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Oops! Older Americans Signing Up For O-Care

From a white-knuckled Reuters:

Early Obamacare data show older Americans more apt to sign up

By Lewis Krauskopf | November 19, 2013

(Reuters) – More older Americans than young adults so far have signed up for new insurance coverage under the state marketplaces created by President Barack Obama’s healthcare law, according to early data from four states reporting details on their enrollment.

Damn those evil Republicans. Now they are cahooting with young people to wreck Obama-Care.

The age balance is being closely watched to determine the financial stability of the insurance market created by the Affordable Care Act, as the participation of younger people is needed to offset costs for sicker beneficiaries. To ensure that younger people sign up, the law requires individuals to pay a penalty if they do not have health coverage.

How soon will it be before they start enforcing quotas? Starting with age, but then moving on to race and then economic class and gender preference. And so on, down the card.

The Obama administration is aiming to enroll about 2.7 million 18- to 35-year-olds in the exchanges by the end of March, out of 7 million total, or about 38 percent.

That ‘7 million’ goal is a real hoot.

Early data from Connecticut, Kentucky, Washington and Maryland show that so far more than 20 percent of the 23,500 combined enrollees in private insurance plans are 18 to 34 years old, ranging from about 19 percent in Kentucky and Connecticut to about 27 percent in Maryland….

In other words, they are only getting about half as many young people as they need.

Health policy experts and actuaries said it was premature to draw any conclusions from the initial demographic data, with one likening it to "trying to call an election when you only have 10 percent of the returns." …

And, God knows, nobody would ever do that.

Still, Steven Schramm, managing director of Optumas, a strategy and actuarial firm that works with state Medicaid programs and exchanges, said 20 percent was surprising at this stage, given that healthcare advocates were expected to target more elderly Americans at first to make sure they got enrolled…

Barbra Streisand. According to the AP, at least $684 million taxpayer dollars have been poured into propaganda aimed at driving younger people into Obama-Care.

"We really thought the 55-to-64 percentage would be very high initially," Schramm said. "The first people who show up for any (healthcare) program are the riskiest people." …

And never mind that if the trend doesn’t reverse, this will cause the dreaded ‘death spiral’ for the insurance companies. (Which, of course, is the ultimate plan.)

Insurers in the exchanges can only charge older adults three times as much as young adults for premiums…

Could this possibly have anything to do with the numbers of people signing up? — Nah.

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