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Offer To Bring Detainee To MA On Hold

Buried in the ‘Newton’ section of the Boston Globe:

Newton lawyers Doris Tennant, left, and Ellen Lubell stand for a photo in their office on Monday January 29, 2007. The two will be heading to Guantanamo Bay to meet with a client who is imprisoned there that they are representing for free.

Newton sponsors to halt Gitmo resolution

Posted January 19, 2010  

By Caitlin Castello, Town Correspondent

Following a firestorm of opposition, the alderman sponsoring a resolution to bring a Guantanamo detainee to Newton says he will ask his colleagues tonight not to vote on the measure.

"It doesn’t need to advance any further this evening until we are one mind about it," said Aldermen Steve Linsky.

The resolution, sponsored by Linsky and Ted Hess-Mahan, has sparked opposition from local residents and some Newton politicians, who say the city has more important, local concerns to address.

The resolution would invite the man, Abdul Aziz Naji, to resettle in Newton if Congress lifts its ban on allowing Guantanamo detainees to move to the United States. The resolution would also urge Congress to rescind the ban. A committee unanimously approved the resolution, which is slated to go before the full Board of Aldermen tonight.

However, Linsky said he and Hess Mahan will recommend that the resolution not advance to a full board vote.

"We’ve heard from a lot of members of the public and our colleagues and there is significant concerns about the issue and there is s general consensus the Board the Alderman is not the best forum to answer the questions that have been raised by the resolution," Hess-Mahan said.

Is this not a microcosm of how far out of touch our politicians are at all levels of office?

Note that this resolution had already been passed unanimously by a committee.

But now the Newton town board is surprised (and intimidated) by the reaction to the news from the actual public.

Perhaps it helps to note that Newton is a very popular neighborhood for professors at Harvard, and other seemingly oblivious personages. And these Solons probably make up the board.

As for Mr. Naji, of course the wicked Bush administration foolishly considered him to be an enemy combatant:

But on May 20, 2009, Mr. Naji was cleared for ‘transfer’ out of Gitmo by the much more enlightened ‘Guantanamo Review Task Force’ established by President Obama’s Executive Order of January 22, 2009.

So Mr. Naji is now good to go.

And soon he may be residing in a neighborhood near you.

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3 Responses to “Offer To Bring Detainee To MA On Hold”

  1. proreason says:

    move the KSM trial to Newton

    • JohnMG says:

      Oh, I don’t know, pro. Since these two worthies want to give free legal council to an obvious terrorist, I think we should do for them (and him) what was done to our Navy SEALS and change the venue of his trial. Lets send Abdul Aziz Naji and his lawyers back to India to stand trial. With two women for attorneys, his own people are likely to kill him. And them.

      I’ll even kick in for part of the one-way plane fare.

  2. Reality Bytes says:

    Put ’em in a room with their “client” for 20 minutes & see what happens!

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