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Old Chinese Women Sent To Re-Education

From the UK’s Times:

Elderly Chinese women ordered into re-education for daring to protest

August 20, 2008

Two elderly women who applied five times to demonstrate in China’s Olympic protest parks against the demolition of their homes have been ordered to serve one year of re-education through labour, a human rights group said.

It is the toughest penalty to be reported against any of those who followed up a government announcement that it would allow protests in three Beijing parks during the August 8-24 Olympics. So far, the police said they have received 77 applications and none has been approved.

Wu Dianyuan, 79, and Wang Xiuying, 77, have been petitioning the government ever since they were forcibly evicted from their homes in Beijing in 2001 as part of a series of huge renovation projects across the city.

The pair applied five times between August 5 and August 18 to the Beijing city Public Security Bureau for permission to demonstrate in the newly designated protest parks. The two women, formerly neighbours, wanted to protest against their forced eviction from their homes seven years ago. Their application was neither granted nor denied and on August 5 they were held for 10 hours for questioning by the police, the son of one of the women told Human Rights in China.

On August 17, the two elderly women each received a document from the city authorities ordering them to serve one year of re-education through labour – an administrative punishment that does not require any judicial process – from July 30 this year to July 29, 2009 for “disturbing public order”. The two would be allowed to serve their term outside a camp, but the notice restricts their movements and states that if other regulations are violated they could be moved to a camp.

Li Xuehui, son of of Mrs Wu, said: ”Wang Xiuying is almost blind and crippled. What sort of re-education through labour can she serve? But they can also be taken away at any time.” The two women had remained at home but were under observation of a neighbourhood watch group, he said…

Bear in mind that this is exactly the future that the media and the rest of the freedom-hating left want for all of us.

But doesn’t this violate the spirit of the Olympics?

(Just kidding.)

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