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Oregon Gives Up On Its State Obama-Care Exchange

From the Daily Caller:

Oregon to drop its disastrous Obamacare exchange, join HealthCare.gov

By Sarah Hurtubise | April 24, 2014

Oregon’s Obamacare exchange is set to drop its still-nonfunctional website and have the federal government run its health care marketplace… Administration officials from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services reportedly told Cover Oregon that they believe the state lacks the ability to repair the exchange itself.

Cover Oregon received $305 million in federal taxpayer funding, but its website crashed on day one and the state is still unable to support online enrollment. After several months of struggling, officials switched over to paper applications in November. Now, phone lines with questions are so overloaded that some calls won’t connect..

It’s not clear whether Oregonians who have enrolled via paper applications will be required to re-enroll through a federal website for their insurance to continue into 2015.

Will those people ever be told?

The exchange is being investigated by the General Accountability Office (GAO) and according to reports, the FBI has investigated whether Cover Oregon officials lied to Obama administration officials during check-ins on the status of the federal early innovation grants.

Hilarious. Obama-Care sounds more like the bad old Soviet Union everyday. Now they are going to prosecute ‘the wreckers.’

Despite the technical meltdown, Oregon’s exchange simultaneously gained national notoriety for their costly folk-themed commercials featuring rainbows and sunshine and promising that Oregonians are “free to be healthy.” …

In fact, Cover Oregon was lauded by the liberal media for embodying Obamacare reforms at their best just months before the exchange’s October 1 disaster. “Oregon may be the White House’s favorite health exchange,” the Washington Post’s Sarah Kliff wrote in May 2013…

The Obama White House doesn’t have a very good record for ‘picking winners.’

Insurers will be faced with new problems when moving to the federal exchange, however. Portland Business Journal reports that five of 16 insurance carriers offering policies on Cover Oregon have interfaces that don’t work with the federal exchange, HealthCare.gov…


Officials hope to have a federal exchange up and running by the opening of the next enrollment period November 15.

In other words, if you live in Oregon and you need health insurance the message is: ‘Wait ’til next year.’ Even if Obama-Care cancelled your old policy this year and you are in pain.

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3 Responses to “Oregon Gives Up On Its State Obama-Care Exchange”

  1. Rusty Shackleford says:

    So Oregon just admitted they are incompetent at the state bureaucratic level and have to kick it upstairs the federal level of incompetency.

    Yes, this will fix all things. Now and in the future.

    (Head in hands, sobbing…sometimes with a slightly hysterical giggle)

    But seriously, I weep for my nation. I weep for the invasion of total leftist ideologues. I weep because they came to destroy and they are succeeding. I weep because I see only a downhill trek to the bottom of personal, national and moral insolvency.

    It is criminal. They may think they are just playing a fun little power game but the greatest generation produced the worst generation in this nation’s history. Lack of courage, an overwhelming desire to be liked and to fit in; to belong while at the same time being thought of as the “it” person. Style over substance….the tail wagging the dog.

    I had an inkling of things to come in the 70′s when everything was “cool”. Being “cool” was the thing. There were peer groups who oozed “cool” yet couldn’t spell their own names and our entertainment industry capitalized on it.

    Now it trumps everything. Gotta be in the “in” crowd to even have your voice heard or to be counted.

    Instinctively, I always go the other way. My company has forced iPads on us. I don’t dismiss the technology or the nifty things they can do but they are often more of a nuisance than they are a help. Plus, I liked my old manuals and nobody was going to steal them out of my car. Now I walk around with a personal security risk in my possession. Nice move, management.

    They are all about the “new/shiny” and so self-impressed it’s disgusting. They also didn’t plan very well and are late-in-the-game about getting the building even surveyed for wifi. Cart/Horse, all that.

    And, using it is also a “condition of employment”. IOW if you DON’T use it, you’re fired.

    Working for the cool kids also sucks.

  2. yadayada says:

    “insurance carriers offering policies on Cover Oregon have interfaces that don’t work with the federal exchange, HealthCare.gov…”

    planned. how else can you force states to voluntarily give up and hand everything over to uncle obama than to design a system incapable of basic interface?

    “Oregon may be the White House’s favorite health exchange,”

    still is, they are being led perfectly by the ring in their noses (and eyebrows, lips, cheeks, etc) it’s going exactly according to plan. the few conservatives who still have a voice left were trying to “raise awareness” about this “unforeseen development” a year ago.

    • captstubby says:

      looks like Oregon is in the Libral’s crosshairs.

      Billionaire Michael Bloomberg brings gun control battle to Oregon
      Harry Esteve The Oregonian ,April 16, 2014

      Why is Oregon one of the targeted states for a new umbrella gun-control group being bankrolled by billionaire Michael Bloomberg, the former New York mayor?
      Bloomberg’s pledge to spend $50 million on his new group, Everytown for Gun Safety.
      The group says it will set up “robust” field staffs in Oregon, Washington and at least 10 other states with an aim of not only influencing national gun legislation but in individual states as well.
      (In 2013 the whole state of Oregon with a population of approximately 3 Million, had 38 murders.)

      Oregon Marriage Ban Goes to Court Today, Without NOM’s Defense
      Oregon’s voter-approved ban on same-sex marriage will be challenged in federal court today in Eugene, without any legal representative arguing in its favor.
      BY Sunnivie Brydum
      April 23 2014
      U.S. District Judge Michael McShane, one of nine openly gay jurists on the federal bench, will hear opening arguments beginning at 1:30 p.m. today in Geiger v. Kitzhaber, a combination of two similar lawsuits filed by a total of three same-sex couples. Two Portland attorneys filed a federal suit last October on behalf of a lesbian couple who have been together for more than 30 years, and in December the American Civil Liberties Union filed a similar suit on behalf of a gay couple and a lesbian widow. Because of the similarities in the legal arguments advanced by each case, they have been consolidated into one challenge.

      and Oregon will need to “corrected” by a Democrat Commissar on this one;

      Medical marijuana in Oregon: More than 100 cities and towns impose
      dispensary moratoriums
      Noelle Crombie The Oregonian

      on April 21, 2014 Comments
      The number of cities imposing moratoriums on medical marijuana dispensaries continues to rise, according to the latest data from the League of Oregon Cities.
      As of last week, 104 cities and towns in Oregon have enacted at least temporary bans. Of those, five communities — Hermiston, Jacksonville and Medford — have banned the establishments, the league said. Other cities have voted against moratoriums or are still considering imposing limits on the outlets.
      A law passed earlier this year gives communities until May 1 to enact moratoriums that can extend through May 2015.
      Dispensaries may also face restrictions in other communities that have business license regulations allowing only establishments that comply with federal law; Marijuana is outlawed under federal law.
      The League of Oregon Cities and the Association of Oregon Counties pushed for the legislation allowing moratoriums. The league represents 242 incorporated cities.

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