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One Of Our Long National Nightmares Is Over

Sort of.

Mrs. Clinton has finally conceded suspended her campaign and endorsed Mr. Obama — in her own peculiar fashion.

That is to say, she largely recited for one last time her “you know” stump speech. Complete with her litany of those helpless creatures who cry out for her royal intercession:

The woman who is working three jobs, but who still asks: “what are you going to do to make sure I have health insurance?”

The Marine who begs, “would you please take care of me?”

And with a conspicuous absence of much mention of Mr. Obama.

Still, Mrs. Clinton is throwing her considerable (ahem) weight behind the presumptive nominee and pledging to continue her tireless efforts to turn our country into a socialist paradise of renewable milk and honey.

An economy that assures our prosperity is broad and shared…

By the way, it is so perfect that the following may be her very last press release:

So typical. But never mind.

Hillary now stands with Barack Obama to say (paraphrasing): “yes we can… [buy and steal this election]!”

Still, a variation on a line from the Scottish play seems apt for our own Lady MacBeth:

“Nothing in her campaign became her like the leaving it.”

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