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Oregon Man Calls 911 Over Wife’s Stuck Zipper

From Portland Oregon’s KGW-TV:

Man calls 911 after wife’s zipper gets stuck

February 12, 2014

BEAVERTON — Each week, Washington County posts bad examples of 911 calls in its “You called 911 for that?” campaign.

The campaign is designed to draw attention to the dangers of non-emergency calls that tie up 911 lines. This week’s call really lives up to the hype.

OPERATOR: 911, Police Fire and Medical.

CALLER: Yeah we got a problem here. My wife is struggling in her jacket and can’t get it off. I want 911 here immediately.

OPERATOR: Is she not breathing?

CALLER: She’s alright, she just can’t get her [expletive] jacket off.

The fire department responded, rescued the woman and saved the jacket.

There is no mention of whether she was charged for wasting the fire department’s time.

But, really, why should we be surprised? People in this country are being taught to be helpless and to rely solely on the government from birth.

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