lawsuits….I met a woman who had a miscarriage but even though she was told three separate times by three separate doctors that nothing could have been done, she proceeded with a lawsuit against her doctor anyway. She lost. But the doctor had to pay for that representation in court. Who ultimately pays the cost? The rest of us.

      Mith….common sense and practicality have to take the driver’s seat in all things. There will always be the odd thing in medicine….by the way. There is much we don’t know and doctors do their best to get the answers. But this is not an episode of “HOUSE” and not everyone gets cured in an hour. Unfortunately, TV has done truckloads of harm to the medical industry by working on the emotional base of otherwise satisfied Americans. But it’s called the PRACTICE of medicine because it is NOT an exact science. It never will be. Some things can be considered “textbook” but people still die from undergoing simple procedures. But with a strong education base and by training the right kind of people to be doctors, those who have a passion for it and who are very bright and extremely alert, will do well. But under the plan as laid out by our government, the passion will die, the type of doctors we’ll get will be bureaucrats, with low pay, no motivation and a list of constraints as long as the eye can see.

      Ultimately, and pleasingly for the socialists running our government, it’s not about medical anything. Quality and availability for medical care will plummet and the nation will be harmed greatly as a whole. There is no “Well, that’s the way it’s got to go” at all. There are ways to bring costs down and it’s through removal of government intervention, not the addition of more.

      Your fatalistic approach is dour at best and destructive at worst. I refuse to become part of that mechanism. I have the right in this country to get sick and die without the interference of the government. They are not my sponsors. I did all the things I needed to do to get to a place in life where I have what I need. For those who partied too much, or were born in the wrong house…it’s not my problem. I’ve no desire to provide care for someone else, especially if they are in this nation illegally and certainly not for some crack-whore mother who’s kid gets the flu. It’s as simple as that.

    • proreason says:

      And why is it that you feel like the most expensive medical procedures are your right?

      If they invent a procedure that extends life for a decade but it requires 1,000 people dedicted for that decade, would that be your right as well? Is there any limit on what you are due?

      Frankly, it’s looney to think you have an unlimited right to anything that costs even a penney.

      I know a lot of people think so, but they are fools.

      If I worked at a “gas station” that didn’t supply health insurance, and my health was my top priority, I would share a small apartment with others, forego cable TV, eating out, driving around, ipods, new clothes every month, steak, fancy shoes, and a bunch of other stuff so I could buy the health insurance.

      But nobody does that. They want other people to buy the insurance for them. Which means that their top priority isn’t health insurance. Their top priority is squeezing money out of other people. Sounds like you may be one of them.

    • Mithrandir says:

      It hardly matters if you think health care is or isn’t a right. The reality is, that people are not going to stand around the hospital door contemplating should I or shouldn’t I save my own health and life.

      Reality is that people are going to enter no matter what, and there are only two choices how it is paid for: by them, or by all of us.

      People certainly do think health care is a right, because they have the right to live on this earth, and are not going to lay down and die just to save you a few bucks for covering the cost.

      So……since you can’t legally refuse people healthcare by checking their bank account before entering a hospital, the alternative is to cut costs in either capping the salaries of health care providers, suppliers, checking for illegal immigrants, means testing to find out what people can pay (better to collect something than nothing) and / or capping the frivolous lawsuits triggering price increases.

      But, a right or not a right, the argument is moot– people going to access health care no matter who winds up paying for it.

    • proreason says:

      Have you recovered from your death-defying $900 ear infection yet?

  7. canary says:

    Mithander it’s not confusing. The lies by federal govt of not reducing the elderlys’ care, lies they aren’t going to have death panels.
    The states have health care for the poor, so why does the federal government need to run it, and so isn’t there enough taxes, without the federal govt adding theirs.
    The idea of some reform, and studying the problems, makes more sense when people are not dying in the streets, than the Democrats desperately act of passing a bill no one has time to read or study, yet alone the Democrats up every night changing the words.

    • jobeth says:

      Canary, I am biting my tongue to keep from letting loose again. I have already apologised once for my temper. I won’t do it the second time so I guess I need to let it go and not address him again.

      He seems as tone deaf as the O’Balmy bunch. However his is tone deafness is centered in selfishness, “the government needs to take care of me and make me comfy…no matter how much everyone else must pay…or who else my die due to rationing and death panels so long as it isn’t me” He would be complaining again once he gets old or has a family member tossed aside because they are no longer ‘viable” in the eyes of somebody behind a desk.

      I don’t know how much more information he can be given. He refuses to think the thing through so he can’t be reached.

      He is a member of the gimme bunch that want to be taken care of. While others, many from poor backgrounds, took out student loans and took advantage of Pell Grants and scholarships to get a marketable skill and studied their arses off…what was HE doing? I venture to say watching TV or sitting at his computer…that he can afford instead of health insurance.
      I have no doubt he owns game consoles too.

      There is nothing wrong with any of those…unless you are crying poor mouth about not being able to afford necessities like health insurance.

      Right now…if he really wanted to be self reliant he would be taking advantage of this ‘down’ time to get that education or skill training, even if it was one or two classes a semester. Otherwise he will always be without marketable skills and doomed to work at gas stations or hamburger joints without health insurance and expecting the rest of us who did sacrifice some of our time to do that very thing, to “take care of” him.

      He’s just willingly tone deaf because it suits his wants…to have someone take care of him.

    • jobeth says:

      Mithrandir is beginning to fascinate me.

      I took a moment or two to re-read many of his posts on several topics.

      What I gleaned is strange. He sounds very anti government even to our national defense and what our government must do to protect us. (A Constitutional responsibility of the government)

      Yet…when it comes to his comfort (health care) he wants to be able to suckle off the teat of that same government.
      (Which is no way a promised right)

      Seems a bit paradoxical.
      But what the hey…Its about comfort and a carefree life.

  8. Reality Bytes says:

    Do not associate with those who are given to change for their calamity will rise suddenly. – Proverbs 24:21

  9. Petronius says:

    “Sappho and Alcaeus” by Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema. :=)

    What are we to make of this charming picture?

    That poetry, sweetness and light shall heal the soul, when the reason of man has failed, and when medicine has become the plaything of Liberal politicians, with their jaws clamped tightly on the government teat?


  10. jobeth says:

    Mithrandir, this is for you. I hope you are still hanging about.

    My husband brought this to my attention. It’s a sun newspaper report of just one group of people who are forced to fight for ordinary care for their family member in a UK hospital. Like them, my husband and I will also be haunted by poor health care for his dad. He was euthinized because of his age. He was treatable…but too old to waste the money.

    This story tells of more “cost saving” measures the NHS there takes to save a few pounds (dollars). They can’t provide care for their people. Canada can’t care for their people…Both have monied people coming here for health care. When our good health care is gone…where will WE go?

    This is what happens in Nationalized Health Care…What you seem to want. And to borrow a phrase I’ve seen elsewhere…”If you think your health care costs too much now…wait till it’s ‘free’ ”

    “Angry Castell Davis, who blames the hospital for her mum’s death, said: “She was treated with disrespect. It was as if she had a barcode on her head – as if she was a non-person.”


    “Mr Francis said: “I heard so many stories of shocking care. Many suffered horrific experiences that will haunt them and their loved ones for the rest of their lives.”

    If this is forced down the throat of the American people, I don’t EVER want to hear a complaint from those who thought this would be just dandy.


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