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Shocker: Ortega Backs Chavez, Terrorists

From an elated Reuters:

Nicaragua breaks Colombia ties and widens crisis

By Ivan Castro

MANAGUA (Reuters) – Nicaragua broke off diplomatic ties with Colombia on Thursday, widening a Latin American crisis over a raid by Colombia on a rebel camp inside Ecuador last Saturday.

Venezuela and Ecuador have also cut relations with Colombia and poured troops to their borders with the U.S.-backed state in reaction to the cross-border raid, which prompted leftist allies to line up against Colombia.

Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega, an ex-guerrilla whose country is in a territorial dispute with Colombia, said he was breaking off relations “in solidarity” with Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa, who was visiting Managua.

Ortega’s move strengthened the leftist alliance that has formed around Ecuador and Venezuela and left their neighbor Colombia increasingly isolated…

Remember how assiduously our watchdog media ignored the return of Mr. Ortega. We didn’t hear a thing about him, until he was already re-elected.

And then we were assured that he was a new man, and certainly no longer the anti-American Communist of old.

Yes, that is what our journalists do best. Keep us abreast of developments that might affect our nation’s future.

Still, one can hardly wait to see how the dynamic duo of Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Obama will straighten this out.

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