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Olympic Delegate: Ban Heads Of State

From Reuters:

Shocked U.S. Olympic delegate urges heads of state ban

By Karolos Grohmann Sun Oct 4

COPENHAGEN (Reuters) – The Olympic fiasco arising from U.S. President Barack Obama’s failed promotion of Chicago’s bid for the 2016 Games should be avoided by keeping heads of state away from the process, a U.S. delegate said on Sunday.

Anita DeFrantz, one of two International Olympic Committee members from the U.S. said she was still in shock at Friday’s IOC vote which awarded the Games to Rio de Janeiro while Chicago finished fourth and last on just 18 votes – despite speeches in Copenhagen by Obama and first lady Michelle Obama…

"I think it’s (visits from heads of state and political leaders) getting ridiculous. We should go back to the videos," DeFrantz told Reuters

Heads of state and political leaders have increasingly attending IOC sessions in recent years to exert influence in favor of their particular city’s bid.

Then British Prime Minister Tony Blair helped London win the 2012 Games in 2005 and Russia’s Vladimir Putin was crucial to getting the 2014 Winter Games for Sochi.

Carrion said even Blair’s influence had probably been exaggerated.

"There is this story that Tony Blair won it for London," he said. "We are very happy to see the heads of state. It does imply a certain support but I would not give it that much importance.

"It would be a very bad comment on our own process though if it could be swayed by heads of state."

Obama’s failure to influence the final outcome put him in good company. Nelson Mandela went to the 1997 IOC session in Lausanne to support Cape Town but the South African city finished a long way behind Athens in the bid for the 2004 Games.

Oh, well, as long as Mr. Obama is in good company.

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6 Responses to “Olympic Delegate: Ban Heads Of State”

  1. canary says:

    Looks like Obama’s knocking his fist at the IOC even failed.

  2. proreason says:

    I take great pride in bashing Obamy as often and as harshly as I can, but frankly, I’m humbled by what the Olympic fiasco has revealed.

    Oh yeh, I call him the Moron, which ably illustrates my opinion of his intelligence, but you know, even I would have had to admit early last week that things have gone pretty well for the boy king in his life, and there is some small remote chance that he had something to do with it. After all, all lot of people attribute a kind of animal cunning to the way his fascist agenda has cut through the country like a knife. I, of course, attributed it to his handlers and continued to think of him as the Howdy Doody of politics. Even so, there was always a hint of potential ability, exhibeted primarilly by his world class ability to lie. Really, it’s hard to deny that the evil sprite has mastered the fine art of lying, be it from the disdainful chuckle to pretend he isn’t fully away of the preposterousness of his endless claims, to the bald-face, in-your-face, call-me-a-liar-if-you-want-to-be-painted-as-a-racist lying that he does 23 hours a day.

    But the IOC dispelled all that. It forever exposed him as the dumb as a lamppost affirmative action emperor. Challenged only by Thunderbutt. There’s a reason she felt inadequate in college. There’s a reason he has never published his college transcripts or his job records. And the reason is 6 letters. S T U P I D. Flat out stupid.

    Now we know what really happened. I won’t bore you with all the details, be here are a few nuggets. To win the Olympics for London, Tony Blair devoted 3 days to wining, dining and smoozing the entire Olympic committee. That is now the standard. The Moron swooped in for 3 hours, so he and the bulbous squeeze could disrupt the entire program and brag about themselves for the entire time. This after the Moron had spent his entire Presidency bashing the USA. He might have pointed out to the IOC that we have the best infrastructure in the world, the best facilities for communications, the best sports, and the best ability to promote the Olympics. He might have used the code words to let the esteemed committee know that the US would double the bribes that they expect from the other countries. He might have subtly illustrated the decadence and corruption that we would shower on those eminences. He might have played on the traditions of the Olympics and brought past champions from our country who have elevated themselves and sports to new levels because of their victories in the US. He might have extolled the can-do virtues of Chicago, and brought pictures of the world class venues and building that would be built as symbols of the world’s greatest sports events.

    Oh yeh, he could have done all that and more.

    So what did the Moron do.

    He made it all about himself and Thuderbutt. That’s right. The only pitch was that it would be a marvelous tiara to his 8 illustrious years on office.

    What a monumental idiot.

  3. Rusty Shackleford says:

    When I was very young and the concept of the Olympics was explained to me, it was made clear that it was an opportunity for nations to compete peacefully through athletic competition, without the political trappings…or at least keeping them to a minimum.

    I’m not entirely sure but I think it was Hitler who first used the ceremonies as a place to front his political agenda.

    In recent times, the politicization of the games has truly gotten ugly. Therefore the onus is on the IOC to stop it before it starts and not only should the PM of GB been refused at the door, but any and all politicians who attempt to pull sway with them as well.

    Perhaps they were just trying to be polite….or perhaps Blammo the boy-faced child didn’t offer the correct bribes. But really, I’d like to actually see a corruption free IOC (dream on, I know) that doesn’t give a flip about any of the politics and just decides what’s best for the athletes and the IOC itself.

  4. Liberals Demise says:

    At least he made time from his vacation junket to meet with a General he would not have met face to face with at any other time. Due to his rigorous schedule. (and foot shuffling)

  5. Right of the People says:

    If the Won™ is wondering why the world supposedly hates us, all he has to do is look in the mirror. His smarmy, I’m better than you attitude is enough to make a camel gag and the rest of the world can see through his glittering facade. Maybe this is what he meant by “transparency”.

  6. GTBurns says:

    I saw that Chicago promo video and Pres. Obama and Michelle’s speeches. Rush was hit the nail on the head when He described their attempt was at a junior high school level.

    Obama’s speech was all about what the games could do for him and his daughters, not what Chicago can bring to the games. Michelle went on a sob story about sitting on her father’s knee when Carl Lewis won his first gold medal. Michelle would be 20 when Lewis won his first gold medal. Sounds like a lie or she had a John and Mackenzie type of Father/Daughter relationship going on here.

    That video for Chicago, I seen videos done in my College Media classes that were better written and filmed.

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