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Ortega Wants Unlimited Terms, Too!

From an understanding Reuters:

Nicaragua’s leftist president calls for re-election

Sun Jul 19, 2009

MANAGUA, July 19 (Reuters) – Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega, a former guerrilla fighter, said on Sunday his country should extend presidential term limits after neighboring Honduras toppled its leftist president in a coup over the same issue…

After his Sandinista party was voted out of power in 1990, the opposition banned re-election in the 1995 constitution, a clause Ortega has called "unjust."

"Congressman are re-elected all the time. Mayors are not allowed to be re-elected. If we are going to be just and fair, re-election should be allowed for all (public officials)," Ortega said in front of thousands of supporters waving flags to celebrate the 30-year anniversary of the revolution…

Ortega ruled Nicaragua for 11 years as head of the Sandinista’s revolutionary government until he was voted out. He returned to power in 2007 but presidents are barred from running consecutively or serving more than two terms.

Ortega would need a majority in Congress to support a measure to change the constitution, something he does not now have and critics say an attempt to have himself elected again would squash the political opposition.

Gee, what a shock.

Ortega would need a majority in Congress to support a measure to change the constitution, something he does not now have and critics say an attempt to have himself elected again would squash the political opposition.

Who says?

Mr. Ortega can always just have his friend Mr. Chavez print up some ballots, declare a referendum, and say it is the people’s will.

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12 Responses to “Ortega Wants Unlimited Terms, Too!”

  1. Steve says:

    More, from the UK Times:

    Disaffected Sandinistas say Daniel Ortega has become a dictator

    July 20, 2009

    … For many Sandinistas President Ortega’s 21st-century makeover has not been able to mask the failures of the movement that once promised so much. Nicaragua suffers from extreme poverty, so much so that the Government announced before the anniversary a celebration of “austerity” and attached the number 30 to last year’s Christmas lights for the festivities.

    Many leading Sandinistas stayed away, having long since deserted President Ortega. They accuse him of abandoning the principles of the revolution in favour of pursuing personal power.

    Carlos Fernando Chamorro, a former editor of the Sandinista party newspaper Barricada, is one of many one-time allies who accuse Mr Ortega of pillaging public funds, oppressing critics and stealing elections as, they say, he comes to resemble the dictators he once despised.

    Mr Chamorro, a leading journalist, says that he was accused of being a drug trafficker and a robber of peasant lands, and last year the Government launched a money-laundering inquiry against him even though prosecutors admitted that they had no evidence.

    “It is a message … that those who try and enter on to this ground of investigation of power will find serious consequences,” he told The Times. “Ortega is a revolutionary leader who became a traditional caudillo.”

    Other dissidents have been accused of being traitors and CIA agents — a dangerous label in a country still menaced by the memory of the US-backed Contras. Enrique Sáenz, the president of the breakaway Sandinista Renovation Movement, has seen his car set alight by Ortega supporters, and party buildings attacked. “They treat us like enemies,” he told The Times.

    Nonetheless, Mr Ortega retains a hard core of supporters buoyed by social programmes. Critics complain the programmes are accessible only to those who sign up as militantes of the Sandinista National Liberation Front, but to the faithful this is of little concern.

    José Leopoldo Rodríguez, 65, a former farm labourer from Santo Domingo, said that the President had done for impoverished Nicaraguans what no other government had. “Is it a dictatorship? Maybe. But now it’s a dictatorship of the poor, not of the rich.”


  2. bronzeprofessor says:

    Okay, here is one area where the US can learn from Third World countries. Latin American countries that banned more than one term for presidents did very wise things. There was a built-in defense against demagoguery, and there is a solid reason for constitutions in those countries trying to make an airtight prohibition against “caudillos” taking over and dictating their personal vision to a captive population.

    I have always believed (or at least, for a while) that the United States would have done much better to limit presidents to one term of five years (in South Korea that’s how it works) rather than two terms of eight years. Incumbency skews the American political process in ways I don’t like. First-term presidents are always in campaign mode (witness our current case) while lame-duck presidents are, by contrast, reckless or lackluster.

    It will be horrendous if now Nicaragua invalidates the one-term limit, when this aspect of many Latin American governments is one area where the south of the Western Hemisphere hold wisdom from which the north of the Western Hemisphere could actually learn. I would love to amend the US constitution and restrict every future president to one term of five years.

  3. Hmm. Do you suppose our Dear Leader Pres. Obamacare, car-czar, bank manager, light-bulb attendant, is taking notes??

  4. GetBackJack says:


    When the hanging chad business erupted in Florida, in that hell hole of corrupt Democratic politics Palm Beach County, I knew I had nailed it.

    The pattern is, the socialist cabal – of which the Democratic Party is the North American Franchise – is like a global enterprise, right down to test marketing. It is singularly the largest criminal enterprise Satan has nurtured. I read a report in 1988 from Jan Lamprecht, a South African reporter and political analyst, detailing EXACTLY the same hanging chad business that nearly cost GWB the 2000 election.

    This hideous evil cabal test markets their strategies and tactics in lesser countries they can more easily control, manipulate or get out of quickly, in order to perfect their moves here in America.

    The same practices are found in business, marketing, advertising and propaganda around the world. It’s the exact same thing as “see how it plays in Poughkeepsie before we bring it home to Broadway”. Or, The Constant Gardner.

    This Chavez styled dick-tater assault is a test market and game day practice for what they intend here. I believe this is why Cheney was working for eight years on the question of legitimate succession. And why ‘they’ hate him so passionately.

    And one more thing – around 1998-9 I was searching out estancias in and around the Patagonia in Argentina. My contact was the real estate director in South America for the Bennetton family trusts. He was a fount of information about the Rockefellers buying up as much of Buenos Aires water front property as possible, in order to recreate what they’d accomplished with the World Trade Center in NYC. He fairly cackled over his inside information how Argentina’s peso as “scheduled” for devaluation in order to make properties more affordable to the Rockefellers since few property holders seemed willing to sell.

    And sure enough, the peso plummeted and Argentina went into a tail spin and land became cheap like dirt. The published reasons for devaluation were many, and fnancial historians have written shcolarly papers on it, but since I heard it BEFORE it happened, I’ll stick with my informant’s inside scoop.

    Manipulation today is altogether too easy. Witness what Goldman Sachs was able to do to our price of gasoline last summer and several summers before that what ENRON was able to do to California’s electricity rates. Like the scam that booted cheap effective freon for refrigerants, and made a fortune for the patent holders of the newer ‘environmentally’ friendly gas. Profit-By-Legislation. What a game that mist be to play! Don’t innovate! Legislate!!

    The pattern is there …. that what the Democrats really are …. is observable in the world socialist cabal test marketing of strategies and tactics.

    • Helena says:

      “Profit-By-Legislation. What a game that must be to play! Don’t innovate! Legislate!!”

      You said it.

    • proreason says:

      “This hideous evil cabal test markets their strategies and tactics in lesser countries they can more easily control”

      It passes the sniff test because it makes perfect sense. Why wouldn’t they do it? They have no morals. Power is the only thing that drives them.

      Another example, closer to home. Deval Patrick, governor of Massachusetts, was a trial run for the Moron’s campaign.

      And everything in California could be a test market for what the country will have to endure in the future if the criminals are not stopped.

  5. bill says:

    Colonel Obama will print the votes …

    Obammunism for all countries … Since Janauary 1, 5,000,000 guns sold in the USA. I wonder why.

    • Right of the People says:

      Can’t wait to use them before the Oblama Green Shirts consolidate their power.

  6. Liberals Demise says:

    Another Juan Valdez ……….. coffee bean picker for life!!

  7. 12 Gauge Rage says:

    This whole article is so self-explanatory. A dictator wants no limits on his reigns of power. I don’t know why the MSM can’t seem to figure this out. But seeing how people like Ortega are of the same kindred spirit as the media, it’s obvious they feel that their boy can do no wrong.

  8. Gladius et Scutum says:

    “buoyed by social programmes…accessible only to those who sign up as militantes”; AmeriCorp(se), ACORN, Brown Shirts, Obama 2016.

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