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Obama’s ‘Wonderful Pastor,’ Rev. Otis Moss

From his press conference, announcing his “resignation” from Trinity Church:

At about 1:38 in the clip, Mr. Obama says:

I have tremendous regard for the great young pastor who has taken over, Reverend Moss, and continue to admire the work Reverend Wright did in building up the church.

As we have previously noted, in his “resignation” letter to Trinity Church Mr. Obama wrote of his high regard for its new pastor, the Reverend Otis Moss, III:

We also have come to appreciate your ministry and both think you have been, and will be, a wonderful pastor for years to come.

Please bear in mind that Mr. Obama wrote this hard on the heels of Mr. Moss’s glowing tribute to Mr. Pfleger.

He wrote this to the selfsame Mr. Moss who said Reverend Wright’s “sermons” were an art form, and compared him to Jesus Christ.

Mr. Obama praised a man who has been “preaching” like this over the last few weeks:

And yet we are supposed to believe that Mr. Obama is the first “post racial” candidate.

A man with an unerring “moral compass.”

A “uniter.”

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