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Oops! Obama Opposes Repeal Of CLASS Act

From The Hill:

Obama opposes repeal of healthcare program suspended last week

By Julian Pecquet – 10/17/11

President Obama is against repealing the health law’s long-term-care CLASS Act and might veto Republican efforts to do so, an administration official tells The Hill, despite the government’s announcement Friday that the program was dead in the water.

"We do not support repeal," the official said Monday. "Repealing the CLASS Act isn’t necessary or productive. What we should be doing is working together to address the long-term care challenges we face in this country."

And who really cares if it is all based on a whopping lie. So is the rest of the plan.

Over the weekend, The Hill has learned, an administration official called advocates of the Community Living Assistance Services and Supports (CLASS) Act to reassure them that Obama is still committed to making the program work. That official also told advocates that widespread media reports on the program’s demise were wrong, leaving advocates scratching their heads.

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius announced Friday in a blog post on the liberal Huffington Post website that the administration did not see a way to make the program sustainable.

It’s getting so you can’t even trust the Huffington Post for accurate reporting. (And never mind the fact that Kathleen Sebelius is a Huffington Post ‘blogger.’)

Sebelius indicated her agency hadn’t been able to figure out a way to ensure the program providing long-term care paid for itself as required by law.

Later in a call with reporters on Friday, an HHS official said work on the program was being suspended.

"We won’t be working further to implement the CLASS Act. … We don’t see a path forward to be able to do that," Assistant Secretary for Aging Kathy Greenlee told reporters on Friday.

Goodbye, Ms. Greenlee.

The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office, meanwhile, said Monday that repealing the program would not add to the deficit, making Republican repeal efforts that much easier.

It really is to laugh. The CBO are the same people who told us the CLASS Act would save a trillion dollars. Or whatever their made-up figure was.

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3 Responses to “Oops! Obama Opposes Repeal Of CLASS Act”

  1. untrainable says:

    We have a secretary for aging? Well thank god for that. I mean, what would we do if people stopped aging?
    So, what’s next? A secretary of back acne? The secretary of foot fungus? It’s just further illustration that our government is beyond bloated.

    As for the class act, Obama is going out of his way to prove beyond any doubt (as if ther was any) that he is totally clueless about the reality around him. His own people have outed his accounting tricks, it only took 18 months, and he is still trying to keep up the lie. Simply clueless.

  2. Mithrandir says:

    Don’t you all understand? If there is any unpopular, bloated, ridiculous, unsustainable program to be dropped, Obama is the one to do it.

    They will revive this 1000 times! Re-enact it to look like he cares about people, then drop it to look like he is fiscally responsible. Then revive it, saying the Republicans want to hurt disabled and needy people, then drop it to appeal to Blue-Dog Democrats etc.

    I believe Americans would fall for this nonsense for decades without catching on, or probably wouldn’t even care about the mind-screw that was being perpetrated upon them.

    • tranquil.night says:

      Austerity, when it’s politically necessary. Otherwise spend, spend, spend; grab, grab, grab.

      Normally, I’d agree, but in this case, they’re desperate to get the bureaucracy of ObamaCare installed. The Obamatable Force is just slamming up against the Immovable Object of financial reality. That may just mean they haven’t gotten creative enough in fudging the accounting.

      Like with moving up the SCOTUS ruling, it’s not because they want to rid themselves of ObamaCare, it’s because it might be their last chance to save it. Even there, they know their legal argument is so weak that they have to try and win by bringing political pressure to bare on Justice Kennedy.

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