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Over 1/3rd Of Liberals Think Dems ‘Over-Rely’ On Gov’t

From a gobsmacked Washington Post:

Reagan wins: More than a third of liberals think Democrats over-rely on government

govtBy Philip Bump | June 26, 2014

Mark it: June 26, 2014 — 12,210 days after Ronald Reagan’s first inaugural address to the nation — and more than one-third of the most liberal Americans think that the Democratic Party is too reliant on government to solve problems.

Pew Research’s exhaustive new study of American political beliefs segments the country into seven different groups, falling roughly along the political spectrum from left to right. At the far right, "steadfast conservatives" — strong Republicans who are critical of Wall Street and immigration. At the far left, "solid liberals," who always vote Democratic and strongly support President Obama. About what you’d expect.

The graph indicates that more people… think that Democrats rely too much on government than think that Republicans are too willing to cut government programs; not a surprise. Nor is it surprising that there’s overlap — that at least 7 percent of the country thinks both of those things.

But look at the bottom. The figures from solid liberals are … unexpected.

As respondents shift to the political left (from top to bottom on the chart), they’re increasingly likely to say that Republicans are too willing to cut government programs. But that’s a different question than what’s asked about Democrats. The question about Democrats is a blanket statement, "too often seeing government as the only way to solve problems." And nearly four-out-of-ten strong liberals agrees with that idea…

The thing about Reagan that we led with was sort of a joke and sort of a troll. But it’s also sort of true. The political narrative that Democrats rely on government solutions is one that’s clearly taken hold, even among the party’s staunchest supporters. Republicans would likely argue that this is thanks to, well, Democratic reliance on government solutions. Democrats would probably point to anti-tax rhetoric that makes cutting the size of government paramount.

If so, that rhetoric has taken hold. Either way, Reagan wins.

So WP piece say they were joking with their headline and lead. But they also admit that it’s true. Most Americans now say Democrats are too reliant on government solutions. And even some "strong (i.e., radical) liberals" are starting to figure it out. — So maybe there is some hope, after all. — Well, we can dream, can’t we?

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5 Responses to “Over 1/3rd Of Liberals Think Dems ‘Over-Rely’ On Gov’t”

  1. yadayada says:

    curious how they label a “conservative’ leaning category as “young outsiders”
    and a liberal one as “faith and family left”
    no misleading phraseology there…..

    really? the party of no restrictions abortion, gay marriage, man bashing lesbians, dope smoking, and rampant persecution of Judeo-Christian values is the “faith and family left”?


  2. GetBackJack says:

    You’re going to make me tell you ..again .. who Pew serves …

  3. canary says:

    Chelsea Clinton lied and says he learned she does not care about money. This after buying a ten million dolloar penthouse in NYC instead of spending it on the poor.


  4. Chrispbass says:

    Chelsea Clinton: “I tried to care about money but couldn’t.” You know…because I have lots of it. It’s just kind of ‘there.’

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