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Oh Joy! Japan Invents ‘Speech-Jamming’ Gun

From Fox News:

Japan invents speech-jamming gun that silences people mid-sentence

March 02, 2012

TOKYO – Japanese researchers have invented a speech-jamming gadget that painlessly forces people into silence.

Kazutaka Kurihara of the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, and Koji Tsukada of Ochanomizu University, developed a portable "SpeechJammer" gun that can silence people more than 30 meters away.

The device works by recording its target’s speech then firing their words back at them with a 0.2-second delay, which affects the brain’s cognitive processes and causes speakers to stutter before silencing them completely.

Has the DNC gotten wind of this yet? Or Media Matters?

What are we saying? Mr. Soros was probably a major funder.

Describing the device in a research paper published Feb. 28 at arXiv.org, Kurihara and Tsukada wrote, "In general, human speech is jammed by giving back to the speakers their own utterances at a delay of a few hundred milliseconds. This effect can disturb people without any physical discomfort, and disappears immediately by stopping speaking."

They found that the device works better on people who were reading aloud than engaged in "spontaneous speech" and it cannot stop people making meaningless sounds, such as "ahhh," that are uttered over a long time period.

Which means Mr. Obama and most Democrats are safe. – How convenient!

Kurihara and Tsukada suggested the speech-jamming gun could be used to hush noisy speakers in public libraries or to silence people in group discussions who interrupt other people’s speeches.

Or Congress. Or townhalls. Or — Ahhhh…

"There are still many cases in which the negative aspects of speech become a barrier to the peaceful resolution of conflicts," the authors said.

The authors are definitely Democrats. If only in spirit.

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8 Responses to “Oh Joy! Japan Invents ‘Speech-Jamming’ Gun”

  1. GetBackJack says:


    Gotta go break out the backhoe while I can still get diesel fuel and dig the bunker a whole lot deeper.

    Back after a while.

    Carry on …

  2. geronl says:

    I am still waiting for the perverts to outlaw kiddie porn posession

  3. tranquil.night says:

    “Or Congress. Or townhalls. Or — (gag).”

    .. STUPEFY!

  4. Reality Bytes says:

    However tests show that Joe Biden was immune to it effects.

  5. Astravogel says:

    Wasn’t there a Star Trek episode
    called, “Biden’s Brain?” Maybe
    something else…

  6. Mithrandir says:



  7. Reality Bytes says:

    This must be it Astra. Looks like Biden’s scalp too. Damn near killed Spock trying to figure out what the hell he was thinking too!


  8. canary says:

    AP: FBI director: Cyber-threats will become top worry

    Mar 1 2012


    FBI Director Robert Mueller reiterated his testimony before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence in January that cyber-threats would surpass terrorism as the country’s top concern.

    ‘We are losing data, we are losing money, we are losing ideas and we are losing innovation,” Mueller said at the RSA Conference in San Francisco.

    “Together we must find a way to stop the bleeding.”

    The dangers posed by organized cyber-crime, rogue hacktivists and computer breaches backed by foreign governments have become a focus for the FBI.

    Cyber-squads in every FBI field office now monitor for crimes ranging from mortgage and health care fraud to child exploitation and terror recruiting, he said.

    The rising interest in cyber-defense could mean good business for many in the audience for Mueller’s speech.

    “We do not want you to feel victimized a second time by one of our investigations,” he said.

    “There are only two types of companies: Those that have been hacked, and those that will be.”


    “The rising interest in cyber-defense could mean good business for many in the audience for Mueller’s speech.”

    yes good business as the government hires thousands and thousands of more employees to run Big Brother.

    Did you know that many of you have low radio frequency micro chips in your Toter bins. Texas Instruments has determined it’s time to test them. And they won’t just stop with weight readings. Curbside recycling will result in your home being zapped along with Smart Meters, etc.

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