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Only 7% Blame Dem Congress For Super Fail

From a triumphant Reuters:

Americans blame all sides for committee failure: poll

By Patricia Zengerle
November 22, 2011

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Americans blame the failure of the debt "super committee" on everyone involved, a Reuters/Ipsos poll showed on Tuesday, despite the best efforts of Democrats and Republicans to point fingers at each other.

What Reuters means is that Americans are not blaming the Republicans enough, despite the news media’s best efforts. So more work needs to be done.

Still, they must feel proud about having confused the American public enough that they can’t see who is really to blame here.

Nineteen percent blamed a combination of Democratic and Republican lawmakers for the congressional committee’s inability to agree to a deficit plan. Twenty-two percent held a mix of lawmakers from both parties and Democratic President Barack Obama accountable.

"It’s sort of a ‘pox on everyone’s home’ situation," Ipsos pollster Julia Clark said

‘Moral equivalency’ is always the media’s last resort. If they can’t convince us that Republicans are totally at fault, then everyone must be to blame. 

If the news media don’t believe they can convince us to un-elect Republicans, they always resort to ‘throw all the bums out.’

"This just damages Americans’ trust in Congress and in Washington and in the political process," Clark said.

This is actually a good thing. Why should anyone believe that Congress or the President or anyone in Washington has the power to solve our problems? Of course the media see this as terrible.

They want the public to believe that Washington is their only salvation.

The impasse also added to Americans’ fears for their pocketbooks. Thirty-five percent said they were most concerned that the committee’s failure would lead to a decline in the U.S. economy, compared with outcomes such as worry that the deficit would rise.

Which just goes to show how uninformed the poll respondents are. Since the same amount of money will be cut from the budget by sequestration whether the supercommittee had succeeded or not.

While squabbles over the committee have dominated political headlines, nearly one in five Americans, or 17 percent, had not heard anything about it, and nearly another quarter, or 23 percent, had heard only a little.

Which is another success story for our news media.

But the poll showed that 18 percent blamed Republican lawmakers most for the committee’s failure, and 13 percent blamed Obama most.

Only 7 percent primarily blamed Democratic lawmakers, according to the online survey, conducted on Monday and Tuesday.

This is a triumph for our news media. We hope they are proud of themselves.

Half of respondents said they viewed Congress less favorably.

And yet only 7% blame the Democrats in Congress? Go figure.

Obama has cranked up his rhetoric against Congress as his campaign for re-election next year picks up speed

The Democrats had to make damn sure the supercommittee failed, so that Obama could run against a do-nothing Republican Congress. The T-shirts have already been made, the bumper stickers have been printed, the campaign ads have been shot.

But we are to supposed to believe that everybody is to blame.

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6 Responses to “Only 7% Blame Dem Congress For Super Fail”

  1. Papa Louie says:

    Allowing them to break their previous promise not to raise tax rates for two years is all the Super Democrats wanted from the Super Republicans. So, of course, it was the Republicans’ fault! How could they be so mean as to force Democrats to keep a promise? It’s unheard of! Democrats reserve the right to change their minds — which begs the question: why do we even try to reach an agreement with them when we know they will immediately renege on their half of the agreement? Whether it is an agreement with Reagan to grant amnesty in exchange for closing the border, or an agreement to “pay as you go”, or an agreement to not raise tax rates for two years, they always break their promises while insisting that we keep ours. The media will never remind them of their broken promises. Heck, even our side is quick to forget the agreement ever happened! Does anyone remember the following agreement Obama made to extend the Bush tax cuts, which he and Democrats have been desperately trying to break ever since?

    “We have arrived at a framework of a bipartisan agreement. For the next two years, every American family will keep their tax cuts…” — Pres. Obama, Dec 6, 2010

  2. Reality Bytes says:

    Goin out on a limb here but wasn’t the whole point to cut spending? How did tax increases get into the mix? When will someone hammer home what happens to IRS revenues when taxes are CUT!!!

    • chainsaw says:

      Obviously RB, you did not consult the Democrat rule book. The whole (un)super committee was a sham, a little three card monty to supply the circus for the masses.

  3. bobdog says:

    The trick is to stop reading as soon as you see (Reuters) at the top of the article.

    They’re not in the news business. They’re in the propaganda business.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      I put “Reuters” into a computer anagram program and for some reason it kept coming back “Goebbels”.

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