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Obama’s ‘Urban Czar’ Got Kickbacks?

[Note: this is a reprise of an article we posted back on March 1, 2009. For it seems relevant to repost, with the current interest in some quarters about the curriculum vitæ of Mr. Obama’s numerous czars.]

Some pretty impressive investigative journalism from (of all places) the New York Daily News:

Bronx Boro President Adolfo Carrion on the roof of the Bronx Courthouse with the old and the new Yankee Stadium behind him.

Buildings sprang up as donations rained down on Bronx Borough President Adolfo Carrion

By Benjamin Lesser and Greg B. Smith    
Sunday, March 1st 2009

The man who is President Obama’s newly minted urban czar pocketed thousands of dollars in campaign cash from city developers whose projects he approved or funded with taxpayers’ money, a Daily News probe found.

Bronx Borough President Adolfo Carrion often received contributions just before or after he sponsored money for projects or approved important zoning changes, records show.

Most donations were organized and well-timed.

In one case, a developer became a Carrion fund-raiser two months before the borough president signed off on his project, raising more than $6,000 in campaign cash.

In another, eight Boricua College officials came up with $8,000 on the same day for Carrion three weeks before the school filed plans to build a new tower. Carrion ultimately approved the project and sponsored millions in taxpayer funds for it.

Carrion resigned as borough president effective Sunday and begins his new job as director of the White House Office on Urban Policy Monday

Here’s a look at some of his donors:


One of Carrion’s largest donors and fund-raisers is Jose Velazquez, owner of Tri-Line Contracting Inc. of Manhattan. Between his employees and developers and other donors, he has raised $83,700 for Carrion.

Tri-Line is working at two of the biggest developments Carrion has championed, including the new Yankee Stadium.

Carrion signed off on it in 2005 with the caveat that the Yanks hire a big percentage of local contractors and workers. One of the contractors was Tri-Line, which is building a conference center and museum in the stadium.

Velazquez said he raised money for Carrion because he supported him as a fellow Hispanic and felt that "this is the guy to lead this city." …


Tri-Line is also building a Staples store in a new mall a block from the stadium called Gateway at Bronx Terminal Market. Velazquez said he got the job through competitive bidding.

Developer Related Companies’ subsidiary, BTM Development Partners, needed Carrion and the city Planning Commission to change zoning, modify height restrictions and approve permits for parking spaces.

As the project moved forward, the neighborhood railed about increased traffic and the impact the chain stores would have on local businesses. All the while Related executives wrote campaign checks to Carrion.

On March 10, 2005, five $1,000 donations from Related executives arrived. On June 20, 2005, the company notified the city it planned to build a  1 million-square-foot retail center with 2,610 parking spaces and a 250-room hotel.

On Oct. 19, 2005, Carrion approved the project, with his office monitoring local hiring. Since 2003, Carrion has received $39,100 from 24 Gateway-related donations

The Daily News cites four more very similar instances of what certainly appears to be “pay to play” kickbacks involving Mr. Carrion.

If true, this is pretty blatant corruption — even for a Democrat.

But, for some odd reason, this got very little attention from our watchdog media.

And, at least according to his entry at Wikipedia, Mr. Carrion has not lost his post as Mr. Obama’s ‘Urban Czar.’

Indeed, it is not even clear whether Mr. Carrion is still under investigation or not.

So there seems to have been no consequences whatsoever for Mr. Carrion’s past activities. In other times, this would be outrageous.

But not, alas, in the age of Obama.

This article was posted by Steve on Saturday, September 5th, 2009. Comments are currently closed.

7 Responses to “Obama’s ‘Urban Czar’ Got Kickbacks?”

  1. MinnesotaRush says:

    “Gypsies, tramps and theives” .. keeps rolling thru my mind.

    These bastards gotta go and their fortunes siezed .. shouldn’t need ’em in jail!

    • zbacku says:

      LOL. Now I can’t get that song out of my head.
      You are totally correct. This administration is completely corrupt.
      It is all based on thuggery and lies. And WE voted in their boss?
      If we stand up and voice your opinion we are shouted down and Nobama sends out his thugs and goons from his Gestapo, er his unions.
      What garbage we have in government.
      ‘We The People’ must stand up to these Marxists!

  2. proreason says:

    Is there a single person in the administration with any integrity whatsoever?

    It seems to me that corruption is a requirement to get appointed.

  3. RacyGracy says:

    Is there anyone in this administration that doesn’t have marxist/socialist leanings?

    • zbacku says:

      Your question answers itself. Nobama IS a Marxist, therefore anyone he puts in his administration WILL be a Marxist.

      What has he done, but try to take over every aspect of our lives. The banks. The Auto Industry. The Health Care Industry. Check out the new law that would let him take over the Internet.

      ‘We The People’ have sat on out butts far too long and the results will flush our Constitution down Nobama’s toilet unless we stand together now!

      My question, Is there anyone in his administration not a thug and crook. Anyone pay their taxes?

  4. Chuckk says:

    A politician using his position and the public’s money to enrich himself. Unheard of!

    I am sure he is being singled out because he is black.

    • zbacku says:

      He is singled out because he TOOK KICKBACKS.
      He is a crook. He is nothing more than a politician=crook, liar.

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