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Obama’s 1983 ‘Nuclear Freeze’ Article

From the day late and dollar short New York Times:

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Obama’s Youth Shaped His Nuclear-Free Vision


In the depths of the cold war, in 1983, a senior at Columbia University wrote in a campus newsmagazine, Sundial, about the vision of “a nuclear free world.” He railed against discussions of “first- versus second-strike capabilities” that “suit the military-industrial interests” with their “billion-dollar erector sets,” and agitated for the elimination of global arsenals holding tens of thousands of deadly warheads.

The student was Barack Obama, and he was clearly trying to sort out his thoughts. In the conclusion, he denounced “the twisted logic of which we are a part today” and praised student efforts to realize “the possibility of a decent world.” But his article, “Breaking the War Mentality,” which only recently has been rediscovered, said little about how to achieve the utopian dream…

“I personally came of age,” Mr. Obama wrote in “The Audacity of Hope,” his second memoir, “during the Reagan presidency.”

It was a time when President Ronald Reagan began a trillion-dollar arms buildup, called the Soviet Union “an evil empire” and ordered scores of atomic detonations under the Nevada desert. Some Reagan aides talked of fighting and winning a nuclear war.

The popular response was the nuclear freeze movement. Dozens of books warned that Mr. Reagan’s policies threatened to end civilization and most life on Earth. In June 1982, a million protesters gathered in Central Park, their placards reading “Bread Not Bombs” and “Freeze or Burn.” The nation’s Roman Catholic bishops issued a pastoral letter denouncing nuclear war.

Many Columbia students campaigned for the freeze movement, which sought a halt to additional nuclear arms deployments. Mr. Obama explored going further.

In the interview, Mr. Obama noted that he was too young to “remember having to do drills under the desk.” But as a student “interested broadly in foreign policy,” he recalled, he focused on “a central question: how would the United States and the Soviet Union effectively manage these nuclear arsenals, and were there ways to dial down the dangers that humanity faced?”

In his senior year, he began Dr. Baron’s seminar on presidential decision-making in American foreign policy. The first semester, starting in fall 1982, covered such cold-war flashpoints as the Cuban missile crisis — a dramatic study in the decision-making style of President John F. Kennedy. In the second semester, students focused on particular topics, and Mr. Obama wrote a lengthy paper about how to negotiate with the Soviets to cut nuclear arsenals.

“His focus was the nature of the strategic talks and what kind of negotiating positions might be put forward,” Dr. Baron said. “It was not a polemical paper — not arguing that the U.S. should have this or that position. It was how to get from here to there and avoid misperception and conflict.

“He got an A,” recalled Dr. Baron, who now runs a digital media business. Later, he wrote Mr. Obama a recommendation for Harvard Law School.

It was during that seminar that Mr. Obama wrote his Sundial article, profiling two campus groups, Arms Race Alternatives and Students Against Militarism. Photographs with the March 1983 article showed students at an antiwar rally in front of Butler Library.

Mr. Obama’s journalistic voice was edgy with disdain for what he called “the relentless, often silent spread of militarism in the country” amid “the growing threat of war.” The two groups, he wrote, “visualizing the possibilities of destruction and grasping the tendencies of distorted national priorities, are throwing their weight into shifting America off the dead-end track.”

Despite Mr. Obama’s sympathetic portrayal of the two groups, the article seemed to question the popular goal of freezing nuclear arsenals rather than reducing them, the topic of his seminar paper. Mr. Obama wondered if the freeze movement “stems from young people’s penchant for the latest ‘happenings.’ ”

What clearly excited him was the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty, which would have ended the testing and development of new weapons, and thus, in the minds of arms controllers, the nuclear arms race.

The Reagan administration vehemently opposed the treaty. One Columbia activist, Mr. Obama wrote, argued that the United States should initiate the ban “as a powerful first step towards a nuclear free world.”

That phrase — a “nuclear free world,” which was Mr. Obama’s paraphrase — would re-emerge decades later as the signature item of his nuclear agenda.

The article was lost for years — some of Mr. Obama’s campaign advisers said they had heard of its existence and went looking for it, presumably to see if it contained anything that might prove embarrassing. It came to light on the Internet just before the inauguration, and some conservative bloggers called it naïve, anti-American and blind to the Soviet threat.

Precisely how the article found its way onto the Internet is unclear. But late last year, a Columbia alumni publication said it had learned of it from an alumnus, Stephen M. Brockmann, who also had an article in the same Sundial issue. Dr. Brockmann, now a professor of German at Carnegie Mellon University, said he found the issue “while rummaging through some old stuff.” When he saw the Obama article, he recalled, “I could hardly believe my eyes.” …

It really is worth the trouble to go to the original article (a pdf file) and read the full extent of Mr. Obama’s thinking at the time.

Especially in view of his current dangerously naive negotiations with the Russians.

Alas, his thinking does not seem to have advanced much at all in twenty-six years.

The article was lost for years — some of Mr. Obama’s campaign advisers said they had heard of its existence and went looking for it, presumably to see if it contained anything that might prove embarrassing… It came to light on the Internet just before the inauguration…

Obviously the Obama campaign advisers found it first.

And they suppressed it until Mr. Obama was safely elected.

Three cheers for our watchdog media!

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33 Responses to “Obama’s 1983 ‘Nuclear Freeze’ Article”

  1. bronzeprofessor says:

    I respect my Commander in Chief, of course, so I make this comment not meaning to display any lack of reverence for him. Just one note:

    If the problem is that people who oppose war have little experience with military life, they always have the option of signing up and experiencing military life firsthand. If they don’t like what they see, later they can offer informed and professional critiques of the way things are run, and military leaders are more likely to take what they say seriously. So the first few sentences of Mr. Obama’s essay warrant close scrutiny and perhaps revision.

    Best, Bobby

    • Rusty Shackleford says:


      You merely need to respect the position, not the person.

      And inasmuch, the US military is unique in one very interesting regard. At least, when I was an officer, we understood that following orders was important but we were also given the obligation to make the distinction between those to follow, and those which were outright crap.

      It’s not a “get out of jail free” card, though. The mindset is to promote true and valid leadership. Say, in the Russian army, a soldier is told to walk right into a trap, to see if it’s a trap. That soldier would do so, or otherwise get shot right on the spot…so…damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

      In the US military, if that soldier KNOWS it’s a trap….he can rightfully refuse that order. But, the worst that his chain of command can do to him is arrest him and court-martial him, pending an investigation.

      Thus, even at the lowest level of rank, intelligence is valued and thinking soldiers are considered better soldiers. Of course, it goes without saying that before disobeying an order, that soldier better have a damned good reason. And, of course, that soldier also stands a good chance of being shot by the one who gave that order, though that’s not within military protocol according to the UCMJ.

      But to me, it’s a definite distinction between the US military and that of other nations.

      To someone like Blammo, he doesn’t understand this and thinks that the military is a bunch of mindless automatons. What he probably doesn’t know that in the enlisted ranks of the military, the numbers of E-6’s and above with graduate, post-graduate and even doctorate degrees is mind-boggling.

      In deed, we have the best educated military in the world. And that says a lot to me. A hell of a lot.

      People dedicated to excellence. Excellence in self; Excellence in their units, and to the nation.

      Blammo doesn’t understand that kind of dedication. He’s never put anything before himself, ever. It’s a mystery to him.

      His lack of military experience doesn’t necessarily exclude him from critiquing it, but his inability to think outside his own frame of reference does. His own ignorance, as we have already seen multiple times, works against him to those who DO have experience and those who CAN think abstractly and critically.

      His brain is not fully developed and he’s not had any defeats in life to callous him any and bring about a more cynical viewpoint. It’s amazing that a person who has lived in so many places can still only see the US as racist, big business as evil and the government the only way to make things right.

      Such a pedestrian. Hell, not even. A park-bench-sitting-critic.

    • Liberals Demise says:

      Acronym ………… UCMJ = U niform C ode (of) M ilitary J ustice

      For all of our non military types here in S & L Land!

    • bronzeprofessor says:

      “What he probably doesn’t know that in the enlisted ranks of the military, the numbers of E-6’s and above with graduate, post-graduate and even doctorate degrees is mind-boggling.

      In deed, we have the best educated military in the world. And that says a lot to me. A hell of a lot.

      People dedicated to excellence. Excellence in self; Excellence in their units, and to the nation.”

      hear, hear, Rusty. Well said! The sad thing is the asymmetry of this situation. To wit: The military contains many officers with advanced degrees, but the university professoriate in the United States has so few faculty members with military experience, it’s almost negligible. I went to put in my leave orders with Human Resources at my university today — a campus with about 35,000 students and something like 3,500 faculty members. I found out I am one of only two reservists employed on the campus, and I’m the only professor who is also a Soldier or any other kind of military person. I guess I felt a little proud, but mostly saddened — not so much by the military, but by the academy, which suffers, I think, from the self-centered and narcissistic ambition that military training can often temper or even squelch. The reason I chose to sign up for the Army in my 30s was simple; all the Soldiers I’d ever taught were incredibly respectful of others and willing to think of things higher than themselves, while no professors seemed to display those qualities. Selfishly, perhaps, I went military to save myself from becoming another navel-gazing, selfish, liberal academic.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:


      First and foremost, thank you for your choice. I can see that it not only is a love of country and sense of duty that made you don the uniform but that as a true scholar, you endeavor to get your hands dirty, so to speak, to more fully understand that thing called “the human condiiton”.

      I applaud you in your endeavor, sir.

      As for the academics in your ranks at the university, it is odd, isn’t it? After WWII, thousands of GI’s used the GI Bill to pursue higher education. Many became teachers. In fact in the 60’s, our yearbooks were a virtual who’s who of veterans. Also, many of my teachers were reservists as well.

      As you say, there was a tempering of liberal ideas with the conservative….pragmatism and idealism….I would say the balance was good for us jelly-heads, to learn how best to arrive at solutions.

      But with strictly academics at the oars of the ship of higher learning, I think we merely end up going around in circles. While a conservative and critical thinker actually entertains the notion that the liberal may have a point..or even agree on some level… the liberal tends not to reciprocate. They are deeply prejudiced, hardwired to defy any counter-argument and absolutely indignant at the suggestion they might be wrong.

      As you well know, this is the recipe for disaster….in the classroom or even on the battlefield. I look upon great battles in history and one stands out in my mind….Rommel vs Patton in Africa.

      There are also some very interesting cock-ups by the Union army in the War Between The States.

      Being obtuse to reason, facts and actual evidence is a mystery to me. There have been many times in my life when I was absolutely sure of a thing, only to have it explained to me and for me to admit I was wrong. I have never been afraid to apologize…as long as I know what I’m apologizing for.

      You will run into people in your military career who are just as obtuse as liberals. Unfortunately, they will have all the authority and rank…and you will also run into the lower ranking person who is absolutely wrong but is certain they are right. And they may at some moment hold your career in their hands. Be careful.

      The best piece of advice I can give you is to “never miss an opportunity to remain silent”.

      But with that, I’ll also quote Pappy Boyington, USMC Corsair ace and Lakota Indian. “Show me a hero and I’ll show you a bum.”

      Both of those pieces of wisdom are trite, yet very deep at the same time.

      Most of all, have fun in your assignments. Some will be truly enjoyable, many downright dull, and some laborious.

      There are also some things that you will never see. “The best base, the big picture and the REAL Army”. I modified them from my Air Force memories.

      Borrowing from “Catch 22”, “Nobody can see the big picture…it’s too big”.

      Mostly, I admire you going out there to see it firsthand, knowing full well it may further alienate you from your academic peers. Obviously that’s a risk they are not willing to take. So you’ve already demonstrated your resolve. I do hope though, when you get into a disagreement with an obvious idiot who outranks you…that you can simply find the mind to say “Yes, sir” or “Yes ma;am” and move on.

      There will be times when you will just shake your head and wonder how this happened. However, most of the time, you will see structure and even method to the madness and when everyone around you is all pulling in a positive direction and achieving results, it’s magical. Not that kind of communist comrade kind of thing….but that individuals who know that to pull together is to not only survive but to win and win big.

      You will also see more positive mental attitudes that you will know what to do with.

      Enjoy it.

      Good Luck!!!

    • Liberals Demise says:

      “Any man who sheds his blood with me on the field of battle is my brother and I am my brothers’ keeper.”

      BP, I congratulate you on the courage of your commitment and the honor you hold for our Nation. I wish you the best in your endeavors.
      The Army doesn’t have any fancy catch words like we Marines do, “Semper Fidelis”.
      So I guess I’ll leave you with this, “Keep your powder dry and your ass down!”

      Don’t forget you have family here in S&L ville, brother!!
      Corporal of Marines

    • bronzeprofessor says:

      Thanks guys! I’m all choked up with the brotherly support! I’ve read what both of you have written and taken it to heart. (I can forgive you for being Air Force and Marines, since we’re all bro’s!:)

      I met with the folks from my unit today and I’m getting very excited! And God sent me a great missive today — not just the warm words from other military folks on this site, but also, a former Marine who’s a professor at a neighboring Cal State campus found out about me, called me up, and he’s hooking me up with great committee assignments for people who want to bring the military and academy closer together. He’s already set up meetings with other profs, who have worked with the Navy, Air Force, and Marines. Even though I’m the only staunch pro-military professor on my campus, there are dozens of campuses in California and we can form a supportive community.

      So there’s good news out there! I haven’t met the ex-Marine yet but he seems like a great guy and he won me over with this line over the phone:

      “Not to be rude, but how the Hell did a Soldier end up in an English department? How are you surviving?”

      How can you NOT want to be buddies with someone so direct and warm?

      Army strong!

    • Liberals Demise says:

      Geez ………
      “Once a Marine ….. Always a Marine”

      There are no Ex’s!!

  2. catie says:

    I just read this missive from March 10,1983 and was struck by this comment from this Idiot who is now our Commander in Chief “Nevertheless, the Western World
    did not complain in 1933 because Hitler,
    though a fascist and a totalitarian, was
    seen, like counUess American puppet
    dictators today, as someone who leaves the established order in place.”
    American Puppet Dictators? What the hell is wrong with this man and how did so many foolish people vote for this moron?
    This guy is utterly dangerous and he makes me sick.
    He said he thought about joining the military but there weren’t any active wars going on at the time. What?
    Bobby, like my husband you have to be careful what you say but thankfully I’m out and been out for quite sometime (gee I’m getting old), but I have absolutely no respect for this guy.
    But it appears you have a clearer head then I for such things. I was in during the time he wrote this. You’re absolutely spot on though as usual.

    • proreason says:

      Catie, I think your quote is from a different article that shares the last page with the Moron’s article. I was confused by it at first as well.

    • bronzeprofessor says:

      Hi Catie, I’ve been so self-absorbed I never asked you what branch you were. Forgive my lack of manners…. Were you a Soldier? You were in during the 1980s?

      Best of love to your hubby. He’s Navy, right?

    • catie says:

      Pro, I thought it was the same article that Dear Leader wrote. I will double check. That article was a joke.
      Bobby, I was a Soldier. Went into the ANG in Indiana at the age of 17 doing boot camp in the summer between my junior and senior years in high school. I went active duty after graduation for my remaining 3 years and then back to the reserves after that. I went active duty again in 1990 (I needed a break from teaching) and stayed in until 1994 when I could get out and got out for good. I had enough credits that when I got to college at 21, I got out at 23 and had a good time there as well. I was somewhat immature and it helped me to grow up a bit. I had thought about going over to OCS but wasn’t sure I wanted to make it a career because I couldn’t stand Clinton. My husband is also in the Army. Although I will admit that living in VA Beach there were plenty of Navy Officers to date and I still think their choker whites are the best! His step-father was Navy and you know how that goes, kids always want to do the farthest thing away from their parents (in a lot of cases) so he joined the Army. He started out in the Army Band of all things playing a tuba. He got out and went through the “Green to Gold” program and now is on the fence as to whether or not he should retire. I hope that you love it as we did/do.

    • bronzeprofessor says:


      Okay, sorry abuot the Navy mixup. It was the Virginia Beach thing. Being half Filipino and having cousins in Virginia, I automatically think everyone in Maryland & Virginia is naval if they’re military at all! Haha. I’m not into the all-white Navy outfits though, I’d be so paranoid about how to keep those things clean. The Army outfits aren’t all that pretty, but what the heck, they work. :) [Army strong!]


  3. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Blammo is so overwhelmingly naive that it passes the sublime. He understands little about international politics, other than to give hand jobs to dictators and align himself with those he thinks are the strong. And because of his myopic view that the US is a “racist” state, to-wit the ONLY racist state in his mind, he has siphoned the gasoline into his lungs that therefore no other nation can be racist, discriminatory, enslaving, or otherwise evil on that level.

    Thus he is in for a rude awakening.

    I wonder how much he apologized to the Kremlin whilst there.

    I thought Jimmy was the biggest puftah president we ever had but he has been passed at warp speed by this flaming pu**y of a gym-class reject.

    • proreason says:

      Naive? I wish.

      I posted a comment from another blog about 10 days ago in which the commentor said that she got a PhD in the 70’s/80’s, and every time she would show up for a conference, she would be recruited by East German communists.

  4. pdsand says:

    I think this serves as yet another example of the spectacular failure of Obama’s foreign policies, right?
    Although we’ll never get a democrat to admit the opposite, the militarism and jingoism of Reagan did not in fact lead to a nuclear war and the destruction of humanity. So therefore, an arms freeze and ultimate reduction were not necessary after all.

  5. pdsand says:

    “Perhaps the essential goodness of humanity is an arguable proposition, but by observing the SAM meeting last Thursday night, with its solid turnout and enthusiasm, one might be persuaded that the manifestations of our better
    instincts can at least match the bad ones.”

    Err, what? He’s not only racist against whites and disdainful of Americans generally, but he also doesn’t believe that humanity itself is essentially good? So he’s speciesist against us all?

    • proreason says:

      SAM – Students against Militarism.

      This is the equivalent of Students against Police.

      Why isn’t anybody clamoring to have the local police disband? Surely that would pacify the criminals.

      But maybe when the beast is close to home, people aren’t quite so idealistic about the bad guys.

  6. pdsand says:

    Whew! Even for the heady days of the early 1980s those were a couple of good looking old gals in that picture, right? It’s good to see the proud tradition of ugly liberal women hasn’t changed over the years.

    • catie says:

      You aren’t kidding. Those were two ugly women. You know when I finally made it to college at the age of 21, I was fascinated by how ugly the women who protested the military, were pro-death, and sororities were. I remember passing by their tables and commenting to the pro-death & anti-sorority gals that I doubt anyone would want to have sex with them in first place and that no sorority would take them anyway. They shouted a bunch of expletives and I laughed at them along with everyone else who was passing by.

  7. GetBackJack says:

    But, but … what if our enemies don’t want to end their ‘war mentality’?

    • Wamp says:

      Right. The big boys get rid of the deterrence we have now, and just leave the small-time marketers (N. Korea, Syria, Iran) to diddle around, sure of the fact that they will never amount to anything….They just do it for the money anyway….

  8. pdsand says:

    “Robert believes students tacitly support non-registrants, though the majority did not comply. “Several students have come up to our tables and said that had they known of the ineffectiveness of prosecution, they would not have registered.”

    That’s guts for you. “Several” people anonymously admit to a student organizer that if they had known they could have gotten away with it that they would not have registered with the selective service. Talk about a tidal wave of civil disobedience.
    Also…what’s up with the terrible grammar and spelling throughout? For a student at Columbia and future Harvard Law student, this article was incoherent.

  9. tranquil.night says:

    Obama needs to watch a movie called Gran Torino and – if he can even get past Clint Eastwood’s racial slurs without wanting to declare Hollywood the next industry in need of regulation – then he should sit down and think about its message. Really think, if it’s possible.

    And if any of you haven’t seen it, I recommend it.

    • canary says:

      hey ya. I posted for others to watch it too. My 14 yr old son really loved it, and didn’t know who Clint Eastwood was, and kept asking me why he talked with that rasp. The racial slurs were cute and mild. Can’t see them offending anyone. I had to tell my son. And cute puns on Catholic Church, that can’t offend . I was raised Catholic, and explained to my son, how you did confession. Oh I dreaded it.

  10. canary says:

    Bronze, you are worrying to much. There will be times you can say bleep Obama and no one will care. I think most soldiers all know Obama does not care about them. Don’t forget he took of his American pin. Painted his stupid global flag over that beautifully painted flag on that plane. And his refusal that time to put his right hand over his heart, while everyone else did. He doesn’t know anything about war, and he has tried to cut troops benefits. He lied, lied lied. Admitted in this chapter he had to talk tough to help him get elected.

    In Barak Obama: The Audacity of Hope page 294.

    “I also said that “after witnessing the carnage and destruction, the dust and the tears, I supported this Administration’s pledge to hunt down and root out those who would slaughter innocents in the name of intolerance” and would “willingly take up arms myself to prevent such tragedy from happening again.”

  11. artboyusa says:

    “Mr President, may I present the Polish Ambassador; His Excellency Count Semyon Krapynszki?” murmured the State Department flunkey.

    “My warmest compliments, Mr President, and the compliments of my country” bowed the Count. “It is a great honor to be here in your beautiful White House”.

    “Hey, Count Krappy” smiled the President, shaking hands. “How’s it going?”

    “Um, fine, thank you” gritted the irked aristocrat. “My name, if I may be so bold as to correct your Excellence, is Krapynszki, not ‘Krappy’. My family have been the Counts of Krakow since the 12th century, sir”.

    “Crackheads? Sounds like some of my family. Anyway, that’s great. Good for you” grinned the President, with his usual practised charm. “Push those teleprompters to one side and grab a chair, Semen”.

    “Excuse me once more, but my forename is Semyon, Mr President. It is a perfectly normal name in my country. And it is pronounced ‘Sem –Y-on’, not, um, that other way”.

    “Whatever. Take a load off. You want coffee? Tea? Hey, you know what’s so great about my job? Check this out” The President picked up a nearby telephone and winked broadly.

    “Hello, Republic of Tonga? It’s me, Barack. Guess what? You can kiss my ass, that’s what! Its war! We launch in five minutes! Hahahahahahaha! Naw, chill baby, chill. I’m just messing with you guys. I’m all about breaking the war mentality, you know. You’re alright. Later, Tonga dudes. What do you think of that, eh Count? Pretty cool, huh?”

    “Um, a most impressive display of diplomatic skill, Mr President” murmured the appalled Pole.

    “You think so? Yeah, me too! I can do all sorts of stuff in this job. Kill flies. Order up pizza any time I want it. Take the wife on a chopper ride to a Broadway show whenever. It was worth waiting six whole years because being President rules! But anyway, the reason I wanted to see you, Semen, is because…”

    “Sem -Y –on, Mr President, if you please…”

    “Of course, Seaweed. Anyway, the thing is that I’ve been in Moscow, you may have seen something about it on the TV, bringing my positive message of hope and change to the Russkies and as part of our nuke deal the Russians have nixed that missile shield you were counting on. Sorry. You guys are just going to have to learn to get along without any help from Uncle Sam”.

    “Nixed? Nixed you say? Nixed! Mr President, I confess that this intelligence leaves me stupéfié!”


    “Amazed, shocked, dumbfounded! Since when has the Russian bear a veto over the foreign policy of the American eagle?”

    “Huh? Bears? Eagles? What are you talking about – football?”

    “I am talking about America betraying both her proven friends and her national interests, Mr President – and not for the first time!”

    “Now look, Simpleton; my Administration is all about warm smiles, open hands and a new realism in foreign policy and that realism says that Russia equals big and strong and your country equals small and weak, so guess who I want for my best friend? Not you little guys”.

    “But Mr President; not only Poland but all the nations of Eastern Europe look to the US for support and protection…”

    “Well, you looked wrong, Krappy. Tough break. Now, if you’ll show yourself out and send in the next supplicant, I mean ambassador”.

    “Very well. Good day Mr President”. The furious Pole clicked his heels and left, brushing past the waiting flunkey.

    “Mr President?” murmured the menial. “May I present his Excellency the Ambassador of Georgia?”

    “Georgia? Well, what do you know? beamed the President. “What up, cracker? How’s things in Atlanta?”

  12. wardmama4 says:

    First – Thanks a heap NYTs for waiting until The One’s ™ poll numbers are falling as fast as yours to do some actual investigative work.

    Second – well done Artboy – another great writing (and reading) experience.

    Lastly –

    edgy with disdain for what he called “the relentless, often silent spread of militarism in the country”

    His stupid professor and he both deserve Fs for this statement alone – by 1983 the US Military was all voluntary – so without conscription (which a lot of the countries The One ™ admires still have) and the draft (which is more avoidable than conscription) – the US was turning away from a ‘relentless. . spread of militarism’ not toward it.

    Once again – The One ™ is a liar and on the wrong side of America and history.

    God Help America

  13. BatK says:

    SG, you seen this? Here’s an excerpt quote from our Pres:

    “It is difficult to forge a lasting partnership between former adversaries,” Obama said. “But I believe on the fundamental issues that will shape this century, Americans and Russians share common interests that form a basis for cooperation.”

    Um, REALLY? Like centuries of Anti-Semitism and general oppression and brutality?


  14. canary says:

    Bronze Proffessor, you might go to library and copy the same page 294, I quoted above, Obominations repeated statement from 2002 in his 2006 run, so you will understand his total lack of respect at our soldiers while giving their lives. He could have said the last part in a less disrepectful way, and I don’t think many troops probably were aware, because it could have brought American’s finest really down, and that’s not good during war. Obama reallllly shows how stupid he is about the Terrorist threat over the world.

    “I assumed that Saddam had chemical and biological weapons and coveted nuclear arms. I believed that he had repeatedly flouted UN resolutions and weapons inspectors and that such behavior had to have consquences. That Saddam butchered his own people was undisputed; I had no doubt that the world, and the Iraqi people, would be better off without him. ..

    “And I was certain that by choosing precipitous, unilateral military action over the hard slog of diplomacy, coerive inspections, and smart sanctions, America was missing an opportunity to build a broad base of support for it’s policies. …
    What I could not support was a “dumb war, a rash war, a war based not on reason but on passion, not on principal but on politics.”…

    The world is in more danger than ever by millions of the enemies implanted around the world and we have cold ignorant lunatic that thinks “talk” will work.
    Does this sound like a man that cares about anyone’s health.
    And I sure don’t ever remember air-raids tests as a child, ever (near an Air-Force Base) And during his coming of age, period I do not ever remember any Army Post doing this, and after 4 years active duty, I went into Medical Field Unit reserves, and it was all about bio-chemical warfare. So, Reagan was looking way ahead of the threat Russia and Middle-East anthrax, and so I really read everything I could on the anthrax after 9/11, and I believe it middle-eastern terrorists inside America that mailed it.
    And I just don’t ever remember any of us not able to give our opinons about presidents.
    And I remember when we were told we would not get paid, because Jimmy Carter said the government was short on money. But, we ended up getting paid. That the government was short on money. Sound familiar with all Obama’s threats of taking veterans benefits. And now looking at Obama and looking back to Carter, I believe he hated us. And I remember where I was standing in the military hosptial when the Iranian hostages were released and everyone in the military felt proud, after Carter had made America feel so bad. And Obama is making America feel worse than Carter ever did. Can you imagine if our soldiers had read what he said. Because I know one Iraq soldier, and he said John Kerry’s comment about uneducated just really lowered their moral. And you don’t say things to low a soldier’s moral during war when they have to focus on living. And I’m sorry but, I really feel sick to my stomach.

    • bronzeprofessor says:

      Canary, thanks for these excerpts. Yes, I will keep them close to me so I can reference them if I experience any undue hostility from liberal academics who supported Pres. Obama. Here’s a little secret: Of late, I have been having to DEFEND the President’s military policy against liberal colleagues who say “the one thing I can’t support is what he’s doing in Afghanistan.”

      How ironic things turn out!


  15. U NO HOO says:

    Just for the record, I got here late also.

    Social Justice

    Newsmax/June 2010/Page 40

    “The disturbing thing about the nuclear freeze movement is that it seems to resurface repeatedlyin left-wing circles, particularly in academia. One student at Columbia University in New York City wrote a campus newspaper article titled ‘Breaking the War Mentality.’ In the 1983 article, the student asserted that the nuclear freeze and nuclear disarmament movement should actually be presented within the context of ‘social justice.’ He later went on to push his brand of social justice as a community organizer.

    The student-turned activist’s name? Barack Obama.”

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