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Oh, No! ‘Gay Couples’ Left Out Of Amnesty Plan

From the San Francisco Chronicle:

Gay couples left out of immigration plan

Carolyn Lochhead | January 28, 2013

Washington — Latino and business groups applauded a sweeping immigration overhaul proposed Monday by eight Democratic and Republican senators, but its omission of binational [sic] same-sex couples alarmed activists who fear those couples could be used as a bargaining chip to woo GOP votes for legislation later this year.

"Bi-national?" Is this going to be the next new ‘gender’?

Heterosexuals are already permitted to sponsor their foreign-born spouse to become a permanent resident. But gay and lesbian couples, even those who are married, were omitted.

Think how handy this will be. The black market for ‘green card marriages’ is going to boom. You won’t even have to bother to find someone of the opposite sex to pretend to be your spouse.

And, naturally, these same sex couples will still have ‘anchor babies.’

Gay activists demanded that President Obama include these couples when he lays out his own immigration agenda Tuesday in Las Vegas.

Yes, let’s hope Obama gets the word in time to address this in his travesty of justice. He certainly doesn’t want to risk offending such a large portion of his base as "bi-national same sex couples."

"Based on his inaugural speech, we would expect that," said Rick Jacobs, head of California’s Courage Campaign, referring to Obama’s groundbreaking demand in his address last week that "our gay brothers and sisters (be) treated like anyone else under the law."

Same-sex, binational couples are a tiny fraction of the immigrant population. A study by the pro-gay Williams Institute think tank estimated that there are 28,500 same-sex couples in the United States in which one partner is a citizen and one is not.

Something tells us this number is wildly inflated.

Still, their status has become a major issue for the gay rights movement…

What isn’t?

As same-sex marriage has spread to nine states and the District of Columbia, such couples are denied immigration benefits under the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act, which bars all federal benefits to same-sex couples. The statute is before the Supreme Court.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-San Francisco, intervened a year ago to defer action in the case of a San Francisco couple, Bradford Wells, a U.S. citizen, and Anthony John Makk, a citizen of Australia, who are married but faced possible deportation because Makk’s visas had expired.

Since we only deport convicted felons under Obama, you have to wonder exactly what crimes had Mr. Makk committed?

Heather Cronk, managing director of GetEqual, a national gay rights group in Berkeley, said Catholic bishops have been lobbying Congress to omit same-sex couples from an immigration bill, and she worried that such couples might become a bargaining chip as legislation is written.

"It’s my understanding that there is no explicit mention … in order to get Republican sign-on on the issue," Cronk said.

Damn those evil Catholics and Republicans.

Rep. Jerrold Nadler, D-N.Y., House author of the Uniting American Families Act, which would extend to committed gay and lesbian couples the same immigration privileges available to heterosexual married couples, said Monday that he is not worried.

"We made it quite clear that gays and lesbians are not second-class people," Nadler said, "and if we have general immigration reform they are going to be included, period." …

No kidding. In fact, it won’t be long before second, third and fourth ‘wives’ are also included. After all, we certainly can’t discriminate on the basis of religion.

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