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Obamas To ‘Vacation’ For 1 Night On Gulf

From a desperately spinning Agence France-Pressee:

Obama family taking solidarity vacation to Gulf Coast

August 12, 2010

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama is to travel to Florida’s Gulf Coast this weekend for a family trip intended to show solidarity with a region struggling in the wake of a massive oil spill.

“Vacation” and “weekend” and “family trip” sure make this sound like a serious stay, does it not?

Obama, his wife Michelle, and their two daughters are to leave Washington Saturday for Panama City, a popular seaside tourist spot that saw its beaches fouled by tar balls from the oil spill.

They are leaving Washington on Saturday. Four paragraphs later, we will be told that they will return on Sunday. Even on Air Force One the flight down to the Florida Panhandle and back will take some time.

So this is tokenism at its finest. And they certainly weren’t bludgeoned into doing this. No way.

During the height of the spill, unleashed by an explosion aboard a BP-leased oil rig April 20, Obama urged his fellow Americans not to abandon the Gulf Coast, and to continue taking vacations in the region, which is heavily dependent on visitor revenue.

His weekend getaway is intended to highlight the region’s tourist attractions, but will leave him with little time for relaxation.

In addition to making public remarks on the region’s recovery, his schedule includes a roundtable meeting with local business leaders and entrepreneurs to discuss the effects of the spill.

He is scheduled to return to Washington on Sunday, the White House said.

The First Family are scheduled to vacation this month in Martha’s Vineyard, a beautiful island off Massachusetts in the US northeast

Whereas Panama City is not so “beautiful,” just “popular.” (With the ‘hoi poloi.’)

Incidentally, the Martha’s Vineyard “vacation” is to last at least ten days. But to the AFP, one vacation is like another.

By the way, we can’t help but wonder if Michelle will wear that white dress that looked like it was splattered with oil — like she wore the last time she was there:

Mind you, this was the dress she donned to tell people to come down to the pristine beaches of the Gulf.

What would Freud have said?

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9 Responses to “Obamas To ‘Vacation’ For 1 Night On Gulf”

  1. bill says:

    Now we get the token president?

  2. proreason says:

    It’s kinda like a $400 tax credit, isn’t it?

  3. Right of the People says:

    My God that is one ugly woman!

  4. Helena says:

    Yessir, take a look at that dress screaming “befouled cleanliness.” I wonder if she realizes how loud her message reads. It’s like a damn Rorschach.

  5. Mithrandir says:

    This truly is tokenism, as this is to silence about 25% of the critics.

    ~1 day trip to Florida to calm the criticism about the $75,000/day trip to Spain.
    “What are you complaining about! They went to the gulf already!”

    ~The $15 million (pennies in federal money) to border security and 1500 National Guard troops (1 troop per .5 mile?)
    “What are you complaining about! They are securing the border!–Shut up already!”

    These are all tokens and talking points for the November elections. Unless they repeal health care, none of these kick-backs are going to calm Americans down.

  6. Liberals Demise says:

    AHHHHHHH……vacation time again!!
    This presidency has been one huge vacation from Chicago.
    Hasn’t it?

    If we are lucky we get 1 per year.
    Looks like El Prezidenti is better than his serfs and Mitchelle eats our cake,too!

  7. jobeth says:

    This evil woman HAD to be sneering to herself as she dressed.

    Sort of matches the attitude of hubby and the muslims in NYC in support of the mega mosque.

    Do you think that since the Florida beaches were never really fouled, she thought she would send a subliminal suggestion to their non-thinking fans that there really WAS oil on the beaches?

    Or maybe she didn’t want to risk getting oil soiled so she brought her own spots in order to hide the real ones…that don’t exist on those beaches.

    That dress says heaps about their deep seated cruelty. Only
    someone without common sense or one with a sadistic streak would wear that dress at a time like that.

    Can you imagine what the family who lost their loved ones thought? Or the families that are now, after losing their businesses, on food stamps because of his shenanigans

    Here she shows up with a twisted sense of humor…It’s that or she is stupid. I know its not the latter!

  8. Liberals Make Great Speedbumps says:

    “What would Freud have said?

    Refer to Right of the Peoples post above.

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