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Obama’s Super PAC Pollster Drives The News

From the ‘Politics’ section of the New York Times:

Court’s Potential to Goad Voters Swings to Democrats

Published: April 4, 2012

WASHINGTON — For decades, Republicans have railed every four years against the Supreme Court and its perceived liberal activism to spur conservatives to elect presidents who will appoint like-minded justices. Now strategists in both parties are suggesting this could be the Democrats’ year to make the court a foil to mobilize voters.

You see? Even the Republicans see that attacking the Supreme Court will be good for the Democrat Party.

The prospect arises both because of President Obama’s comments this week implicitly warning the court against striking down his signature domestic achievement, the expanded health insurance law, and because of recent court rulings, chiefly the Citizens United campaign finance decision, and looming cases on immigration and affirmative action that incite passions on the left.

“Historically, the court has been a rallying point for the Republican base, and it is now much easier to imagine that it will be a rallying point with the Democratic base just as much if not more, especially if the court overturns the Affordable Care Act,” said Geoff Garin, a Democratic pollster who works with Priorities USA Action, a group supporting the president’s re-election but independent of his campaign.

Which explains Obama campaign’s ‘War on the Supreme Court.’

“My guess,” Mr. Garin added, “is that more voters will think, ‘If they can do that, they can do just about anything — and that includes overturning Roe v. Wade’ ” — the landmark 1973 abortion rights decision.

Which explains the Obama campaign’s ginned up contraception controversy and all of the talk about the Republicans ‘War On Women’ campaign.

Though the justices are not expected to rule on the 2010 health care law until June, the public reaction to the three days of arguments last week offered evidence of a potential Democratic backlash. In a poll for The Washington Post and the Pew Research Center for the People and the Press, 32 percent of Democrats said they had a less favorable opinion of the Supreme Court after the hearings, compared with 14 percent of Republicans.

“There’s evidence here of a negative reaction from Democrats,” said Michael Dimock, Pew’s associate director for research. The justices “didn’t even decide anything yet, and many people walked away from their hearings feeling more negative about the court. So you can imagine the reaction if they overturn the law.”

Because we all know how closely the Democrats follow the oral arguments in the Supreme Court.

Mr. Garin said his polling and focus groups showed that Citizens United “is probably the best-known decision since Bush v. Gore” — the 5-to-4 ruling that decided the deadlocked 2000 presidential election for the Republican, George W. Bush.

What makes the Citizens United case resonate with Democrats and some independent voters, party strategists say, is its fit with many Americans’ sense that the political system, including the conservative court, favors corporate and special interests

Which explains the Obama campaign’s ‘War On Wall Street’ and the Occupy Wall Street movement.

So now we know that all of the top political news stories for the last several months have been entirely driven by a Democrat pollster who works for Obama’s Super PAC.

The New York Times has let the cat out of the bag. It is all there, spelled out in black and white in the ‘Politics’ section of the New York Times.

(Naturally, the Democrats don’t worry that the ‘stupids’ won’t ever see this explanation of their naked politicking. Since the stupids don’t read The Times.)

But notice how we don’t hear The Times chide the Obama campaign for their venal strategy. There is no mention of how the Democrats are creating and exploiting such issues for political gain. Which is the only way the news media ever talk about Republican Party, no matter what the issue.

Why is that?

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2 Responses to “Obama’s Super PAC Pollster Drives The News”

  1. tranquil.night says:

    Bueller ..Bueller?

  2. GetBackJack says:

    Learn up on how it’s done

    PR Newswire

    I walked into a PR Newswire office and plunked $100 down – in cash – and they sent out to every news outlet in America – my fake news release, unseen, unedited, unfactchecked, unverified.

    If I can do that … think what the great white sharrks are doing through this pipeline of propaganda in the Age of fax machine, rip and read “news” reporting.

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