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Obama Union Thugs: We Want To Fight!

From the CPUSA’s Peoples World (formerly the Daily Worker):

"I’m tired of rallies. I want to fight!"

by: Bruce Bostick
February 22 2010

COLUMBUS, Ohio –  "I’m tired of rallies. I want to fight!" So said Tim Burga, operations director of the Ohio AFL-CIO, addressing the hundreds who had braved the cold Feb. 20 to attend a "Pass It Now" rally for health care reform at the SEIU Local 1199 hall here.

There was a sense of real urgency in the hall, as speaker after speaker pounded on the point that, as Brian Rothenberg of Progress Ohio stated, "We now have 6 weeks to win the fight our people have been fighting since the Truman administration: health care for all!"

Becky Williams, president of SEIU, 1199, was interrupted by loud cheers as she led off the rally, telling the crowd, "We have three things to tell the administration and the majority in congress.

"One — we worked for and voted for change last year. That means actually changing what was there when you got there.

"Two — we need for you to lead with courage, not be intimidated by Fox News and Teabaggers.

"Three, don’t be fooled by lies!" she said. "If you do these things we’ll be with you, and the 66% of Americans who, according to polls are demanding that health care reform be passed."

Williams went on to point out that "pundits are talking about bipartisanship, but over 40% of that 66% supporting reform are Republicans.  While the national media talks, 44,000 Americans lost health care last week and that many will be dropped next week, and every week until we win this fight," she said.

"Four hundred twenty one of our friends, neighbors died last week for not having access to health care, and that will continue, as well."

Besides SEIU and the Ohio AFL-CIO, a wide list of sponsors were announced for the rally, including the Alliance of Retired Americans, UFCW, Ohio Faith & Justice Collective, Health Care for America Now, Planned Parenthood, UHCAN, Jobs with Justice & Ohio Consumers for Health Care.

Speakers included Ohio House Reps. Mary Harris and Ted Celeste, both Democrats, and, in a show of unity, both Democratic Senatorial candidates, Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner and Lt. Governor Lee Fisher.

Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown addressed the rally by video from Washington. "We are fighting now at a time of great crisis. Eight hundred thousand Californians are facing massive rate increases this week from the profit-bloated insurance industry. Thousands of Americans are, literally, dying each year due to the continued inhuman rationing of health care in our nation. We can’t give up and let others die because the fight is tough," he said. "If we keep up the fight, we’ll win!"

AFL-CIO’s Burga also slammed the insurance industry, stating that the health care system today is "corporate socialism!"

"Instead of public monies going for the common good, this is socialism for the rich.  Our tax money is going to support these wealthy companies, in the form of tax breaks, public aid for research and development, all the while our people are starved.  They," he said, to loud cheers, "just have no shame!"

"We’ve been horribly frustrated," said retired steelworker and SOAR member Ron Wharton, "but we have to push to win some type of health care reform or else it’ll just get put off another 15-20 years. We can’t let that happen. That’s why we attended the rally."

That same point was made by Cathy Levine of UHCAN & Ohio Consumers for Health Care, as she told the crowd, "Don’t believe those that tell you that its all OK and we’ll just go back to the beginning and get a better bill if this one is defeated, it’s just not true!  If we don’t win now, it may very well be a long time before another congress has the courage to take this on!"

Rev. Tim Ahrens, highly respected pastor of First Congregational Church in Columbus, closed the event with an emotional appeal to "stand together and don’t give up the struggle."  He spoke of now being the time of Lent, and how that is a time of renewal, for springtime and a better new time coming.

He closed with the following quote;  "I can feel the suffering of millions.  Yet, if I look to the heavens, I think that it will all come out right, that the cruelty, too, will end and that peace, justice and tranquility will return again.  In the meantime, I must uphold my ideals, for perhaps the time will come when I can carry them out."

There were many moist eyes in the hall as he announced the author of the quote to be Anne Frank!

You see, even Obama’s healthcare Brown Shirts can quote Anne Frank.

But you see it is those dangerous right-wingers who are whipping up the violence.

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18 Responses to “Obama Union Thugs: We Want To Fight!”

  1. bousquem says:

    They think there is “inhuman rationing” now, wait till Obamacare. Then you’ll see rationing, though they might not think of it as inhuman as the unions and rich leftists who support this dribble will just pay to see private doctors or get dispensation to not have their care rationed or get more care while someone else will just get their share reduced.

  2. wardmama4 says:

    -‘ 44,000 Americans lost health care last week and that many will be dropped next week’- Where is that statistic from – I can’t find that number anywhere, since the Obama propaganda machine won’t report, exactly how many jobs are lost in a given week. Solution: Stop having health insurance as a job benefit and make it portable.
    -‘”Four hundred twenty one of our friends, neighbors died last week for not having access to health care’- Go to the ER if you are dying, you can not be turned away (I know, this is the horrid ‘pre-existing condition’ and/or poverty (SCHIP, Medicaid, Medicare, Public Health Service – how many programs does America need to cover the impoverished peoples healthcare?) Solution: Revoke all State & Federal Mandates so that people can buy only the healthcare benefits that they need (used to be called Major Medical)
    [From my Senator, whom I am embarrassed to admit that somehow he got elected from here]-‘Thousands of Americans are, literally, dying each year due to the continued inhuman rationing of health care in our nation’- Page 25-26 of the House healthcare bill (Affordable Health Care for America Act) -the Secretary shall make such adjustments as are necessary to eliminate such deficit, including reducing benefits, increasing premiums, or establishing waiting lists. Isn’t that exactly what they claim the evil Big Insurance is doing right now?!? And once it’s law – how are We The People going to stop Big Government, when we can’t seem to stop for profit private corporations? Solution: Portability and Remove mandates/restrictions to allow purchase of insurance across state lines.
    -‘all the while our people are starved’- So if Big Insurance dies a horrible death no one in America would be starved, ever? What does a statement like that (Someone correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t it business/entrepreneurs/corporations that provide jobs, services, products and isn’t that what keeps people from starving to death) have to do with healthcare reform at all? And would not taking money away from people who earn it and/or destroying the very industries that provide the services that really do keep people alive, keep more people from starving to death? And isn’t this just purely an incendiary statement?
    Hey I’m not a fan of Big Insurance – I am right with the anti-Insurance crowd that it is a huge part of the problem – let me pay my doc cash – thank you very much. For the disabled and elderly – I don’t have a problem, even with Big Government paying for their care. Everyone else – stop buying the cell phones, new car lease and bling – and pay for your own.
    Oh yeah, the final solution – All Union lifetime healthcare benefits and Politicians who have voted themselves lifetime healthcare benefits – STOP tomorrow – then we will see how quickly the entire ‘healthcare reform’ issue goes away.

  3. jobeth says:

    “”Two — we need for you to lead with courage, not be intimidated by Fox News and Teabaggers. “

    After a year of hearing how marginal Fox News was and all the dismissive talk and behavior toward the tea partiers….and telling us all that neither was very effective…isn’t remarkable they are spending so much time on both.

    Kind of like the ACORN expose’. All those people who reported ACORN’s criminal behavior were dismissed as just gnats to be brushed away.

    Odd that now ACORN has to break up and rename themselves in order to continue to operate as usual. Hate to tell them…that won’t work…the right actually can figure them out and follow the new names and their nonsense. I wish they would understand we are not the sheep they usually deal with.

    This just makes me know we are doing something right in all this chaos.

    “”Four hundred twenty one of our friends, neighbors died last week for not having access to health care, and that will continue, as well.”

    Sigh….name one person…just one. NO ONE IS TURNED AWAY IN OUR HOSPITALS. IT”S ILLEGAL TO DO SO. So as I asked…name one, just one who died due to denied health care.

    As far as Rev. Tim Ahrens is concerned ….

    “Rev. Tim Ahrens, highly respected pastor of First Congregational Church in Columbus, closed the event with an emotional appeal to “stand together and don’t give up the struggle.”

    Just don’t sand too close to him…I understand God isn’t too fond of liars. Lighting can smart.

  4. 12 Gauge Rage says:

    Marxist thugs, plain and simple. I’ll admit that our system could be better but not through total government control. The more rants I hear from these unions the less respect I have for them. On second thought, I didn’t have much respect for them to begin with. I sometimes wonder if they’ll resort to violence against those (like me) who have a different opinion. Maybe I’m reading this all wrong, but to me that’s how it comes across.

  5. BillK says:

    Funny, despite these facts, it should be trivial yet neither Time, Newsweek nor the AP has run the obituary of any of the “four hundred twenty one of our friends, neighbors” who allegedly “died last week for not having access to health care.”

    You know, the kind you can get at any ER by law without regard to your ability to pay?

  6. GetBackJack says:

    Dear Tim Burga … fine.

    I offer you three rounds, IBF Rules, except we go bare knuckle, no gloves.

  7. Mithrandir says:

    You know, when you are healthy, it’s fine to laugh at those like the communists to demand this or that on health care (and I know communists don’t really care about people, they care about power).

    However, wait until you are sick without health insurance like I am right about now. I went in for a bad ear infection, afraid I would lose my hearing, and thus, any likely job in the future in which I would be required to hear stuff. Guess what the cost was for about 30 minutes? With no job, and not very much money? $900. A nurse + audiologist = $500. Doctor stopped by for a few minutes = $200. Medicine =$200. (Um, that’s an additional $900 I didn’t have, and is now accruing interest on my credit card)

    Profit is fine, price gouging at the expense of your life is…..I don’t know what you call it–sin? Greed? What?

    I can imagine when I am going to have to just give away everything of worth so I can apply for Medicare and welfare just so I can stay alive, even though it will be a crappy life, at least it is a life. Sorry taxpayers!

    • jobeth says:

      I understand how you might feel…However, this is exactly the nerve the progressives want to hit to make you afraid to fight this plan.It’s called the gullible and selfish nerve.

      If you don’t pay that hospital bill…eventually it will be written off. Does that raise what the paying customers have to pay…yes but no where near, not even close to near, the cost this plan will have on our economy. Not even mentioning all the future issues that will bind our children for generations.

      While something has to be done, ie tort reform, and other individual fixes, this heavy budget killing monstrosity is NOT it. Everyone agrees something must be done, BUT NOT THIS!

      You are worried about what you might have to sell? Life can be tough. I’ve had a few tough times too. You, as I have, will live through it.

      We may not be comfy while we are going through it but as I said…life can be tough. Where did you get the idea you can tap everyone else’s, including your grandchildren’s’ pockets to make you happy, whole, or comfy?

      Now you say you are worried about staying alive. Well If this monstrosity goes into effect I will be guaranteed to be denied care. I’m getting to the “sorry your too old” age and they will simply deny my care. LThis has happened to my father in law in England and it will happen here. With this kind of cost, they will HAVE to utilize rationing.

      I don’t know your age right now…but if you are fortunate enough to get to be of that age, how do you think it will feel to know there is a life saving fix but you are told “NO”. Not cost effective.

      And if you’re young…what are you going to feel like if you have a child that some body in the government decides isn’t worth saving. Again, you KNOW there is a life saving fix, but because they are premature and have a brain injury due to birth injury….they say NO.

      Watching your baby die just because someone behind a desk mandated it. Rationed care again. Only the young and taxable can be given health care. Not the old….not the “not so perfect’.

      And while we are at it… it took you all of 30 mins to get treated. Wait till this health care mandates you be seen with all the others in a public venue…Sort of like the ER on steroids! You will be waiting for eons. That is IF you can get an appointment. My husband waited two years for them to schedule an ankle fusion. He can get it here within a week or two.

      Think! Stop being selfish and thinking about how uncomfortable you might be because you will have to go through tough times for a while. When you were born, you didn’t come into this world with the right to MY pocket book. Would I help you voluntarily if I could? Yes…people do it all the time. But don’t put a gun to my head and tell me I am responsible for YOU. I’m not.

      And YOU are not responsible for ME.

      One last thing. If you hadn’t chosen to buy all those things with your money (that you say you will have to now sell to either pay the bill or get help to do so) and had instead chosen to buy health insurance…then you would have health insurance wouldn’t you?

      As I said. Think.!!! Think this whole thing through. Your comfort vs all the generations of people who will be shackled to this monstrosity and that must die due to rationing, just so you, and people like you, don’t want to be uncomfortable.

      You’re a bit short sighted and are not thinking this thing through to the end results. You are exactly the kind of people who the progressives target.

      Sorry…This has been a bad day for me and your whine has not made it better. In fact it was the last straw.

      Now sit down and figure how to help yourself without dipping in everyone else’s pockets…And if you have to sell somethng to buy health insurance…DO IT! Be responsible for yourself man. Stop expecting everyone else to fix it all for you.

      Addit’al Note. Mithrandir

      My sincere appologies for my tone. I stand behind all that I said above but I should have found a softer tone to say it with.

      As I said…its been a bad day but I should not have taken out my frustrations on you. I hope you will accept my appology.

      I do understand how you might feel. I’ve been there myself and in today’s world it’s really hard to make it. I do get the point that you are a man who likes to pay his bills. And that’s good.

      Perhaps things will get better for us in that we can purchase insurance out side of work for a reasonable price. Again, I am sorry.

    • proreason says:

      Mithrandir, sorry to hear about your problem and the high cost to fix it.

      It may be too late, but you can ask if there is a no-insurance price. If no, call somebody else. They have less effort without insurance and they get paid faster. Some will discount if you pay on the spot. Even getting a standard insurance reimbursement rate could save hundreds. I would only go to a provider who refused to charge the standard Blue Cross reimbursement rate as a last resort. Also, if you go to a doc-in-the-box, the prices can vary, so it’s worth shopping. Nobody will give you a firm price pending a diagnosis, but at least you can get the rate for a standard visit.

      It’s not exactly parallel, but my wife had major surgery 7 months ago, and I was concerned because some of the providers were out of network. So I tried to pint the costs down. That was impossible, but at least they told me that the out-of-network people would accept the payment from the insurance company and WOULD NOT charge additional. I was sceptical, but plunged off the cliff anyway. They stuck to their word. That shows that at least some providers are flexible.

      I would call back and plead my case with that provider, even though it is probably too late.

      And next time, I would try to get a better deal.

      A couple of related points: $900 is a lot of money, but you could pay it 4 times a year for much less than the cost of Health Insurance. Health Insurance SHOULD cover conditions that cost thousands of dollars per treatment plan. If that were the case, the prices of all medical services would plunge fast, because people would be forced to shop, and medical providers would be forced to compete. Insurance and lawsuits are what make the prices high.

  8. P. Aaron says:

    “I’m tired of rallies. I want to fight!” So said Tim Burga, operations director of the Ohio AFL-CIO, addressing the hundreds who had braved the cold Feb. 20 to attend a “Pass It Now” rally for health care reform at the SEIU Local 1199 hall here.

    Is this a symptom of the “violence unemployed males will commit” that Harry Reid was concerned about?

  9. wirenut says:

    Mithrandir, I’m with jobeth on this one. Life or health has no guarantees. We all make the most with what we got, I do! Freedom and liberty are funny that way. The above article sounded more like a disgruntled communist party, party?
    Hope the ear thing works out for you though. On the bright side, any complications with your hearing will get you into politics anyday. Trust me………………..

  10. Mithrandir says:

    Well golly-whiz folks. It sounds like I should just “suck-it-up” and deal with a horrible system, so that I don’t risk getting an even worse horrible system from Obama-Care.

    I can imagine a whole host of injuries I could get in the future, and how much that would cost me, not just an ear infection. When you are so sick or injured you panic, you go to the local clinic, then they charge you more money than you can possibly pay, —you believe your whole life is forfeit, as you don’t start from zero, you start from minus $. So, in fact, I am worth more dead than alive.

    My crap town has NO JOBS. I can’t afford the insurance on my crappy car, nor will anyone buy it. So, I can’t move away. Where will I work? The bank? The supermarket? The gas station? The library? The barbar shop? They are not hiring! –I checked… many times.

    Sorry, but when it comes to living my life with extreme debt, or applying for welfare to bail out of any medical bills and stick it to the taxpayer, guess what? I am not falling on my sword for the rest of society, I am sticking you all with the bill. It’s simple survival folks. I can’t pay, that’s it, end of story. I can’t poop gold bars to cover it. I am not buying an extraneous item here, I am buying my life.

    There are lots of ways to reduce the cost, but as of right now, it ain’t happening. My itemized bill: Doctor at $200 for barely 10 minutes of work…..wow! Crazy man! As crappy as it sounds, what would you choose? Hope and change, or a blood-sucking clinic that over-charged me for a fairly simple problem….

    • Bronson says:

      If I were you I’d choose the “blood-sucking clinic that over-charged me for a fairly simple problem.” The plan for hope & change consists of making clinics more blood-thirsty, and rationing healthcare to people like you. The government intervention that has come to make you despise the current healthcare system is only magnified and taken to new heights under either of the healthcare bills before congress. When they add 30 million more people to the system, establish a “best-practices” policy, mandate special coverages for insurance plans (which if your ear-infection isn’t in there, they’re going to deny you treatment), and finally eliminate direct-payments to your doctor so that its impossible for you to get treated once your denied (as is the case with medicaid), you’ll be begging for a system where you can pay just $200 to get treated. I agree with you that the system is bad, but the current legislations only make it more expensive and more exclusionary. For now, just come up with $200 to get treated, or file bankruptcy, or cancel your internet subscription and use that saving to set up payments with your doctor (and your not at the library becuase you posted around midnight).

      You also said you can’t find a job – which is funny because remember Obama had a plan to fix that problem to – only 4% of the nations employed lost their jobs since that legislation was passed. So you can see that conservatives are pretty good prophets when it comes to government tinkering in the private sector.

    • proreason says:

      “I am sticking you all with the bill.”

      That pretty much says it all, doesn’t it.

    • BigOil says:

      “I can’t poop gold bars to cover it.”

      I guess you are just fortunate the rest of us can.

      “I am sticking you all with the bill. It’s simple survival folks.”

      What you refer to is not survival, it’s called freeloading.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      Mith, you are not lacking in ability. You are lacking in ideas. But, I understand your plight and have been there.

      You may consider this: Most states have retraining available for qualified applicants. Means you’ll have to take an aptitude test. However, the good thing is, you don’t have to pay for the training. The idea is, to suck on the generous tit that society offers, but only to find a way to get back on your feet. So, look for what jobs are hiring that cannot seem to find qualified candidates, and pursue that. Might not be what you want….but life is funny that when you are stuck with something, you find that you have skills and abilities you never knew you had.

      Try to be positive. It’s hard, I know. Like I said, I’ve been there. It sucks. Also, put your resume out on the internet. Since you have internet capability, write a good, concise, clear resume with your goals outlined…you should at least get nibbles on that.

      Network. Again….maybe facebook…maybe something else…and at no extra cost to you.

      Dare I say it but you seem intent on complaining about your situation. Maybe that’s just the side I see. But, if you are capable of posting here, you are capable of posting your availability on the internet. Remember, you are limited only by your imagination. I have read many headlines about jobs that pay well that they cannot fill. Google that very concept and see what comes up. Often, they offer training on a basis that lets you pay it back through your salary once hired.

      Don’t limit yourself. Think. You obviously have a working mind…try to explore the NOT obvious. Try the hard thing. Do the thing that you thought you’d hate. A paycheck is a paycheck. I went from 100k a year to working at Staples and living with my parents for a time…using the internet to find another job. I found not one but several. During which time I was very sick also.

      At the very base of it, if you are not willing to put forth the effort to survive, then my instinct takes over and tells me that no one else in the society should either. Like it or not, you have the ability to change your life. If your comfort zone is where you live…and there are no jobs…then you’re going to have to bust out of that comfort zone and be UNcomfortable.

      I knew a guy who wanted to be an airline pilot…but he would NOT move from his hometown. He had about seven opportunities to get a good-paying job flying for a living…but he’s in his 50’s now and gave up and made every excuse you could think of. Who do you think is to blame? The world? Or him?

      Mith…get off your ass, do the hard thing….be courageous and take the risk. If you sit in your comfort zone and suck up my tax dollars and say “wo is me” then I will personally feel no guilt when someone comes and kicks your ass for it. Hell, is there a recruiter in your town? Guess what? They take people all the way up to age 42 see here: http://usmilitary.about.com/od/joiningthemilitary/a/enlage.htm

      If you tell us all about how bad your plight is and yet refuse an opportunity in the military, then tough. There are options. Explore them all before you commit. You’d be amazed at what the military will teach you if you just listen. You can get tons of help towards a college degree…and….if you’re older and enlist, you often are trusted with leadership responsibilities.

      All you have to do is listen, follow the rules and be in some sort of physical shape. They will test you, they will capitalize on your strengths and try to eliminate your weaknesses or at least teach you how to work around them. And, the last thing you’ll find is a bunch of war mongers. Reason? They have no more desire to go killing than they do to get themselves killed….but are strong on duty and honor….and it seems that you are as well.

      There are options, Mith. There’s even the Peace Corps. There are tons of outfits that pay if you want to volunteer. All you have to do is look and pick a direction.

      There, lecture over. I wish you all the luck in the world. But, remember, often you make your own luck.

    • jobeth says:

      Rusty, what a wonderful letter to Mith.

      You said
      “The idea is, to suck on the generous tit that society offers, but only to find a way to get back on your feet.”

      This exactly what most Americans agree that should be offered to the ‘poor’ and underprivileged. The state and Fed (should be ALL state, but no matter) offer so many educational helps.

      Mith, Rusty just gave you the best advice I’ve heard given on S&L to date. And he has given it with real tough gentleness. I hope you will consider what he said. It will be hard. But in the end you will have such a sense of accomplishment and can rightfully be proud of what you did.

      Mith, I hope you’ll bear with me for a moment. I’ve been “there” too. I hope I don’t come across as preachy because all I want to do is to share something with you.

      Back as a teen…I ran away from home (with good reason). Did not finish my education, married, had 5 children, divorced a really awful guy and was left without child support from a dead beat dad.

      In those years the state did NOT back up a mother. All you would receive from the court is “Dad didn’t pay? Tsk Tsk Tsk, that’s too bad. The court orders him to pay x) and of course he never did. No one would ever go after these creeps. And of course I didn’t have the kind of money it took to chase him all over the country.

      So here I was…under-educated, 5 children, working at a dead end minimum wage job.

      I had to do something, and quick. I used every help from every government program I could find to go back to school.

      I got an education and training as a Respiratory Therapist. During those years I worked full time, went to school full time and managed somehow to still be mom.

      I tell you all this to tell you that there are millions of people who have similar hardships and have “done it”.

      Ok…I even took advantage for a short time of Food Stamps. It humiliated our whole family. When it was time to reapply my children told me they did not want the stigma of the food stamps and would eat a lot of rice and pasta to avoid that. I couldn’t have been more proud of them. And we did eat a lot of rice!

      In short, I did all that within two and a half years.

      At that time you could get an AS degree at the local Community College in my field. I challenged myself to work in the most difficult hospitals (Large teaching hospitals/regional trauma centers and ICUs)…because that is where the money was.

      In the end my entry level pay was as much as the hospital was offering social workers etc with a masters.
      Why…Because…My field was a technical field.

      Rusty suggested you look on the Internet for the possible career options. If I may, I would like to add to that great advice.

      EVERY library has a book that will tell you about just about every job and/or career possible from fry cook to politician to astronaut, and everything in between. It will tell you what the job entails, what kind of work hours to expect and what the wage range that can be expected. It also tells you what the job outlook is expected to be in the next few years….ie growing? shrinking? Ask the librarian for this book. They will show it to you. Some libraries allow you to take it out. Some won’t. But all have it.

      I don’t feel any shame in taking helps from the government for my schooling. I know I have paid back more in taxes than I cost them. I’m glad it was there, but they didn’t OWE me anything.

      I didn’t take welfare, but the short time taking food stamps is still something most don’t know about me and it still bothers me. But I don’t think anyone would resent my using it, because it’s there for emergent situations. Get on and get off…ASAP. And now I donate food to our local food bank. I can now return the favor.

      I had good reason for running away as a teen….but it was MY choice to have the children. I had a horrible husband and was right in ending that marriage…but it was MY choice to marry him. I was responsible for all those missteps.

      The government owed me nothing but did offer me something. It’s ok to take the help…but then we can pay it back by being productive.

      You sound like you are depressed over the job situation. My situation took place in the very early 80s when jobs were almost as scarce as they are now.

      So I took what I job could find. It was really tough on my kids as well as myself. My parents helped as much as they could but they were retired by then and could only offer child care.

      I’ve shared all this only to show you it CAN be done. As Rusty said “Do the hard thing” What I did is being done all over this country by millions of people. These people are by and large the winners in life. They earned what they have now. They did it all while the angry losers in life sat on their butts and complained and demanded ‘equality’ from the ‘rich’

      I know not many of the posters here was handed a sweet life by birth. Most of us went through tough times to get where we are today.

      Doctors for instance sacrificed not only their time with their families to study but years of their salary due to high University costs. By the way, you don’t pay a doctor…or nurse or respiratory therapist for the time they spend at your bedside. You are paying them for what they know. That’s the same for plumbers, electricians or any other skill.

      I don’t whine about how life handed me such a dirty deal. It did in some ways, but mostly my problems were from my choices. No one owed me health care or anything else. You may want to examine your own life and see if you could have made different choices…with better results. Carry that into the future.

      Your expectations of the government’s roll in your life will cost you freedoms in the end if the government gives it…it can take it.

      My suggestion is to go to the community college and talk to a councilor there to see what your options are for financial aid. If you are to take anything from the government, education is the one thing most people agree with. Because you pay it back in future taxes and service to your fellow Americans.

      This is a perfect time to get yourself prepared. You are only wasting time right now if you don’t.

      In the end…only YOU can do it. Take advantage of whats offered. No one resents helping someone who is willing to work to better themselves. Most of us resent like hell someone who cries for help but finds every reason in the book not to help themselves.

      I think that is why I am so short with people who expect me to support their lack of gumption.

      You are articulate and sound very intelligent…just angry and…sorry…spoiled, expecting others to make it easy for you.

      You are robbing yourself of something here and I venture to say you will lose a lot of that anger and feeling that life is unfair when you do it for yourself.

      You’ve received such good advice from so many good people on this site. I think it’s because they see some one worth their effort.

      I hope you take some of their advice. Good luck to you. You have great potential…if you expand on it.

  11. Tater Salad says:

    UAW to Obama…………..We do not want you to be concerned about us! We do not like you! Go Away and leave us alone! You are a pure Progressive and we want the Free Market, Capitalist system to work now.

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