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Only 4% Hispanic Illegals Identify As Republican

From a shameless Washington Post:

Poll: Illegal immigrants favor Democrats 54 percent to 19 percent

By Aaron Blake | July 22, 2013

Hispanic illegal immigrants aren’t very partisan, but they clearly favor the Democratic Party, according to data from the Pew Research Center…

You see? Hispanic illegal aliens "aren’t very partisan." They will just vote three to one in favor of the Democrats.

Pew’s 2012 National Survey of Latinos, [found that] 31 percent of Hispanic illegal immigrants identified as Democrats, while just 4 percent said they are Republicans.

Only 4% identify as Republican. But giving them the vote is going to save the Republican Party.

When you include those who leaned toward either party, though, the Democrats’ lead increased to 54 percent to 19 percent. Another 27 percent favor neither party.

Let’s just say we doubt there are so many ‘leaners.’ But even if it is true, this still gives Democrats a three to one advantage.

The numbers among Hispanic illegal immigrants were actually slightly better for Republicans than among legal ones…

You would think there are some whoppers that would be too big even for our mainstream media to tell. But you would be wrong.

Among Hispanic legal permanent residents (legal status but not citizens), Democrats led 67-13 percent. And among Hispanics who immigrated to the United States and became citizens, they led 69-17…

So shouldn’t this be an argument for the Republicans to oppose giving them amnesty? Once they become legal they will hate the Republicans even more.

Under the Senate bill, though, illegal immigrants wouldn’t become citizens for more than a decade and would have to meet several benchmarks and pay fines. In other words, it’s likely that not all of them would pursue that path, and Republicans would have time to woo these new potential voters.

Look at how many lies can the Washington Post can cram into just one paragraph.

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One Response to “Only 4% Hispanic Illegals Identify As Republican”

  1. canary says:

    This was very inaccurate rigged PEW study. They rigged it to ask the very 1st question do like the Democrat Party best. And they all said “Yes”.

    I hate to be repetitive on this issue, but immigrants always say “yes” to no matter what you ask them. And this country will become dysfunctional and people are going to die.
    “yes. yes. I know how to measure. They they do it wrong and things break.
    Or, you ask them do they know what sugar is and they say “yes. yes” and put rat poison in food.

    I saw a news anchor do a little pick oranges and put them in baskets with Latinos

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