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Outrage At ‘Smuggle Truck’ Game App

From an apoplectic Associated Press:

Mass. company draws fire for immigration game app

By Russell Contreras, Associated Press Mon Feb 7, 2011

BOSTON – A game developed by a Boston-based tech company that allows users to drive a truck full of immigrants through the desert and try not to have them tossed out is drawing fire from some immigrant advocates.

Translation: word of this game offended the delicate sensitivities of the Associated Press, who then got in touch with people who they knew would say what they wanted said.

"Smuggle Truck: Operation Immigration," a proposed iPhone and iPad app by Owlchemy Labs targeted for release in March, lets players navigate through what appears to be the U.S.-Mexican border. As the truck drives over cliffs, mountains and dead animals, immigrants fall off the truck’s bed. Scores are calculated by the number of immigrants helped crossing the U.S. border.

We are confused. Why would immigrant advocates object? Aren’t the goals of the game and their goals exactly one and the same?

Developer Alex Schwartz said the idea for the satirical game came out of frustration friends faced while trying to immigrate to the U.S.

"We felt like this issue was kind of a bit taboo for games and popular media," said Schwartz. "So we wanted to build something . . . about this struggle that we could put into our work and our passion, which is making games."

Schwartz said the message that developers want to send out through the game — it’s so tough to legally emigrate to the U.S. that it’s almost easier to smuggle yourself over the border despite the dangers.


But Eva Millona, executive director of the Massachusetts Immigrants & Refugee Advocacy Coalition, said the game is in poor taste and trivializes the seriousness of immigrants willing to risk their lives under a broken immigration system.

"Last year, 170 human beings died crossing the border," Millona said in statement. "It’s disgraceful that anyone would try to make money out of this tragedy by making light of it in a game."

Aren’t there computer games about some of the most bloody battles in history? We don’t recall hearing any outrage about them.

Patricia Montes, executive director of Centro Presente, a Somerville, Mass.-based Latino immigrant advocacy group, agreed.

"I don’t think that people who are trying to emigrate into the U.S. think they are part of a game," Montes said. "They do it because they are desperate."

Besides, what are these immigrants so desperate about? According a 2010 report from the International Monetary Fund, Mexico has a per capita GDP of $14,266. Which is almost twice that of the economic juggernaut, China, whose GDP is a mere $7,518 per capita. India’s per capita GDP is $3,290.

In truth many of these ‘immigrants’ are only desperate to make a (relatively) lot of money in the US so that they can retire in ease and comfort back in their native land.

But notice that neither the AP nor these so-called ‘immigrant rights’ groups actually have any problems with the idea of bringing hordes of illegal aliens into the country. They don’t bat an eye at the notion of portraying that as good clean fun.

They are only concerned about the poor illegals. Not what harm they are doing to the fabric of our nation.

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5 Responses to “Outrage At ‘Smuggle Truck’ Game App”

  1. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Correction: The immigration “system” is not “broken”. It has been intentionally underfunded and not enforced. With all the trillions of dollars now spent on crap, there is little hope for change in the future. The laws haven’t changed…there are just too many in the government who buy into the garbage that “everyone, even ruthless criminals, deserve their shot at a better life”. Their own naivte’ or their intentional disregard of immigration law makes them criminals themselves.

  2. shel777 says:

    Notice the game’s developer is very likely Jewish (I could be wrong). He’d probably think making a game involving concentration camp or Jews killed otherwise, to be just as appropriate.

    As a Jew, I have no idea why so many Jews hate America so much!

  3. TerryAnne says:

    Well, if our poor beleagured illegal immigrants are so poor…what’s all the hubub about this app for? It’s not like they could afford iPads, Phones or Pods? Right?


    I don’t see anything wrong with this game. Then again, though, I’m all for exporting them back…including those who are legal or long-term residents who sympathize with them. And, yes, I mean export; they’ve stolen money from us long enough that we should certainly be able to make a little profit off of sending them back. Especially if they are such the wonderful hard workers they are proclaimed to be (I don’t agree with them being anywhere close to hard workers or liking the “scum” jobs they do…have a story about that, but I digress); if a country is going down the crapper like Mexico is, you’d think they’d be glad to get a couple of little determined workers to line up in their state-owned factories to turn out oh-so-useful products.

    Not a thing about their “risking their lives” tugs at any of my heartstrings (if I have any left that the liberals haven’t killed), since there is a legal process they can wait a little longer for, all the while being allowed residency under a temporary system, and allowed to apply for jobs. They risk their lives simply because they aren’t willing to pay taxes – those taxes that the liberals are normally so happy to rip from people’s pockets. Well, from white, European-origin people with jobs pockets.

    If this makes it through, I hope to beg BlackBerry to get this company to open the license of the app for use on their (BB) machines.

  4. Liberals Demise says:

    I drove my version of the truck off a cliff.
    Going back for another truckload now.

  5. canary says:

    “Last year, 170 human beings died crossing the border,” Millona said in statement

    170 humans didn’t die crossing the border. More people die from crossing the street. Good grief, millions cross the border safely.

    The music is suitable and politically correct for danger. At least it wasn’t
    “iey iey iey ieeee. I am the frito bandito…”

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