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Obama’s (Vote Buying) Plans Are Stalled

From a disconsolate Associated Press:

Obama election-year jobs agenda stalls in Congress


April 11, 2010

WASHINGTON — The election-year jobs agenda promised by President Barack Obama and Democrats has stalled seven months before voters determine control of Congress.

Democrats have no money to pay for the program. That’s because both Republicans and the Democratic chairman of the Senate Budget Committee objected to taking money left over from the fund that bailed out banks, automakers and insurers and using it for the jobs bill.

Such a move, they insisted, would add tens of billions of dollars to the $12.8 trillion national debt.

An $80 billion-plus Senate plan promised an infusion of cash to build roads and schools, help local governments keep teachers on the payroll, and provide rebates for homeowners who make energy-saving investments.

Sure it would.

Two months after the plan was introduced, most of those main elements remain on the Senate’s shelf.

Obama’s proposed $250 bonus payment to Social Security recipients is dead for the year, having lost a Senate vote last month.


What’s going ahead instead are small-bore initiatives. That includes modest help for small business or simple extensions of parts from last year’s economic stimulus measure. None is expected to make an appreciable dent in an unemployment rate, stubbornly stuck at 9.7 percent, which is more that double what it was three years ago.

Under that criminal George Bush, who presided over the worst economy in the history of the nation.

Even legislation to help the jobless has run into trouble now that Republicans, following the lead of the tea party movement, have decided to make trillion-dollar-plus budget deficits a campaign issue…

Ah, so now the media is going to blame not extending unemployment benefits on the Tea Party?

Why not PAYGO, which was instituted by Mr. Obama and the Democrats.

When the Senate returns Monday, the first order of business will be trying to restore a one-month extension of health insurance subsidies and emergency unemployment aid for people who have been out of a job for more than six months. Republicans stopped a month-long, $10 billion temporary jobless aid measure last month and insisted that the measure not add to the deficit.

Er, that is not what the Republicans insist upon. That is the law.

Democrats are optimistic that the jobless aid will pass — first as $10 billion stopgap and then as part of a broader bill extending the benefits through the end of the year. The second, larger bill includes aid to cash-starved state governments, higher Medicare payments for doctors and an extension of several tax breaks.

That larger measure, to be financed mostly by adding almost $100 billion to the debt, is the biggest piece of the jobs agenda with a good chance to pass into law. But it doesn’t contain any new ideas for jump-starting the economy. It just extends elements of Obama’s $862 billion economic stimulus package, which is earning uneven reviews with voters…

We will see how “uneven” the reviews are in November.

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14 Responses to “Obama’s (Vote Buying) Plans Are Stalled”

  1. proreason says:

    “it doesn’t contain any new ideas for jump-starting the economy”

    And the old ideas were……uh…..greasing the palms of his unions thugs, and uh, greasing the palms of his brainless school teacher sychophants, and uh, hiring a bunch more gubamint “workers”, and uh, not delivering mail on Saturdays.


    • Mithrandir says:

      Yeah, payouts to road and school builders (union people) which are not permanent and sustainable jobs, and they don’t MAKE money to put back in the coffers.

      Keeping teachers on the payroll? Um, those jobs LOSE money, –forever. These people have no idea what constitutes a profit. Adding more people to the pay roll is a temporary and permanent money drain, not a fix.

      Those Tea Partiers have “decided to make trillion-dollar-plus budget deficits a campaign issue.”

  2. jobeth says:

    Either this leftist bunch and their fearless “dear leader” is the most stupid group of people ever “elected” (if you believe there was no shenanigans in those elections) OR….they are most evil bunch that ever hated and then worked against America.

    Ummm, let me think..which one could it be….?

    • fallingpianos says:

      Stupid and evil aren’t mutually exclusive. I would say they’re both.

    • Mithrandir says:

      Our ‘dear leader’ has decided to look grey, distinguished, and elderly-experienced now that he is elected. Just like Bill Clinton did!

      Look bright and young during the campaign, look older and haggard by working so hard on the job. –Poor guy, look what 1 year has done to him.


    • jobeth says:


      Very true…thanks for the reminder!

  3. U NO HOO says:

    The overdue book officer of the New York City library who caught up with Jerry Seinfeld should be in charge of the census, or the post office Saturday carriers who will be looking for jobs.

  4. canary says:

    Obama is to blame for this recession, either way you look at it.

    1. He scared the country that we were in a depression instilling fear that he knew would lead to people spending less. (Obama knowing this tactic would lead to his socialist agenda)

    2. Obama becoming president instilled fear in people who knew Obama would try to bankrupt America.

    The democrats bragging that consumer purchasing went up in March.
    duh, tax refunds, buying winter things on sell, knowing prices will go up on everything.

    Compound Obama’s new plan to regulate everyone’s houses to be at govt regulated environmental standards before you have permission from the government to sell your home with banks who aren’t allowed to sell homes they can’t sell. So, people with any plans to sell their house, are doing so now. Also, Obama has made it clear to reverse Bush’s not taxing any profit made from selling your home.

    ” bonus payment to Social Security recipients is dead for the year”
    that an no COLA increase.

    Start now, helping the elderly vote. Perhaps elderly in nursing homes would like transportation, a neighbor who can’t drive anymore. Hurry before they die from Obama care.

    • Mithrandir says:


      You ever notice it’s always OBAMA’S plan, OBAMA’S healthcare, OBAMA’S bill, OBAMA’S policy. It’s all about HIM isn’t it?

      I always thought the Constitution was a tool for controlling government, not a tool used to control everything the people did or said. Now we have to pay billions of dollars a year to keep this or that politician from screwing us instead of comfortably sitting back knowing the system will always automatically protect us from Congress.

  5. JohnMG says:

    ….”higher Medicare payments…….

    Weren’t the fabulous brain trust merchants in the democrat party going to pay for Obamacare by lowering Medicare payments to physicians? Am I missing something here?

    Stand by for the next crisis. We can’t have people focusing on any one topic for too long.

  6. bousquem says:

    It is amazing how when the first jobs bill came out, it was suppose to be a temporary thing. Now it seems like the goverment wants to extend the paying for “jobs”, when none are created but rather just keeping people on the pubic dole, indefinately. It is a blantent buying the vote scheme, regardless that doing so is just putting the taxpayers in even greater debt to the chinese and others, just so the left can keep control and ruin this country even faster than before.

  7. bill says:

    I guess it doesn’t help that Obama approval rating is beginning to look like Al Gore
    s ice caps melting in the sun. Gallup knocked off another one today … How high is the water mama, always liked that Cash song.

  8. Mithrandir says:

    What an unbelievable hatched-job of an article this is.

    Line up your enemies:
    ~Tea Party
    ~George Bush

    Line up your victims:
    *Old people
    *The unemployed

    Line up your heroes:

    Now link your enemies to all the problems, or at least allude to that fact if not directly.
    Show how your enemies are blocking every attempt to help the victims.
    Show how your heroes tried to swoop-in and stop the enemies and save the victims.

    If only those enemies weren’t in the way, those victims would not be suffering so much……gee, what can we do about this? Maybe if we plant seeds now, and keep doing it, something will grow around….Mmmm, by the November election?

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