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Obama’s ‘Recovery’ Has Left Women Behind

From the Washington Free Beacon:

Obama Economy Leaves Women Behind

Unemployment rates of women, young women, and single women have all increased since Obama took office

By Andrew Stiles | Tuesday Sept 4, 2012

The sluggish economy under President Obama has been particularly hard on women. Nearly six million are currently unemployed, more than 400,000 have lost their jobs, and poverty rates among women have soared to record highs.

Since Obama took office, the unemployment rate among women has jumped from 7 percent to 8.1 percent, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Young women have fared even worse. Their unemployment rate has risen from 12.5 percent to 14.4 percent since 2009.

The jobless rate among single women, a demographic the Obama administration is targeting, has nearly doubled compared with prerecession levels.

A recent Pew report found that women are the only demographic group for which employment growth fell short of population growth between 2009-2011, and have consistently lagged behind men.

“By this yardstick, the economic recovery has proceeded in opposite directions for men and women,” Rakesh Kochhar, the report’s author, told the Hill.

Actually, we find it hard to believe that employment has kept up with the population growth of any demographic group.

“Where have all the women’s jobs gone?” CNN asked in April 2012, noting that the “mancession”—during which men lost twice as many jobs as women—has since turned into the “hecovery,” during which men have gained back four times as many jobs.

Even strong Obama backers concede that women are struggling. “Though we are seeing some recovery, we have not seen it in a recovery of jobs for women,” Heather Boushey, a senior economist at the left-wing Center For American Progress, told CNN.

Where is the outrage? Where is NOW?

[During their convention] Democrats are likely to …highlight the so-called “gender pay gap”—the alleged 23 percent disparity between in earnings between men and women.

Sabrina Schaeffer, executive director of the Independent Women’s Forum (IWF), calls this “a myth.” As mainstream media networks have acknowledged, when factors such as area of employment, hours of work, and time in the workplace are taken into account, this “gap” virtually disappears.

But this week’s convention speakers are unlikely to mention this, or the fact that Democratic officials—including the White House, the Obama campaign, the Senate Democratic caucus and the Democratic National Committee—consistently pay their female employees less than male employees. In some cases the wage gap between men and women far exceeds 23 percent figure Democrats regularly cite.

Senate Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s (D., Calif.) on Tuesday refused to answer a Washington Free Beacon reporter’s question about the disparity. Pelosi paid her female staff members almost 30 percent less than male staffers in 2011, a Free Beacon analysis found…

And, in fact as Mr. Stiles has pointed out in previous articles, the White House pays women employees 18% less than their male counterparts.

And of the 50 members of the Senate Democratic caucus Stiles examined, 37 senators paid their female staffers less than male staffers. With the Socialist Bernie Sanders topping the list by paying males a whopping 47.6 percent more than females.

Obama’s personal attitudes towards women in his administration have been well documented, and the evidence does not reflect positively on the president.

Ron Suskind, author of Confidence Men: Wall Street, Washington, and the Education of a President, quoted former White House communications director Anita Dunn as saying the Obama White House “actually fit all of the classic legal requirements for a genuinely hostile workplace to women.”

Obama’s first communications director, Ellen Moran, resigned after just 92 days. “The president has a real woman problem,” another senior female official reportedly said, describing an atmosphere in which women often felt ignored by the president.

Former Clinton press secretary Dee Dee Myers complained to the New York Times that the Obama administration did not “seem to have enough [women] inside of their own inner circle.”

In a 2011 article titled “The White House Boys’ Club: President Obama Has a Woman Problem,” Time magazine’s Amy Sullivan detailed the president’s preference for the company of men…

That preference is reflected in the make up of the White House senior staff, which consisted of 74 men and just 48 women as of 2011.

Even before Obama took office, he was criticized in 2008 for paying the women on his campaign staff less than the men and far less than GOP opponent John McCain paid his female staffers…

Again, where is the outrage?

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6 Responses to “Obama’s ‘Recovery’ Has Left Women Behind”

  1. Reality Bytes says:

    “But we gave them free condoms. What are they complaining about?”

    How Mysogynistic can you get?!

  2. canary says:

    Obama has made life worse for women.
    Women do most the shopping and cooking.
    Women know how expensive health insurance and medical costs are taking care of children.
    Women know how hard it is to get a job and who they have to compete with.
    Women see the decline in the schools and education.
    Women know the cost of clothes.
    Women are the one spending more time and making food cuts trying to cut the budget.
    Women gas their cars taking children around.
    Women don’t get anything in paper from schools and have to pay expensive software for all the computers.

    Women are more tired and worn down since Obama became President.

    And it happened overnight when Obama came into office.

    Women noticed we are mostly paying extra money for water. Looks like the same size can of green beans, but it’s mostly water. They notice clothes aren’t getting white, and see there is more water as in “inert” ingredients. Less active ingredients.
    Try finding socks made out of cotton.
    They notice products weigh less.
    That plastic garbage bags anything plastic is worthless, yet twice as much.
    Back to waxed dixie cups. The wax makes the thinner paper stiffer.
    Plastic is degrading now at the speed of lite. No 10,000 years. lol.
    It takes awhile to notice the reason something doesn’t work is because your suppose to use twice as much.
    Notice the new concentrated Clorox Bleach? It’s less than the original.
    If you don’t see the % don’t buy it. And don’t buy “NICE” brand.

    This from another post and I didn’t clean it up it was just a post.

    But, it is more difficult than ever for women to find jobs.

    And so women know more than you know.

    And buying bug spray on his way home was something Obama said no Senator should do.
    Michelle Obama lied through her teeth in her Speech now saying Obama was the best father and husband when she and he both admitted he was an absent father and husband even before Senator.
    So, Michelle has lied through her teeth in her DNC speech. Thinks sucked from the beginning of their marraige. That is in the 2006 book. He was cold and distant and tried to blame it on being an only child. The book writing they never saw each other. The kids came, she complained she was raising them on her home. She even left him with their daughter. Terrible marriage. She paid for everything.

  3. Astravogel says:

    Right on, Canary! Your post exemplifies the Muslim African male mind-set. Christianity
    is the best thing that ever happened to the women blessed enough to live where it is practised.

  4. canary says:

    I will add a woman’s life is worse under Obama because she is more worn down and financially strained aiding young adult children struggling with jobs and paying gas prices. Just worn out to pieces.

    • canary says:

      I may have left the most important reason that a women have it worse today at the bottom. I just started my list.

      And aside how tacky he treated Auma on that trip, was Obama became angry. To even let the woman get out and push the car that she had to do each time to start it. And then he tells the one whose lucky to have two jobs because she didn’t have the perks the Muslim men got in the family. That she did well for herself with several rooms with mattresses on the floor for other family members. She had no husband or children or self. Why just because organizing was the only job he could get paid for at the time?

      Further many times he argued with Auma and she kept telling him he was just like Obama Sr. Well, we all know he was violent, bigamist. They argued about politics because you see Auma didn’t have in Africa what America has. And Obama has to always be right. The nerve to try and sway his poor family. The nerve to get angry on another trip when Michelle was glad to get back home to the U.S.
      A break from relatives coming to visit them on their African. Duh, I thought she was there to see the family.

      Also, Obama’s grandmother raised him basically and he was very disrespectful. That’s why his mom wanted him to leave Hawaii when he wanted to stay and play ball there and live with his grandparents. His grades were dropping and he was drugging. Very selfish man.

      And he argued how good Auma had able to work two jobs and a house with several rooms with mattresses for the rest of the family. Auma had never married or any children because of this.
      I can only think Obama planned on finding his family in mud huts.

      And Michelle in her DNC replayed the Obama rise from poverty again, but worse than the first election.

      Are women better off today?

      Women in America are losing their dreams. Their dreams have become that of Obama’s father Tyranny taking over.

      And people are noting who are the ones getting jobs that they are better qualified for.

  5. Reality Bytes says:

    You guys just don’t get it. All women want according to Obama are more abortions & free condoms.

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