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Occupy Protesters Harass Walmart Shoppers

From San Diego’s East County Magazine:


November 26, 2011 (San Diego) – Startled shoppers in two San Diego Walmart stores received a message delivered by 75 Occupy San Diego protesters forming a human microphone. The protesters urged Walmart shoppers to support locally-owned small businesses instead of corporate-owned mass merchandizers.

We thought that ‘bullying’ was a crime?

Some pushed shopping carts to blend in with shoppers at check-out stands, until an organizer announced, a " Mic check!" Then announced, "In the spirit of holiday giving, we believe a discussion is in order about the meaning of value and low cost. For every low-priced product purchased at Walmart, your communities pay the difference.”  Participants repeated each line announced by their leader, forming a human microphone throughout the two stores on Murphy Canyon Road and Shawline Streets.

The only question is who wrote this script that they parroted? MoveOn.org, the SEIU or Organizing For Obama? Our guess is: all of the above.

As stunned shoppers looked on, some joining in the refrains, the occupiers proceeded to deliver their full messages, uninterrupted by security.  

Somehow we doubt that many of the shoppers were "joining in the refrains." And why were these people not interrupted by security?

Not everyone was supportive;  one shopper shouted a profanity and called the protesters “socialists.”

According to NBC San Diego, reaction among employees and shoppers was missed [sic]. 

The media always misses the real story.

One woman present expressed disappointment that employees would have to put away items left in shopping carts after people left the store.

But a man who witnessed the demonstration praised “anything that’s gonna bring this country together” as a positive step.

Yes, these Occupy protests are so unifying.

An East County resident made this observation.  "…They do not have a right to trespass on private property and intimidate customers."  She added that while she normally supports emphasis on "buying local to invest in our community…this video makes me feel a need to go shop at WalMart just to make the point."

But another local resident, who asked that her name be withheld, had a different view. "I hope this action educated some Walmart shoppers on the negative actions of the company and encourage people to think about the power of their shopping dollars to encourage responsible actions that support our community."

According to a website calling itself Occupy All Streets, this was just one of a number of Occupy attacks on Walmart on Black Friday. The Occupy thugs also harassed shoppers in Walmarts in Los Angeles, Honolulu, Nashville, Seattle, Atlanta and even Del City, Oklahoma. And probably others as well. In all of them they probably read the same union/Obama/DNC approved script.

But why are they attacking Walmart shoppers? Aren’t they the 99%? And why attack Walmart? Doesn’t Walmart provided low priced goods and services for the 99%? Even very cheap prescriptions? Also, doesn’t Walmart provide employment for the 99%, and even health insurance? Meanwhile, what good has Occupy done for the 99%? Whom have they hired? What services have they provided?

By the way, the Nazi Brownshirts attacked Germany’s department store chains in the 1920s and 30s with almost the same exact rhetoric. It’s probably just a coincidence.

For the record, here is a transcript of MoveOn/SEIU’s anti-Walmart message that these dupes were told to parrot:

Citizens of Walmart!! Greetings and welcome back from the food coma!! In the spirit of holiday giving, we believe a discussion is in order about the meaning of value and low cost. For every low-priced product purchased at Walmart, your communities pay the difference.

Every price drop represents mistreated workers who STILL cannot feed their families, STILL cannot afford their homes, and STILL cannot payoff their tuitions. Every sweet deal can be attributed to our jobs being outsourced from American communities. Each item on sale helps bankrupt small businesses.

You, your communities and your workers are being abused. Walmart intentionally under=employs, forgoing REAL benefits for social services, costing California taxpayers $86 million annually. Walmart employees are overworked, underpaid, and left under-insured in poor and unsafe conditions. Walmart could fire its employees for the mere mention of forming a workers union; which is the best tool American workers have to protect their rights.

Corporate beasts such as this one bleed our communities dry by putting the local business owners, who actually have personal stake in your communities, at a disadvantage against these gluttonous juggernauts. Yet they have the nerve to tell you it’s for your benefit.

We do not have to buy the scam! We do not have to buy dollar-collars for our families. We do not have to buy any of this! Self-made gifts have more power anyway.

So this holiday season, give yourselves, your families, and your communities the gift of empowerment. Act locally! Shop small business! Buy American! Thank you, Exit safely, and remember to smile."

All they need to add is: ‘I am Barack Obama and I approve this ad.’

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8 Responses to “Occupy Protesters Harass Walmart Shoppers”

  1. Mithrandir says:

    South Park already covered the stupidity of all this!
    Minute 19:40 for a reminder: http://www.southparkstudios.com/full-episodes/s08e09-something-wall-mart-this-way-comes

    I think everyone is WELL SICK AND TIRED of whatever it was these people were belly-aching about! They have delved into even more obnoxious anarchists than they were before. I know they are upset about things, and I agree with them, but since they have no goals or even an argument, they should just quit….there is nothing more to be gained by this, the political teet has run dry.

    • tranquil.night says:

      That episode hit Occupy with kid mittens. Matt & Trey ripped on the media’s attempt to pump up the movement more, a target in their crosshairs frequently.

      They were more condescending to the Tea Party, which they characterized as the puppet cult of the fat, bigoted schizo-sociopath.

  2. untrainable says:

    The typical excuse for this particular behavior is that the flea-baggers are trying to raise awareness about the plight of the downtrodden in our society. I can’t even express how tired I am of having liberal wing-nuts telling me about the plight of the downtrodden in our society. I live in our society, and for the most part I feel like I’m pretty aware of what goes on around me (despite the media’s attempts to cover for the aforementioned wing-nuts, and make our way of life seem evil in some way).

    The awareness that truly needs to be raised is awareness of the cancer of America that is liberalism. A true free market is the solution to all the problems they complain about. If you don’t agree with the non-union policies of Walmart, don’t shop there. If you want a higher wage for stocking shelves or running a cash register, don’t work there. If you want to pay higher prices for the same goods for the “good of your community”, who is stopping you? If the market doesn’t support Walmart with it’s patronage then they go out of business (no government bail-outs here). Simple eh?

    To flash-mob and bully innocent shoppers just trying to get on with their lives to “raise awareness” of the meaning of the words “value” and “low cost” stinks of desperation. Apparently their hatred of everything capitalist (except for their I-pods and I-pads, and $3K laptops), their tent cities, their drum banging and general troublemaking isn’t getting them what they want. Their only option is to use intimidation to accomplish their goals (I’m sure when someone figures out what those goals are they will tell us). But why then do they use the “intimidation squad” tactics against the very people that they claim to represent? Because they are just following the orders of some behind the curtain Marxist with designs on, and uses for, their ignorance. They have no idea how or for what ultimate purpose they are being used, nor do they care. Liberal ignorance knows no bounds, especially among the new lib base. 20-somethings with no job, too much education, too much debt, no moral center, no ethical code, and no simple common sense.

  3. proreason says:

    The best thing that could happen is for them to keep it up.

    If it wasn’t for Walmart, prices would be much higher than they are today. For one thing, grocery prices are at least 25% higher in full service grocery stores. And yes, I’m aware that Walmart sells tons of cheap Chinese goods. Apparently, that’s what the free market wants.

    The reason liberals work so hard to kill Walmart is that they want stores to be run as they were in Soviet Russia, 8 hour lines for rancid meat. Serfs with no hope don’t revolt. If TV hadn’t shown the Russian Communist serfs how the west lives, the politburo would still be running Russia and the entire communist bloc. Putin is bad, but he isn’t nearly as bad as the Communist czars who preceded him.

  4. tranquil.night says:

    Citizens of Walmart? Heh, please, a little respect for the weekend warriors of Walmart Empire. $2 waffle maker mob brawl FTW.

    In related fail news, my Chargers got Tebowed yesterday.

    • proreason says:

      Pretty soon there will be so much pressure on his teammates from the hcm (hate christians media) that they will refuse to play with him.

    • tranquil.night says:

      Let’s call him TEAbow and drive ’em really batty.

      Where the Broncos are inconsistent in their mechanics, they’re making up for in heart. That’s proving a great theme for this NFL season and alot of these young, outside the template QB’s.

  5. Mithrandir says:

    OCCUPY—& LIBERAL HYPOCRISY…..for those sick of their latest stunts…

    “Shorewood Hills apartment plan divides village”
    A repost article from Wisconsin State Journal http://host.madison.com/wsj/news/local/article_fc830a3e-eac6-11de-aa19-001cc4c03286.html

    December 17, 2009
    One of Dane County’s wealthiest enclaves faces a tough test of its liberal ideals.

    That’s right. Some how the impossible happened. The noun “liberal” has been joined with the adjective “rich.”

    A developer is asking Shorewood Hills, a lakeside village of mostly single-family homes just west of the UW-Madison campus, to rezone 2.4 acres on University Avenue to build apartments for lower-income renters.

    To cut through the politics, what they meant to say was, “Rich white liberals who carved out their own utopia on prime lake-front property, are going to have to share it with poor black welfare recipients who moved up from Chicago because Madison pays higher benefits and has very lenient and better social services.”

    As the occupy people shooed away the homeless who mooched off of their free food, put their donated money in (gulp!) BANKS, who screw the 99% by going to Wal*Mart to protest the 99%, who bow down to Michael Moore, the 1%er who profited from the war he opposed, the beat marches on in Madison, Wisconsin: The Communist Capitol of the Mid-West.

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