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France To Test Kinship Of Would Be Immigrants

From an outraged Washington Post:

[AP caption:] Act Up militants hold a protest, shouting slogans and holding posters reading ‘Live alone or die’, in front of the Immigration ministry in Paris, Wednesday, Sept. 19, 2007. Militants were protesting the government’s planned bill on immigration, opening the way for quotas of immigrants.

French Plan to Screen DNA of Visa-Seekers Draws Anger

By Molly Moore
Friday, September 21, 2007; A14

PARIS, Sept. 20 — The French National Assembly on Thursday approved a controversial proposal authorizing the use of DNA testing to determine whether foreigners applying for visas are actually related to family members they seek to join in France.

The plan, part of President Nicolas Sarkozy’s efforts to make it tougher for foreigners from Middle Eastern and African countries to immigrate to France, prompted outrage from human rights groups, opposition politicians and some members of the president’s cabinet.

The proposal, which also includes requirements that candidates for immigration be proficient in French and know the “values of the Republic,” is part of a Europe-wide effort to curtail immigration in the face of growing public concern over the influx of foreigners and angst over the loss of traditional national identities.

“The parliamentary majority decided to use the current fear of globalization and nationalist ideas to draw a parallel between immigrants and cheaters,” Dominique Sopo, president of SOS Racisme, one of the country’s leading anti-discrimination groups, said of the vote in the lower house. “They definitely crossed a moral line.”

At a news conference broadcast on national television, Sarkozy defended the proposed law, saying, “The DNA tests will be voluntary tests” designed to help officials determine family relations…

Thierry Mariani, a member of Parliament from Sarkozy’s ruling right-of-center Union for a Popular Movement party who sponsored the legislation, described DNA tests as a “sure and rapid” way to deal with document fraud.

The proposed law, which is scheduled for debate in the French Senate next month, would make the testing voluntary until 2010… 

Isn’t it funny how the left always line up on the side of deceit. They can’t stand the idea of an easy proof of kinship.

No, just like in the United States, they know that every illegal alien is another vote for their agenda. For them power is all. And to hell with the rule of law, with truth or anything else.

And isn’t it also odd how the Post’s article failed to mention the Act Up protest, and its implications. Why is that?

(By the way, note how Mr. Sarkozy’s government, which won in an historic landslide, is always described a “right-of-center.” And yet the Socialists and their allies, who are really Communists, are not labeled a being “left-of-center.”)

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