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Another “Road Trip” – Rahim’s Latest Scam

It looks like Mother Sheehan's favorite wet bright spot, Malike Rahim's "Medical Clinic," has come up with yet another fundraising gimmick.

Sadly, they don't get very high marks for originality.

Road Trip for Relief! November 20-27

Converge in New Orleans in a Showing of Solidarity! November 20-27 in New Orleans– Download Poster for Printing

Come lend a hand over the week of Thanksgiving until November 27th. That's less than three weeks away!

The folks at Common Ground invite you to join an estimated 300 volunteers from around the continent to converge in New Orleans the week of Thanksgiving.We want to encourage those in attendance to arrive with building & clearning supplies, donated equipment and, if possible, funds that can apply directly to help rebuild and the 9th Ward.

Upon arrival, we will orient you to the long history of neglect and oppression in this area and offer tips on how to connect with the community in a respectful and effective manor. Then we will plug people into community projects in the 9th Ward, where we have just opened a new distribution center and where we are helping to coordinate efforts to challenge unjust city, state and national governments' policies and commercial exploits.

People who come can expect a life-changing experience and tasks ranging from debris removal to simply listening to those most effected by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

Common Ground is working dilegently to arrange for adequete shelter and food for all volunteers. please join us in the Roadtrip for Relief Forum Discussion or write Kerul Dyer at roadtripforrelief@gmail.com or call call 504.339.5885 to let us know where you are coming from, how many are in your convoy and when you will arrive!

Our efforts can illuminate that clean-up is possible and that we will stand in solidarity with people as they re-establish their lives in New Orleans. We will also bear witness to the dangerous policies of the city of New Orleans and keep a careful eye on the infamous New Orleans Police Department.

How you can help: Organize a bus or carpool to come to New Orleans to arrive on or around November 20.
Donate $$. Donate cleaning supplies, large tents, equpment or your labor.

Help raise funds, plan a fundraiser, ask your network to donate.

Help spread the word.

Reclaim the Gulf!

I wonder if they think it makes them look more authentic, more in touch with the unwashed masses, to eschew spellcheck.

Too bad al-Cindy won't make it, as she has promised to chain herself once again to the White House fence for Thanksgiving.

Do check out their "discussion forum" if you want a good laugh.

Most of their gripe is about how "the man" is trying to "whiten" New Orleans. And yet the photos of these heroes–from September–show that they are themselves quite melanin-deprived:

Common Ground volunteer clinic staff.

Clinic staffers take a break.

And, as an aside, despite the blue "scrubs" and stethoscopes, none of these people are doctors. They are "anarchist medics."

But they were sanctified by the presence and blessings of the divine one –which is even better than having a medical license:

By the way, you'll note that after all this time (and fundraising) the Common Ground (in fact, Malik Rahim's Black Muslim "mosque") site still has yet to post any photos of anyone actually being helped. But I guess that is the Veterans For (A) Peace tradition.

It's all about helping some people help themselves. –If you know what I mean.

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