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Obrador Names Himself President Of Mexico

From the terrorist enablers at Reuters:

Mexico left names own "president"

Sat Sep 16, 2006

By Frank Jack Daniel

MEXICO CITY (Reuters) – Mexican leftists, who say the July 2 election was stolen, declared their candidate their "legitimate president" on Saturday, a symbolic move reducing the risk of street protests to make the country ungovernable.

Aides said Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, who narrowly lost the election, would use mainly political means rather than widespread protests in leading opposition to conservative President-elect Felipe Calderon.

Tens of thousands of leftists meeting in the capital’s vast downtown central square rejected a proposal to name Lopez Obrador head of a civil resistance campaign that would have marked a more aggressive strategy to try to stop Calderon from ruling.

The election sharply divided Mexico along class lines, a rift made worse by Lopez Obrador’s fraud accusations.

There will still be protests but fears of major unrest or violence have eased in recent days as Lopez Obrador has apparently opted for an organized political movement to challenge Calderon rather than cause chaos on the streets.

Supporters voted to swear Lopez Obrador in at a ceremony on November 20, just days before Calderon takes power. Lopez Obrador said he would name ministers to his parallel government and that it would operate from voluntary donations.

"We won the presidential election. I accept the post of president of Mexico because we reject an imposition," he told cheering followers who gathered under torrential rains. "We will never give up."

"You are not alone," they shouted…

You really have to wonder who is supplying the "voluntary donations" that are paying these people to stay out on the streets for so many weeks.

I mean, besides Chavez and Soros.

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