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Our Unbiased Media At Work – Craig Vs Hsu

A search on Google News for "Larry Craig" returns 5,482 articles, mostly from the brand name mainstream news media:

Larry Craig is alleged to have made improper advances in a public bathroom. (An activity our media usually uphold as a "civil right.")

He will resign his Senate office today in disgrace.

The actual incident happened three months ago. Mr. Craig is a Senator that most people have never heard of before.

Meanwhile, a search on Google News for "Norman Hsu" returns 437 articles, and many of them are from "blogs":

Norman Hsu is alleged to have violated our campaign finance laws by funneling millions of dollars into the coffers of the Democrat party over the last three years. (Laws our media usually deem "sacrosanct.")

The money involved is very possibly from the Communist Chinese government. Hsu has been on the lam from a three year prison sentence for 15 years for stealing a million dollars.

The story involves the Democrat’s current presumptive Presidential nominee, their last Presidential nominee, and many of its best known candidates.

Moreover, the DNC and the Clintons both have had well documented problems in the past with corrupt contributors, and even several with Communist Chinese connections.

So which story would you think has more significance for the republic in the long term?

But perhaps there is some other criteria at work in the media’s decision as to what is important news.

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