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Opposition Calls For Million Man March

From a cheering Associated Press:

Egypt opposition calls for 1 million on streets

By Maggie Michael And Hamza Hendawi, Associated Press
January 31, 2011

CAIRO – A coalition of opposition groups called for a million people to take to Cairo’s streets Tuesday to ratchet up pressure for President Hosni Mubarak to leave.

American and other world leaders were also ramping up pressure for an orderly transition to a democratic system.

The coalition of groups, dominated by youth movements but including the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood, said it wants the march from Tahrir, or Liberation Square, to force Mubarak to step down by Friday.

Friday being their Sabbath. And their weekly ‘day of rage.’

Spokesmen for several of the groups said their representatives were meeting Monday afternoon to develop a unified strategy for ousting Mubarak. The committee will also discuss whether Nobel Peace laureate Mohamed ElBaradei will be named as a spokesman for the protesters, they said. ElBaradei, a pro-democracy advocate and former head of the U.N. nuclear watchdog, invigorated anti-Mubarak feeling with his return to Egypt last year.

The Muslim Brotherhood, which wants to form an Islamist state in the Arab world’s largest nation, said it would not take a leadership role. Western governments and many secular Egyptians have expressed fears about a significant Brotherhood role in Egyptian politics.

"We don’t want to harm this revolution," said Mohamed Mahdi Akef, a former leader of the Brotherhood.

Not yet. Not until the heavy lifting is over, and they can take over with as little fuss as possible.

The groups also called for a general strike Monday, although much of Cairo remained shut down, with government officers and private businesses closed.

"We don’t want life to go back to normal until Mubarak leaves. We want people to stay away from their jobs until he leaves," Israa Abdel-Fattah, one of the protest organizers and one of the founders of April 6 group, a grassroots movement of young people that has been pushing for democratic reform since 2008.

We probably shouldn’t be too sanguine that the "young people" know or even want what is best for Egypt. After all, young people in America helped give us Obama – and look where we are today. The young people of Egypt’s idea of a good leader could be just as bad — or even worse.

Banks, schools and the stock market were shut for the second working day. Long lines formed outside bakeries as people tried to replenish their stores of bread, the main source of sustenance for most Egyptians.

Barbed wire sealed off the main road to Tahrir Square, a central downtown plaza that demonstrators have occupied since Friday, turning it into the national focal point of calls for the ouster of Mubarak, whom they blame for widespread poverty, inflation and official indifference and brutality during his 30 years in power.

Thousands of people had gathered into the square by early morning. Many slept sprawled on the grass or in colorful tents. Others were filtering into the square in the early morning…

The outlawed Muslim Brotherhood is Egypt’s largest opposition movement.

Its support base comes in large part from its elaborate network of social, medical and education services. It made a suprisingly [sic] strong showing in parliamentary elections in 2005, winning 20 percent of the legislature’s seats, but it failed to win a single seat in elections held late last year and are widely throught [sic] to have been rigged in favor of Mubarak’s ruling party.

Obviously the AP reporters get very worked up when talking about the Brotherhood.

Mubarak, a former air force commander in office since 1981, is known to have zero tolerance for Islamists in politics, whether they are militants or moderates, and it remains highly unlikely that he would allow his government to engage in any dialogue with the Brotherhood

And we can’t have intolerant people like that running a country.

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8 Responses to “Opposition Calls For Million Man March”

  1. proreason says:

    At last America leads in something again under our little community organizer in chief.

  2. P. Aaron says:

    THey don’t have enough Porta-Potties Do they? Did the protestors get the proper permit?

  3. canary says:

    We know the fire-starters are muslims because the Koran tells to burn down towns over and over. And no doubt they decapitated the mummy’s heads.

    I have heard reporter and seen footage of the military shaking hands and hugging with the people, because
    they are forced to be in the military.

    Some Christian American’s here in the state said that they can’t wear their hair and clothes they way they want to in Eygpt.

    And it was not just the internet shut down. Then they shut down television and cell phones, right after they
    shut the internet. Then a man interviewed in Cairo said they turned the television back on, but you could only see the “National channel”.

    And this is all where Obama is headed with the internet (and it’s official he wants everyone to have an e-mail registered with government).
    Chavez & Ahmadman have gotten away with this. So, on the bright side some people do riot over tyranny.

  4. River says:

    The Regime Media here is scrubbing and buffing up the Muslim Brotherhood as a benevolent organization that only wants to care for the needy; you know, like when they sent the flotilla into Gaza last year. CNN and MSNBC are “reporting” this, and Chris Matthews and other ciphers are going full bore with encouragement. Try to imagine the IslamoNazis in control of the Suez Canal. I think we’re talking WW4.

  5. Reality Bytes says:

    What – somebody loose a contact?

  6. Mae says:

    For any leader to call for a million men out on the streets to protest is totally irresponsible and in essence is asking for a conflagration. No true leader interested in democracy for the country would call for any disobedience under such volatile conditions. When Cairo burns and chaos reigns, the terrorist entity, The Muslim Brotherhood, will take over, declare sharia law, kill the infidels and set Allah’s chosen leader on Egypt’s throne. Look out, Great Satan; look out, Little Satan.

    • Liberals Demise says:

      Careful there Mae.
      The firm of FarraCon, Sharpton and Jackson called a similar
      march in the not so distant past. This bunch is quick to hang labels
      on other Americans so be careful……….Big Brotherhood is marching!!

  7. Mithrandir says:

    When is the U.S. and everyone else going to learn! Muslims need heavy-handed dictators to control them. Despite Saddam Hussein’s stupidity in attacking Kuwait, and thumbing his nose at the U.S., he was the only one crazy enough to rule those people.
    Democracy in the Muslim lexicon = voting in terrorist organizations to power. Remember how the Palestinians voted for Hamas? Or how Lebanon ‘votes’ for Hezbolla?

    Democracy is foreign and means nothing to them. You’ll see. The fringe groups will be “voted in” and ruin their government and country.

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