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‘Occupy LA’ Defies Deadline, Burns Money

From a relieved Reuters:

Police delay eviction of Occupy LA camp

By Mary Slosson
November 28, 2011

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Police in riot gear began closing in early on Monday on some 2,000 anti-Wall Street activists who defied a midnight deadline to vacate an eight-week-old encampment outside Los Angeles City Hall as some protesters blocked traffic.

And notice there is no mention of any arrests. Or even anything about anyone being pepper sprayed. The laws are for Republicans.

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa had given Occupy LA protesters until midnight local time to dismantle their tents, pack up their belongings and clear out of the City Hall park, or face a forcible removal.

For the record, Occupy Los Angeles is really the last remaining OWS camp of any significant size. Of course, LA is also one of the warmest places in the US.

But the city fathers have already offered the protesters office space and even farm land, if they will just leave. However, both of those imply having to work. So their offers have been turned down cold.

But Jim Lafferty, a National Lawyers Guild attorney and leading advocate for protesters in talks with the city, said two hours after the eviction deadline that police had assured him "there will be no move against this occupation tonight."

He said he expected police would end up giving Occupy LA a two-day reprieve and that the only demonstrators risking arrest before then were those who remained in the roadway…

As we have previously noted, the National Lawyers Guild are used to abetting terrorists. They have represented many of the Guantanamo detainees.

Clark Davis, an Occupy LA organizer, said to … a group of [police] officers standing by, "You guys have been fantastic."

Yes, indeed. According to the Los Angeles Times, police officers even delivered two turkeys to the encampment for Thanksgiving.

The Los Angeles encampment is among the oldest and largest on the West Coast aligned with a 2-month-old national Occupy Wall Street movement protesting economic inequality, high unemployment and excesses of the U.S. financial system.

Staking its place since October 1 on the grounds surrounding City Hall, the compound has grown to roughly 400 tents and 700 to 800 people, organizers and municipal officials said. At least a third are believed to be homeless.

You can bet it is more than one third. In any case, they are perfect examples of Obama-villes.

By Sunday night the size of the crowd outside City Hall swelled further as supporters from organized labor, clergy, civil rights and other groups streamed into the area, answering a call for an eleventh-hour show of support for the campers…

In other words, the usual suspects, the professional malcontents showed up.

Police estimated the overall number of protesters, some wearing gas masks, had grown to at least 2,000.

Police, who had kept out of sight during the day, began to make their presence known as the eviction deadline came and went, and the mood of the protesters, which had been calm and festive, turned more boisterous and rowdy.

Shortly after midnight, throngs of demonstrators began blocking traffic along a street running between City Hall and the Los Angeles Police Department headquarters across the street, finally moving to take over an entire intersection.

Again, we would be arrested for doing this.

According to Fox News some of these protesters, in their high spirits, also burned money, including $50 dollar bills. Burning money is a perfect symbol of their mindset. It is also a well-known symptom of mental illness. It is also illegal. (Cf. 18 U.S.C. § 333.) But again, laws are for Republicans.

Speaking of burning money, though, LA might have good reason to be squeamish about cracking down on these protesters. LA has had to paid out more than $12 million in civil settlements after police officers fired foam bullets and struck people with batons to disperse a crowd at a amnesty rally on May Day 2007.

All probably thanks to the ACLU and their comrades at the National Lawyers Guild.

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One Response to “‘Occupy LA’ Defies Deadline, Burns Money”

  1. Mithrandir says:


    When I look at these Occupy Wall-Street people, the relentless political games, the high debt and impossible-to-pay future financial obligations to S.S. and retirements etc. the moral corruption in government and the populace as a whole, WHY SHOULDN’T a company, bank, or country collapse and start over if it has proven itself unable to operate correctly?

    IF YOU ARE RICH, there is everything to lose. Paper money will be worthless. Even your gold will be confiscated or unable to use or cash it in, everything will be useless or stolen. Why should we save the rich? So they can sit on their lair of gold?

    IF YOU ARE POOR, there is a lot to lose, because the gov’t won’t be able to feed you, or nanny your every need.Why should we save the poor?So we can get a second job to support them?

    IF YOU ARE NEITHER, what difference does it make? You have a meager home (maybe in foreclosure) or in debt from a car loan, college loan, credit card, or some other debt you may never be able to pay off until you are in your 50s. You are the most likely to suffer from taxes and corruption, as the burden takes more out of your budget, or have to pay out of pocket for justice. You can’t possibly afford health care without insurance, you don’t have the power / money to change gov’t, you can’t get rich b/c you don’t have the skills or tenacity or ability to cut through mountains of gov’t red tape.Why should we save ourselves? To support a system that is clearly stacked against us?

    Why should we save the government? So they can sit around and invent 20-50 new felonies every year, and trick us (steal) out of our money every time we try to get ahead?

    S & L readers: Do you really think a G.O.P. winner will make any difference in the next election? I think yes, but in the long run, the populace is too corrupt to regulate itself, and corruption isn’t sustainable. ALL EMPIRES CRUMBLE, and this one is crumbling. –Confidence rating of America: Downgraded to “C” with negative outlook. What do you think?

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