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‘Occupy’ Union Tools Block 3 Western Ports

From a cheering Associated Press:

Protesters halt operations at some western ports

December 13, 2011

OAKLAND, Calif. (AP) — Heady with their successful attempts to block trucks and curb business at busy ports up and down the West Coast, some Occupy Wall Street protesters plan to continue their blockades and keep staging similar protests.

Thousands of demonstrators forced shipping terminals in Oakland, Calif., Portland, Ore., and Longview, Wash., to halt parts of their operations Monday and some intend to keep their blockade attempts ramped up overnight.

At least one outside observer who has followed political movements for decades said the port blockades were an indicator of the disruptive activities likely to continue for months and right until next year’s presidential elections.

The movement, which sprang up this fall against what it sees as corporate greed and economic inequality, focused on the ports as the "economic engines for the elite."

Protesters are most upset by two West Coast companies: port operator SSA Marine and grain exporter EGT. Investment banking giant Goldman Sachs Group Inc. owns a major stake in SSA Marine and has been a frequent target of protesters.

Demonstrators say they are standing up for workers against the port companies, which have had recent high-profile clashes with union workers. Longshoremen in Longview, for example, have had a longstanding dispute with EGT, which employs workers from a different union to staff its terminal. The longshoremen’s union says the jobs rightfully belong to them

This is actually the truth of the situation. As we have noted before, these port disputes started long before the Occupy Movement was begun. In fact, back in September 500 International Longshore and Warehouse union members "stormed" the port of Longview, and overpowered and imprisoned six security guards.

These noble heroes also destroyed tons of grain, and cut the brake lines on several railroad cars.

And the Associated Press again noted at the time hos this was because, "the International Longshore and Warehouse Union believes it has the right to work at the facility, but the company has hired a contractor that’s staffing a workforce of other union laborers."

So these ‘Occupy’ protesters are just dupes are who being used as tools by one union to fight another union. Meanwhile, they demonstrate how concerned they are about the US economy and the lack of jobs — by shutting down ports.

In Oakland, some 1,000 protesters said they were determined to remain at the port overnight…

"Mission accomplished," said protest organizer Boots Riley

As we have noted before, Boots Riley is the son of radical community organizers from Chicago. He is a ‘rapper’ who encourages murder and mayhem in the name of social justice. His debut album was entitled, ‘Kill My Landlord.’

Oakland Mayor Jean Quan pleaded with the occupiers to go home and allow the longshoremen and truckers get on with their livelihoods

"Pleaded"? This woman is a dangerous buffoon.

Police in Seattle used "flash-bang" percussion grenades to disperse protesters who blocked an entrance to a Port of Seattle and 11 demonstrators were arrested.

Officers moved in Monday evening after Occupy Seattle protesters tried to set up a makeshift barrier near the entrances to two terminals, using scraps of wood and aluminum debris.

Police Detective Jeff Kappel said demonstrators blocked traffic and hurled flares, bags of paint and other debris at officers and police horses. He says one officer was treated by medics after a bag of paint hit his face

Security concerns were raised when police found two people in camouflage clothing with a gun, sword and walkie-talkies who said they were doing reconnaissance

How is it these people not considered to be ‘domestic terrorists’? Because they are working for a union and the Obama campaign?

This article was posted by Steve on Tuesday, December 13th, 2011. Comments are currently closed.

9 Responses to “‘Occupy’ Union Tools Block 3 Western Ports”

  1. BigOil says:

    Probing exercises by the army of leftist radicals continues. Just wait until late next year – that is when the real fun should start.

  2. Petronius says:

    SG : “Boots Riley is the son of radical community organizers from Chicago. He is a ‘rapper’ who encourages murder and mayhem in the name of social justice. His debut album was entitled, ‘Kill My Landlord.’”

    Sounds like a cuddly, garden-variety, run-of-the-mill Liberal to me.

    Or life imitating modern art. Like a nightmare image from an Edvard Munch painting.

    What a grotesque. What a hoot. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

    I can’t wait for the TV evening news. Down at the harbor it’s a scene from Hell –– I mean formal Hell, the Hell of Dante and Milton, the certified Inferno :

    The hundreds of Occupiers milling about, old hands and new arrivals, the never-ending jackhammer of their hideous chanting, all so busy saying nothing, screaming, crying, defecating, taking over. The tents, the do-rags, the tattoos, the Marxist banners, the longshoremen, the Teamsters, the fishermen in billed caps, very vacant in the eye, can’t quite believe it when they see the Occupiers fornicating in public and urinating on each other . . . the ships, the marine containers full of Chinese imports, the snakeheads with their migrants, the railcars and trucks, the forklifts, cranes, and crowbars, the millions of gallons of gas and oil, the TV cameras, the pepper spray, the bags of paint, the “flash-bang” grenades, the sweat, the stench, the urine, the . . . yes, the horror of it. It makes the horror in “Heart of Darkness” –– Kurtz’s famous horror –– look naive. That was nineteenth-century horror and imaginative. This is twenty-first century and factual. Real. And in the foreground all the port officials and police, uniformed and in plain clothes, helmeted and unhelmeted, dismounted or on horseback, milling about, playing with deliberate inefficiency at keeping order. For TV purposes they come up with an occasional criminal, but all these apes look criminal, so where would it end if they were serious?

    Yes, this Boots Riley is the visible symbol of America in the Age of Obama, this nightmare is History’s final, most sardonic joke. The triumph of the Liberal Death Wish. The core of horror. The center of revealed truth.

    You can’t make this stuff up.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      “Boots Riley is the son-of-a-bitch…”

      There, FIFY

    • proreason says:

      Are there any community organizers who aren’t radicals?

      And are there any radicals who don’t encourage violence in the name of social justice increasing their own power?

    • tranquil.night says:

      Awesome post.

    • Steve says:

      “Yes, this Boots Riley is the visible symbol of America in the Age of Obama, this nightmare is History’s final, most sardonic joke. The triumph of the Liberal Death Wish. The core of horror. The center of revealed truth.”

      Pure poetry. And alas too true.

      At least Dante’s Inferno was 1) fiction, and 2) part of the ultimate Divine Comedy. Meaning everything would come out all right in the end.

      Which as Wilde would say, is what it means to be fiction.

  3. choosesomething says:

    Not surprisingly, Time magazine named “The Protester” as the person of the year. This is the same bastion of intellegent thinking that also named Adolf Hitler and Charles Manson as man of the year (Sorry, back then you were allowed to use the term “Man of the Year”).
    Police officers and campus police that have to deal with these verminous refuse should be awarded SOMETHING, eh?

  4. canary says:

    Petronius just now got to this news and very difficult to find pics or video. Google must have been told to make it difficult. A photo of mobsters who opened a truckers door does not tell what happened after. There are pics of

    U.S. Soldiers guarding trucks yet the media doesn’t point out the U.S. Military had to intervene?

  5. canary says:

    These ILWU protesters have Communist history in the 20’s.
    In the 70’s “B-men (black men mostly ran it) and then the OIC
    returning to the AFL-CIO. according to wikipedia. I had noticed pics with ILWU signs .

    Question?????? Has anyone noticed that Wikipedia has Middle-Easterners pictures and ali aka type names and messages asking for you to join them in making donations to the domain. They have replaced the pic and request of the domain owner?

    This could affect the fairly accurate Wikipedia’s information and I have to wonder if the Middle-Easterners pictures and bio isn’t their prize for donating. We can hope it leaves off there and that muslim facts and myths and their new “propaganda of chrisam”.

    And similar protests by oil workers in the wealthiest central asia(?) country liberated from the Soviet Union by Kazakh Zhanaozens. Maybe the Russian named journalist got his history wrong. Or this is tri-country of Russia Middle-East & Asia. The global winter soon to grow into the global destruction

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