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OFA: Pester Kids About O-Care Over Christmas

From Breitbart:

OFA Video Teaches Parents How to Inject Obamacare into Christmas Dinner

By Frances Martel | December 17, 2013

Just a week before young adults return home for the end of year holidays, Organizing for America is debuting a video imploring parents to interrupt their time with their children to promote the benefits of Obamacare in a last-ditch attempt to ease millennial dissatisfaction with President Obama.

The video, debuting on BarackObama.com and promoted through various social media, arrives on the eve of a joint President and First Lady event designed to target mothers of uninsured millennials as they arrive home for their holidays.

In the clip, a mother and father call their son, presumably about to drive home for Christmas dinner, and warn him that they have something "very important" to talk to him about. The son spends the entire drive home fretting about the worst case scenario ("Your father and I are moving in with you!")… The "reveal" that the parents want to talk about health insurance is predictable, as is the fact that the son is, above all, relieved. "That’s it?" he asks.

The ad, titled "Get Ready To Have The Talk," plays like an ’80s anti-drug PSA, urging parents to use the holidays as a stage for an intervention to stop something unhealthy in their children’s lives. The fact that it happens at the dinner itself… instructs parents to directly address the Obama administration’s agenda in the middle of what, for many celebrating the night, is a religious celebration devoid of political meaning…

Is nothing sacred? Is OFA going to make similar ads targeted at Kwanzaa? Ramadan?

By the way, it just struck us that Hitler’s film propaganda arm was called ‘UFA.’ But we aren’t supposed to mention such coincidences. Anyway, Hitler’s team would have never been so heavy handed.

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