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Oregon Exchange Has Never Worked, 0 Sign-Ups

From an unfazed Reuters:

Oregon healthcare exchange website never worked, has no subscribers

By Jonathan Kaminsky | November 20, 2013

(Reuters) – Oregon, a state that fully embraced the Affordable Care Act, is enduring one of the rockiest rollouts of President Barack Obama’s signature healthcare law, with an inoperative online exchange that has yet to enroll a single subscriber, requiring thousands to apply on paper instead…

But instead of serving as a national model, Oregon’s experience has emerged as a cautionary tale, inviting comparisons to technical glitches that have plagued other state-run portals and the federal government’s website for those states lacking exchanges of their own.

Oregon’s online exchange has remained inaccessible to the public, requiring the state to sign up applicants the old-fashioned way, using paper forms…

Meanwhile, Oregon has spent at least $9.9 million federal taxpayer dollars promoting their website with psychedelic hippy-dippy ads.

This has made comparison shopping more difficult for consumers and severely slowed the enrollment process…

The hell you say.

In the meantime, the state has resorted to urging would-be subscribers to fill out applications that are between nine and 19 pages long by hand, Cover Oregon spokesman Michael Cox said.

Remember the outcry when the application forms were first published, because they were up to 15 pages long? A problem we were told they was going to be fixed. Guess what? That wasn’t fixed, either. The form is now up to 19 pages long.

The program also has hired about 400 temporary workers to help process those applications before January 1, when the new plans are due to take effect, Cox said.

As part of that effort, staff members from his office are fanning out to hotel conference rooms and other venues across the state over the next week to help prospective enrollees complete the forms, he said.

That is to say, Oregon has hired 400 ACORN and SEIU types to try to sign up as many people as quickly as possible for Obama-Care subsidies or Medicaid. (Before they start checking on eligibility.)

Nearly 25,000 individuals and families have so far submitted hard-copy applications, Cox said, with nearly two-thirds of those applicants eligible for Medicaid, a federal-state healthcare plan for the needy.

But none of those applicants has actually been enrolled, with manual processing of the paperwork slowing the process dramatically.

Separately, about 70,000 residents have signed up for Medicaid by responding to letters sent by the state to more than 200,000 people deemed eligible for the program by virtue of their receiving food stamps, Cox said…

So Oregon sent out 200,000 letters asking people to sign up for Medicaid, and so far a third of them have. How wonderful!

But that is what Obama-Care is really all about. Making as many people as dependent on government as possible.

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