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Obama Lied About Insurance Case

From Mr. Obama’s address to the joint session of Congress last night:

“One man from Illinois lost his coverage in the middle of chemotherapy because his insurer found that he hadn’t reported gallstones that he didn’t even know about. They delayed his treatment, and he died because of it.”

This is the sad story of Mr. Otto Raddatz, a case that Mr. Obama has cited several times before, including in his August 16th editorial in the New York Times.

For the record, however, the case is not exactly the way Mr. Obama has characterized it, at least according to the sworn testimony of Mr. Raddatz’s sister.

From Ms. Raddatz’s opening statement, from pages 58-59 of the transcript (a pdf file) of the House Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigation Committee hearings on ‘The Termination Of Individual Health Policies By Insurance Companies,’ Tuesday, June 16, 2009:

Otto began more chemotherapy for purposes of preparing him for a stem cell transplant. In the midst of his chemo treatments, Otto received a phone call and letter from Fortis Insurance Company stating his insurance was canceled. It was rescinded all the way back to the effective date of August 7, 2004.

This meant none of his cancer treatments would be covered. Most importantly, he would not be able to receive the stem cell transplant need [sic] to save his life. My brother only had a very small window of time in which to have the stem cell transplant. He needed to be scheduled within the next 3 to 4 weeks.

My brother was told he was canceled during what they called a "routine review" during which they claimed to discover a "material failure to disclose". Apparently in 2000 his doctor had done a CT scan which showed an aneurysm and gall stones. My brother was never told of either one of these conditions nor was he ever treated for them and he never reported any symptoms for them either.

After months of preparation, the stem cell transplant could not be scheduled. My brother’s hope for being a cancer survivor were dashed. His prognosis was only a matter of months without the procedure.

Mr. Radditz was faced with having to pay for the stem cell transplant himself in order to save his life.

However, Mr. Raddatz’s lawyer sister contacted the Illinois Attorney General’s Office. They investigated and found that the doctor who did the CT scans could not remember whether he had ever told Mr. Raddatz about his findings.

Consequently, the insurance company overturned their original decision to rescind her brother’s coverage, and he was reinstated in the words of his sister, "without [any] lapse."

Again, from Ms. Raddatz’s sworn testimony:

After two appeals by the Illinois Attorney General’s Office, Fortis Insurance Company finally overturned their original decision to rescind my brother’s coverage and he was reinstated without lapse. This is after weeks of constant phone calls between myself and the Attorney General’s Office and we were literally scrambling hour by hour to get this accomplished so that my brother wouldn’t lose his 3- to 4-week window of opportunity that he had prepared for and lose his opportunity to have the procedure.

In other words, Mr. Raddatz’s did receive the stem cell transplant without delay.

Indeed, Ms. Raddatz does not seem to claim anywhere in her testimony that the insurance company’s actions shortened her brother’s life. (Though she does accuse them of having been cruel and unethical.)

From page 75 of the hearings transcript:

Mr. Barton. My next question is to the gentle lady there in the middle. Your brother, has he had his stem cell transplant?
Ms. Raddatz. He did indeed receive the stem cell transplant. It was extremely successful. It extended his life approximately 3-1/2 years. He did pass away January 6, 2009, and he was about to have a second stem cell transplant. Unfortunately, due to certain situations, his donor became ill at the last minute and so he did pass away on January 6. But again, it extended his life nearly 3-1/2 years and at his age, each day meant everything to him…

This is not quite the impression Mr. Obama gives with his rendition of Mr. Raddatz’s story.

Despite Mr. Obama’s claims, Mr. Raddatz’s treatment was never delayed. And he did not die because of it.

Meanwhile, in this very same speech Mr. Obama accused others of misrepresenting the facts.

This article was posted by Steve on Thursday, September 10th, 2009. Comments are currently closed.

16 Responses to “Obama Lied About Insurance Case”

  1. mrbeverage says:

    Rule number one when spewing bullsh*t, never, never, i repeat never, let the truth get in the way of a good story.

  2. Steve says:

    Another telling thing about this is that his lawyer sister testified that Mr. Raddatz had just sold his restaurant, since he was too sick to work.

    And yet the idea of him actually paying for the stem cell transplant himself never seems to have crossed their minds.

    “When I called the hospital to see if I could schedule the stem cell transplant for him because he was in such a weakened state both physically and emotionally, I was callously told unless your brother brings in cash and a bundle of it, he is not going to get the procedure without insurance.”

    They believed that he would die within months without the transplant, and yet they don’t seem to have even considered paying for it themselves.

    Sure, it is probably an expensive operation, but would he really rather die than pay for it out of his own pocket?

    This seems to be all too typical of the way many people think about healthcare today.

  3. artboyusa says:

    “Getcha paper here! Getcha paper here! Paper, mister?”

    “Thanks, Timmy” said President Obama, patting the crippled newsboy on the head. “Here’s a shiny new penny for you”.

    “A penny? Hey, you lousy chiseller…” cursed Timmy until the Secret Service overpowered him.

    “Mmmmmpppfff…aaaaiiieeeeeee” continued Timmy as the unhearing Chicagoan or Hawaiian or Kenyan or whatever the hell he really is, marched on, flipping eagerly through the news drenched pages of the Times.

    “Hmmm…who’s on the Best Seller List? Me…me…me…me again. That’s good” muttered the President. “Opinion Page…hmmm…’I was Ted’s Bitch – and it Felt So Good’ by Adam Clymer. Read that one later.

    “Science Page: ‘Renewed Interest in Decades Old Kennedy Accident Spurs Interest in Submerged Driving Technology’. Interesting. Ah, Page One; let’s see…uh huh, uh huh…what? What? WHAT?”

    The Grey Lady fell from the brown man’s nerveless fingers. He swayed and passed a shaking hand across his eyes.

    “Mr President! Are you all right?” enquired Top Aide Rahm Emanuel (known to all as “the Raccoon” on account of the dark circles beneath his eyes and his garbage eating habit). “What’s wrong? Speak to me, Mr President!”

    Unable, for once, to say anything the President pointed to the crumpled front page. The Raccoon looked, read and then he too swayed on his feet. This was terrible news!

    “Faith in Obama Divinity Dips Below 50% says Poll” read the headline. “More Americans question Obama Godhead” it continued in that longwinded NYT way. “Leader is ‘mere mortal after all’ say Majority of Americans. Rejection of ‘Messianic Chimera’ seen as blow to President”.

    “Oh my God” gasped the Raccoon.

    “Huh?” responded Obama, hearing His name. “Oh, right. Anyway, this is bad news, Rahm… Jeremiah Wright bad. If this kind of godless atheism catches on We could be in big trouble”.

    “You said it, Lord” concurred the Raccoon.

    “I mean, talk about ungrateful! I make the sun shine, I make the grass grow, I heal the sick, I bring a positive agenda of hope and change to the nation, nay – the world and all the thanks I get – not that I want thanks mind you; only unquestioning worship – is this, this…scepticism…this…unbelief”.

    “Scandalous, Lord. It is true that we do not deserve You” grovelled Rahm. “You would be right to make us suffer Your just wrath”.

    “Wrath eh? What kind of wrath?”

    “It is not for me to say, Lord” toadied the Raccoon. “Universal flood. Plague of locusts. River of blood. Fiery bush…”

    “Leave Michelle out of this!” snapped Obama. “How did you know about that? But maybe you’re right. Maybe if I withdrew My benevolence for a short time, these mortals would be a little more appreciative”.

    “Indeed, Lord. And what form will Your wrath take?”

    “Well” mused Obama. “I could make everyone surrender responsibility for their personal health care to a cumbersome and indifferent federal bureaucracy which will provide dilatory, mediocre and rationed care in exchange for an enormous and ever growing tax burden for businesses and for individuals, coupled with a massive expansion of an already overlarge government”.

    “I like it, Lord!”

    “Plus, having a created these ever expanding client groups of dependents and administrators I can fix it so that anyone with any money left ends up paying through the nose for illegal aliens (and what’s the definition of ‘illegal’, anyway?) for abortions, for sex changes… and reversals too. Oh, the list is endless. That’ll make them suffer alright!”

    “Awesome! Truly I was wrong to ever doubt your Divinity, Lord!” squealed Rahm the Raccoon.

    “Doubt?” queried the demigod. “Doubt?” he repeated redundantly. “You doubted Me? ME? Why you little worm. You shall feel my anger…” Obama’s eyes flashed with righteous ire, he raised his mighty hand and…

    “Nooooooooooooo!!!” wailed a cringing Rahm “No! Don’t turn me into a pillar of salt! At least make it low sodium…huh? Hey?”

    Nothing had happened. He was still the same old Raccoon and as Obama looked querulously at his misfiring mighty hand and gave it a couple of tentative shakes, the Raccoon scuttled quickly away, as his kind always will.

    • scottiegazelle says:

      ROTFL! You have excellent talent as a writer!

      Going back to the post: Interestingly enough, he could have actually made the facts work in his favor: “Government has to step in to force evil insurance to ‘do the right thing’.” But I guess it pulls more heart strings to kill someone off. More thoughts here: http://tiny.cc/jisfU

  4. Carol says:

    artboyusa – Brilliant! Loved it!

  5. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Let’s face it, America, if they can’t get to us via the front door and have our cooperation, then they will back-door it and penalize every decent American citizen by taxes, penalties, other means (all legal, of course) to Chicago-style us into crying uncle.

    Yes, it’s extortion.

    But it’s the Chicago way. And they see nothing wrong with that. We will do as we’re told, or we will “pay the consequences”.

    Just watch.

    • proreason says:

      From last nights lecture:

      “If you misrepresent what’s in the plan, we will call you out. And I will not accept the status quo as a solution. Not this time. Not now.”

      Most national leaders are fierce in the face of the enemy.

      And The Moron is no exception. Unlike his usual butt-in-the-air posture with rogue dictators around the world, he was as tough and belligerent last night as a reborn Winston Churchill castigating the Nazis murderers.

      Except, for Obamy, the enemy is us.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      Well, he’s acting like a lawyer, as I see it.

      “We will call you out”. It is to laugh. My response to that is, “Fine, call me out and when you think I’m ‘misrepresenting’ what’s in the bill, I will use your own words to destroy your argument and you”

      This is the kind of thing that lawyers love…the sifting of the words to get a dig on your opponent, to win the case before a judge…yayyyy, I’m so cool.

      Kind of the way “Boston Legal” presents it. Though the real world is scarier and less urbane. To lawyers, it’s about winning. The issue at hand is immaterial, other than the manipulation of it to get to the victory.

      But given that healthcare is NOT the root issue, the opponents of this bill would do well to keep that in mind and taylor their arguments in that direction, aiming at clever subterfuge to get them to admit what the root issue is. I’m sure there are clever lawyers in the GOP who can do this. And, when up against emotional windbags like Pelosi and Frank, I’ll bet you can get them to say “Dammit…it’s NOT ABOUT HEALTHCARE!!!” as in a Jack Nicholsen outburst.

      At least, maybe something to that effect.

      Get them to stick their feet in their mouths repeatedly…which is what most of us have been waiting for but they have avoided all real debate for that very reason. There has been no discussion of this bill except behind closed doors marked “invitation only”.

      How is that bipartisan? How does that invite open debate? They tried to sneak it in on us until the voice started getting louder and they had to stop. Now…I see Blammo the boy king is using rhetoric that is threatening….indicating he thinks he’s got a pair. So I hope they DO try to “call someone out” who they think ‘misrepresents’ what’s in the bill so they can have the questions put to them.

      Questions they’ve refused to answer, or statements that actually truly DO misrepresent what the bill implies.

      They know this. That is why they accuse the republicans of the very thing they are doing themselves.

  6. proreason says:

    Pants on Fire.

    • DoctorRock says:

      But I am rubber and you are glue…
      This country has never seen an Administration so underhanded. Perhaps in the days of Grant or Cleveland, but I wasn’t around then, and those presidents weren’t duplicitous – just incompetent.
      When have we had a president lie to us like this? And don’t give me any WMD crap,
      WE know – HE knows – HE’S LYING. And THIS is unprecedented.
      Ann Coulter was brilliant tonight – “The liberals are in retreat and are burning the language as they go.” I’ll bet she was saving that one up.
      But it did occur to me tonight that Barack Obama could well be the third greatest president in recent history.
      As in:
      1) Ronald Regan – That’s a president.
      2) Bill Clinton – He gave us the first Republican Congress in my lifetime.
      3) Barack Obama – Who inspired the the resurgence of the democratic process,
      who rekindled American patriotic nationalism, and who destroyed the liberal movement in these United States for generations to come.
      This is Sweetness & Light good people!

  7. Grassy Knoll says:

    Well, I hope you people are happy. Obama only wants what’s best for all of us. Now you come along with all your facts and things and destroy a perfectly good story.

  8. VMAN says:

    Did I mention somewhere before that BHO is a LIAR!!!!!

  9. MinnesotaRush says:

    “If you misrepresent what’s in the plan, we will call you out.”

    Hmmmmm. Isn’t that what Representative Wilson did???

    Don’t like it when you get “called out”, ‘ay o-blah-blah!

  10. Reality Bytes says:

    Obama’s Motive is not to champion his plan because it’s good for the country rather because It’s Good For Him! It’s a Saul Alinsky thing.

    READ DAVID HOROWITZ’ “Radical Son”. Marxism/Activism is not about benefitting the people. It is a mechanism to consolidate power. That’s It!

  11. MinnesotaRush says:

    “Obama Misrepresents Insurance Case” .. Nawwwww! Tell me it ain’t so!

    o-blah-blah misrepresent something?!?! I’m shocked!

  12. whadafxup says:

    I don’t like the new president. I just want to put that out there right off, its not because hes black or muslistian or anything like that. I just don’t like him he seems to have alot of ulterior motives and when I see him on TV I get this eery feeling like thats not an actual person up there on that podium but something else… something malevolent… a shell thats being worked by something else. I’m not a religious fanatic or anything like that, but I do believe in God and in Heaven. It seems to me that he or it is something not of this world but would like to take it (this world) away from us. And also anyone who doesn’t believe that that thing MICHELE OBAMA is not a demon incarnate is out of their mind. This is just my opinion and I’m glad I live in a country where I can have one…… for as long as it lasts anyway…..

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