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Occupy Oakland Put $20K In Attacked Bank

From the San Francisco CBS affiliate, KCBS:

Occupy Oakland Protesters Deposit Funds At Wells Fargo After Bank Attacks

November 9, 2011

OAKLAND — A group of Oakland anti-Wall Street protesters who blame large banks for the economic downturn have decided that one of those institutions is the best place to stash their money for now.

Protesters at an Occupy Oakland meeting Monday voted to deposit a $20,000 donation into a Wells Fargo account. The move comes just days after one of Wells Fargo’s branches was vandalized during a massive downtown demonstration.

An Occupy statement said the money only will be with Wells Fargo temporarily while they work to establish an account with a credit union or community bank. Protesters said it was the easiest way to access the money to bail out people from jail.

People can always find an excuse for greed.

By the way, shouldn’t Wells Fargo deduct some of this $20,000 deposit for the damages it sustained from these criminals?

Wells Fargo spokesman Ruben Pulido said the move demonstrates that Occupy Oakland recognizes the value and service the bank provides its customers.

We will take this as good news. We are seeing this everywhere in the Occupation Armies. Apparently, even the diehard communists of the Occupy Wall Street movement cannot overcome human nature completely.

In fact, the Wall Street Journal reported on Tuesday that even the Occupy Wall Street protesters in New York are becoming their own version of evil developers and landlords down in Zuccotti Park, where space is at a premium:

Protesters’ Dilemma: Less Space to Occupy

November 8, 2011

The Occupy Wall Street protesters are confronting a classic Manhattan problem: lots of people, not a lot of space.

So they’re solving it in classic Manhattan fashion: arguing about it, making deals and building upward.

Last month, the hodgepodge of people sleeping in the open air of Zuccotti Park in the Financial District gave way to a tent city. Now, like turn-of-the-century real-estate developers, organizers are looking for structures that allow for higher density. They’ve been buying large military-style tents and are considering installing bunk beds

Organizers have been working to find locations for the new larger tents. To do so, they have to negotiate, since nearly every patch of cold, hard ground in the park is either a sleeping space, work space, kitchen or library

The congestion has led protest factions to stake out their own neighborhoods and cut their own deals.

One group, which is distinguished by members who own dogs, agreed to rent out space to Alec Courtney, a 21-year-old from Bay Ridge, Brooklyn

Isn’t irony ironic?

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6 Responses to “Occupy Oakland Put $20K In Attacked Bank”

  1. Pikecreeker says:

    Alec MacGillis wrote recently in New Republic, “So, what should be occupied next? No doubt, the Occupy Wall Street protesters were right to target the financial industry first. . . But the movement needs some new destinations. It’s getting cold in Zuccotti Park, and the authorities in other Occupy cities are starting to run out of patience. Besides, if you’re really serious about addressing income inequality and economic injustice in America, there are other institutions and figures worth challenging.”

    What about professional sports figures? Alex Rodriguez of the New York Yankees earns $169,753 per ballgame. The Yankees play 162 regular season games making his average annual salary around $27.5 million. His current contract runs through 2017. Talk about your one percenters! There are many examples of similar gross over payments throughout professional sports, but consider that even rookies earning the minimum salary in the NFL receive over $400,000 per year.

    Occupiers, check out some of the paychecks earned by Hollywood actors. Jennifer Aniston reportedly earns $8 mil per film and she ranks only number ten on the list of highest paid members of the Screen Actors Guild. Reese Witherspoon earns twice as much (the top 10 highest paid actors are all actresses, but that’s an inequity to protest at another time).

    Incomes vary widely among professional vocalists and musicians, but there’s a long list of those receiving paychecks grossly out of proportion to those of average Americans. Forbes estimated that Bruce Springsteen earned $55 mil in 2006 from album sales and a concert tour. Beyonce grossed $86 mil from a concert tour in 2010 and The Boss went back on the road and grossed $167 mil last year. No doubt each took home a big bag of money after expenses were paid.

    The median salary for college presidents in the US is $243,273, putting many in that population squarely in the category of “rich” as defined by our President. The president of Ohio State, a public university, earns more than $1.8 mil per year. The median total compensation for leaders of public colleges responding to a 2008-2009 survey was $435,066.

    Don’t overlook union presidents. In 2009 the president of the National Education Association earned nearly $400,00 in salary and benefits. Other union boss salary and benefit packages that year amounted to more than $360,000 at United Food and Commercial Workers, $306,388 at SEIU, $362,869 at the IBT (James Hoffa, president), and over $420,000 at the American Federation of Teachers. In fact, nine officers and employees at AFT headquarters earned over $200,000 in 2008.

    The bottom line is that, if we’re ever to achieve true income equality in the US, the Occupiers need to cast their net farther and wider than they have so far (hint to ACORN: Organize More!). The good news is that, as we enter the months of colder and shorter days, Occupiers motivated enough to confront anyone earning more than his fair share can certainly find a place to pitch a tent below the snow belt.

    • Right of the People says:

      With the exception of maybe the pro athletes the rest of those you mentioned are all liberal icons and exempt from their ire whereas the greedy bastards on Wall Street are most likely conservative.

      The next original thought one of these schmucks has will be the first.

  2. Astravogel says:

    Occupy Fort Lauderdale!

  3. River0 says:

    Irony certainly is ironic, alright. But financial illiteracy trumps all, doesn’t it? I used to be one of these people, basically, a casualty of a miserable education system and a society bent on California Dreamin’. But I dropped out of the dropout scene and realized how clueless I was.

    It took me many decades, but I finally woke up. It boils down to this: Greed and fear still govern economies, and only the free market system works, along with human rights and enough political freedom to reform it as necessary.

    All other Utopian experiments are doomed, as the European Union is demonstrating. Human beings have changed very little – if at all – in the two centuries since technology arrived.

  4. sticks says:

    They could go occupy Al Gore’s castle (they probably couldn’t fill moor than a couple rooms) or Michael Moore’s or Jesse Jackson’s, or maybe they could occupy Beverly Hills it’s warm there still, but of course we have to be very selective and make sure we only target rich conservatives. Are there any of those in Oakland?

    • sticks says:

      That picture is sobering though, it makes me think of the “night of broken glass” even though it’s in broad daylight. Those young men look like Muslim mobs I’ve seen in dozens of photos from around the world. It makes you wonder if they have any idea at all what they are being sucked into.

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