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Officials Predicted 4 Of 5 Swapped Will Resume Jihad

From the Wall Street Journal:

Officials Predicted Detainees in Bowe Bergdahl Swap Would Rejoin Taliban

Classified Assessment Says Two of the Men Would Return to Senior Positions

By Julian E. Barnes and Siobhan Gorman | June 10, 2014

WASHINGTON—Before the U.S. transferred five Afghan Taliban detainees to secure the freedom of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, American intelligence officials predicted that two of the men would return to senior positions with the militant group, according to U.S. officials.

The classified assessment, a consensus of spy agencies compiled during the prisoner-swap deliberations, said two others of the five were likely to assume active roles within the Taliban, while only one of the five released detainees was considered likely to end active participation in the group’s effort to undermine the elected government of Afghanistan…

Obama administration officials said there were larger strategic and political goals in play, most crucially clinching the freedom of the sole American prisoner of war, who was believed to be in danger.

Freeing a prisoner of war is not a ‘strategic goal’ or even a ‘political goal.’ The strategic goal here was to give the Taliban what they wanted so they would negotiate with the US. Which really means, they would allow Obama to save face by taking over the country via negotiation rather than force.

The political goal here was to make sure some of the worst of the Gitmo detainees were released, in order to make it easier to release the rest of them. So Obama could claim to have fulfilled his campaign promise. And it didn’t matter one bit that some of the freed terrorists would resume the fight against us.

Some administration officials also saw in the swap a chance to establish a precedent for reconciliation talks with the Taliban as the U.S. presence in Afghanistan winds down, and some argue the same five Taliban could have been released someday even without a prisoner-exchange agreement.

The Taliban have been demanding the release of the ‘Taliban Five’ before they would negotiate since at least 2012 and probably longer. And, yes, Obama would have released them even if he didn’t have Bergdahl as a handy excuse.

Some officials also thought the transfer could speed up the stalled effort to eventually close the Guantanamo prison, although angry lawmakers now are proposing even steeper restrictions on the administration’s transfer authority…

Obama will once again bypass Congress with an executive order. Just like he did here.

The Pentagon and other government officials defended the decision to go forward with the exchange despite the intelligence community assessment, citing an agreement with the emirate of Qatar, which took in the detainees, that will allow the U.S. to monitor and track them. Qatar also agreed to provide a "re-education program" designed to draw the detainees away from militancy…

Oh, our sides.

"They re-enter the fight at their own peril," the Pentagon press secretary, Rear Adm. John Kirby, said…

Yes, we might ‘catch and release’ them again. They hate that.

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