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Oregon Considers Bill To Recoup Lost Gas Taxes

From Oregon’s Statesman Journal:

Bill may recoup lost gas tax revenue

By Queenie Wong | January 2, 2013

Drivers of certain fuel-efficient vehicles who skirt paying a gas tax at the pump may have to pitch in to fund the state’s roads.

The state Legislature is expected to consider a bill that would require drivers with a vehicle getting at least 55 miles per gallon of gasoline or equivalent to pay a tax per mile after 2015. Drivers would also have the option of paying a flat amount annually.

Exactly what the rate per mile would be is up to lawmakers to decide in the upcoming legislative session. That part of the bill was intentionally left blank.

Oregonians currently pay 30 cents per gallon, a tax that is automatically added at the pump. But as cars become more fuel efficient and alternative fuel sources are identified, state officials project gas tax revenue will decline.

“Everybody uses the road and if some pay and some don’t then that’s an unfair situation that’s got to be resolved,” said Jim Whitty, manager of the Oregon Department of Transportation’s Office of Innovative Partnerships and Alternative Funding.

Yes, make these tree-huggers pay their fair share!

Electric cars, for example, don’t use gasoline so those drivers don’t pay gas tax.

Lawmakers created a Road User Fee Task Force in 2001 to find a new revenue system to offset a drop in gas tax revenue. The group began looking at charging certain drivers per mile and launched a second pilot project in 2012 that tested the idea.

Other states, such as Nevada and Washington, are also looking at a per-mile charge. A Washington law that would charge electric car owners an annual fee goes into effect in February.

Where is the outrage?

Groups opposed to the per-mile charge, such as the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers and the Oregon Electric Vehicle Association, say the high-mileage requirement would initially target electric vehicles and a broader voluntary pilot in the state should be explored.

“It will be one more obstacle that the industry and auto dealers will face in convincing consumers to buy these new cars,” said Paul Cosgrove, a lobbyist for the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers.

What a conundrum. The government will have to choose between being green and getting more green. Of course they will always choose the latter.

The administrative costs of starting the new system would also outweigh any additional revenue for years, he noted…

It’s not about revenue. It’s about ‘fairness.’

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7 Responses to “Oregon Considers Bill To Recoup Lost Gas Taxes”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    Government is a Black Hole from which there is no escape

  2. River0 says:

    New cars have ‘black boxes’ linked to the car’s computer that record everything the vehicle does.

    Taxation is only one possibility. The car could be shut down remotely, or the computer destroyed by a virus, deliberately or not. Who could be certain that microphones aren’t recording everything that’s said?

    George Orwell never thought of this.

  3. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Proof once again that government simply wants to take the people’s money, even if you’re a leftwing moonbat socialist, completely cooperating with their takeover agenda. And the government sticks it to them as well. Isn’t irony ironic?

    I remember as a kid, watching the direction things were going and noticing that we, as a nation, while fighting communism, were becoming more socialist ourselves. Starting with the hippies, once again, capitalizing on the earlier attempts at a socialist America, as in Prohibition and other things, seeing the movie rating system, labels requiring warnings (Use this product and you can die, etc.). Constant nanny-statism. UGH! And me, being a tail-end of the baby-boom, having my “peer” group completely buy into the BS that is political correctness. Again, UGH!

    Have a friend at work…died-in-the-wool Christian, very nice person, generally conservative but has some whacky liberal ideas. Drives a micro-car to “help save the environment” and she gives me the dagger eyes when I tell her that my car can undo twelve of her cars and I’m proud of it. Also prefers that EVERYONE around her uses politically correct language.

    But this attitude about taxing high-mileage cars because they need to recoup the loss on taxes NOT paid at the pump is symptomatic of 1)out of control government and 2)proof that government has a SPENDING problem.

  4. Mithrandir says:

    This is just more proof that electric cars (the first one I actually saw in the early 80s) and hydrogen fuel cars (made by free water) has been CRUSHED because of the government’s addiction to gas taxes.
    Don’t believe the lie that Global Warming is a serious issue, because we have had the solutions for decades, and the electric hybrid car was supposed to be a partial solution, but WHOOPS! The mob can’t live without its precious precious tax revenue. Gee, it’s almost as if the liberals are just as addicted to OIL as they claim the conservatives are, imagine that!

    HOW ABOUT TOLL BRIDGES? That seems fair, and EVERYONE uses those, and if you travel anywhere NEAR Chicago, you will experience two things: expensive toll bridges, and NON-STOP union construction crews tearing up one or the other side of the highway, perpetually! The first time I traveled near Chicago was in 1978 to go to 6-Flags Great America, and we went every 5 years or so, and I also went last summer, and every time, it’s the same road construction story. –The Roman roads exist 2000 years later, and union built roads are made to last 2 years to keep people working forever.

    Be on the look-out for increasing taxes on bike riders, because they aren’t paying a penny for gas, however they are using bike paths for free.

  5. Astravogel says:

    Only the residents of La-la Land didn’t see this one coming.
    We’ve had two Honda Civic Hybrids, and are on our third
    Prius (14,500 miles since March on the current one) and I
    really enjoy getting twice the milage of our 1999 Explorer,
    which usually is parked, except for Civil War reenactments,
    where I need the cargo space, and some event sites are
    not vehicle friendly. So, I’m going twice as far on half the
    fuel. Nobody’s money or property are safe when the
    legislature is in session! Mark Twain, I think.

  6. yadayada says:

    funny- I thought the high mileage was mandated by the fed guv’s CAFE standards. why don’t they tax the EPA for causing this problem?
    those cars are being driven by law abiding citizens who are only exercising their gaia given rights.
    they only want to protect their country, their culture and the children of the world from evil people who want to rape, rob and plunder the earth for it’s mineral wealth.

    or are they being driven by evil capitalists who only want to horde their wealth? saving money by not paying $4 a gallon. who refuse to share their wealth with the benevolent governing overlords who know best. after all, only the wealthy can afford those new hybrids and electric vehicles. make them pay their fair share. let’s tax the power trains for those cars. lack of road maintenance kills innocent children. also, make them do background checks to buy those cars.

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