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OWS Leader Quits Teaching Job Over Forgery

From where else but the New York Post:

OWS teach faked docs

December 12, 2011

A leader of Occupy Wall Street abruptly quit his job as a city public school teacher after getting caught red-handed falsifying time sheets, The Post has learned.

Former South Brooklyn Community HS science teacher Justin Wedes, who often rails against corporate greed and corruption, “cut and pasted’’ the signature of a supervisor onto his time sheets while applying for a national education grant, Special Schools Commissioner of Investigation Richard Condon found.

Where did he think he was, Madison, Wisconsin? Where they were passing out phony medical excuses for the protesting teachers.

(Oddly enough, Mr. Wedes protested in Madison, too. The photo shows him at a Wisconsin rally.)

Wedes, 25, who helps run the OWS Twitter feeds and overall media operation, was a key strategist in the Zuccotti Park demonstrations and was arrested during one protest march.

The schools probe was triggered by one of Wedes’ bosses, who contacted the schools investigator and reported that the teacher had tacked a copy of the boss’ signature onto time sheets — to make it appear they had been authorized — without the boss’ knowledge and consent, according to the report obtained by The Post.

The paperwork was tied to a $4,725 AmeriCorps grant that Wedes, a second-year New York City teaching fellow, sought through the City University of New York. An official there who reviewed Wedes’ application said it looked like he had forged the signatures, the report said.

Imagine there being any shady dealings involved in AmeriCorp grants. (By the way, AmeriCorp is supposed to be made up of volunteers. They are now effectively part of Obama’s paid army of foot soldiers.)

When Condon’s investigators first questioned Wedes about the allegation, he responded, “I don’t want to talk about it now.” He requested legal representation.

Shortly after being questioned by Condon’s probers, Wedes told a school official he forged the supervisor’s signature on the time sheets because he “probably would have signed them anyway,” the report said

Wedes then notified a Condon prober that he had quit his position at South Brooklyn and declined further comment.

His resignation prevented his likely firing.

Imagine an idealistic person like this, who protests greed, getting caught red-handed trying to steal close to $5,000 – and from the federal government.

It’s enough to shake your faith in human nature Democrats in general.

This article was posted by Steve on Monday, December 12th, 2011. Comments are currently closed.

22 Responses to “OWS Leader Quits Teaching Job Over Forgery”

  1. tranquil.night says:

    Steve’s eagle eye can spot astroturf anywhere. Amazing.

    Mr. Wedes shouldn’t have thrown in the towellie so early though. You don’t get fired for such trivial mistakes! Especially in New York, they’ll just pay you to stay in a room with other suspended teachers and play with coloring books. Hasn’t he seen Waiting for Superman? Rhetorical, of course.

    Then he’s still only 25, so he arrogantly probably thought he could get away with the shenanigans of veteran teachers. He was doing yeoman’s work as an organizer for occupy, don’t they understand?!11

  2. Mithrandir says:

    Teachers give a crap about the kids about as much as democrats give a crap about the country.

    Bleed the country for all you can get out of it, and when you can’t borrow another dime, let it burn down for the insurance money a la GOODFELLAS: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZPtjyqgZAUk

  3. Astravogel says:

    “Teachers give a crap…” seems to me to be
    tarring with an overly-wide brush. Perhaps on
    the coasts, but I didn’t see it in flyover country.

  4. untrainable says:

    Isn’t ther some legal statute having to do with intentionally forging official government documents? Even if he quit his teaching job, the government should still be able to file charges based on the fact that he was attempting to defraud the government/ WE THE PEOPLE. Lord knows if you or I tried something like this we’d be eating cockroaches off the prison cell floor. But, I suppose since he meant well, and even if he IS white, Eric Holder would probably let him go becuase he’s a soldier for the Obama cause.

  5. xdannyh says:

    Even thought this is more about teaching than fraud I would like to get this off my chest, so please go easy on me.
    My two cents: Every public school classroom should be required to have a viewing area. This would consist of a narrow column along the back wall with 4 of 5 chairs. The column would be sound proofed in respect to the classroom but have a audio feed and a one way viewing glass. The column (room) would have an out of the classroom entrance. In that way concerned citizen taxpayers could, without disturbing, and without the knowledge of the class sit in on a class to find out what kind of “teaching” is going on in their schools

  6. chazmikel says:

    Talk about ‘overly-wide brush’ tarring… Find examples of a wrongdoer here and there and attribute their actions to 3.2 million people (estimated number of public school teachers in the U.S.). Brilliant! Here is a fact for you: My wife is a public school teacher in … (suspense chords)…Madison, WI !!!! and, yes, she does give a crap about her students achievement. . And, no, she did not turn in a fake sick note. So, now go and attribute that to a few million public school teachers. OK, marginalize away….

    • Mithrandir says:

      Finding the 1% anomaly is supposed to de-legitimize the entire argument eh?….sounds like a typical liberal ploy to squeeze out of an argument to me.
      A) ‘Welfare recipients are just a bunch of lazy drug abusers.’
      B) “Nu-uh! Not ALLLLL of them are, therefore your argument is 100% false.”

      There were GOOD NAZIS you know….they weren’t all bad, but that didn’t stop the denazification efforts.
      I am sure there are good Taliban and Al Qaida out there too.

      I have friends and family that are public school teachers as well, but even I am not naive enough to think that they give a crap about the kids.

      There is enough evidence, and a high enough percentage to safely paint and stereotype the entire profession with an ‘overly-wide tarring brush’.
      –Such is the case when making a GENERAL argument about a GENERAL group of people, which is GENERALLY true.

    • The Redneck says:

      A one percent anomaly? That number sounds more than a little suspect to me.

      Adding in a Nazi reference doesn’t help your argument either.

      In short, public education is a job. I think there shouldn’t be any public schools, but that doesn’t change the fact that many–most likely a majority–of public school teachers want to do their job the same as any of us–just like police, soldiers, CEO’s, and other professions that are being vilified just like you’re vilifying teachers.

      The problem isn’t that all teachers are bad bad people–it’s that with the unions running the show, there’s no way to get ~rid~ of the bad ones. Bad cops get sent away or locked up. Bad CEO’s can’t get hired again. Bad soldiers get discharged. Bad teachers are kept in front of classrooms if there’s any possible way to do so, because you just can’t fire them.

    • Mithrandir says:

      I am not going to lay out all of my professional credentials BUT:

      1. Have you ever worked in a public school? In different areas, in different states?
      2. Do you have family members and friends who work, have worked, or retired in the public school system?
      3. Do you know what these people say in the teacher’ lounge when you can’t hear them?
      4. Do you know what these people say about you after parent / teacher conferences?
      5. Do you know how they talk about whose dad is a drunk and in prison, whose mom is on welfare, and then just give up on teaching their kids because they are a lost cause?
      6. Do you know how catty, childish, obnoxious these people are when asked to do even the slightest thing for the benefit of the kids, BUT IS NOT in their teacher contract?
      7. Do you know that these people adopt and take on the childish behaviors of the students they are teaching?
      8. Have you seen them fall asleep, and B.S. during required classes to keep their certification?
      9. Have you heard them discuss the latest union protests they don’t want to participate in, but have to if they need support during their protests?
      10. Have you heard them laugh and chatter about forcing parents scramble during a teacher sick-in?
      11. Have you heard them protest for better food in the schools “for the kids” when they serve pizza, tater-tots, chocolate milk, grilled cheese sandwiches? (ME NEITHER)
      12. Have you heard them bicker and fight with the principal over the DUMBEST things, and simplest requests?
      13. Have you heard teachers MOAN about long hours despite the fact they get a full salary on 6 months pay?
      14. Have you seen teachers COMPLAIN that they spent $50 on paper clips, scissors, and crayons because they school didn’t have the money for it? (boo hoo)
      15. Have heard teachers talk about giving grades to the students they like, and trying to find ways to fail students they didn’t like?
      16. Have you seen the teaching profession crumble under an avalanche of sex abuses, drug abuse, child abuse cases? Schools, like the priesthood, are crime-wave zones.
      17. Did you see the teachers in a tizzy in Detroit when a rich man offered to build charter schools there, to help the kids?
      18. “When school children start paying union dues, that ‘s when I’ll start representing the interests of school children.”Albert Shanker, former president of the teachers union.
      19.Have you seen that the students in the department of education ARE THE DUMBEST / MOST TALENTLESS students on campus? –have you ever tried to engage these people in a debate at any level? Are they all from Jersey Shore?

      That’s enough for now, I am not GOD and going to spare the entire city of Sodom just because a few people are righteous. The WHOLE PROFESSION is corrupt, and needs to be torn down, and built up again from the ground up. You scrape out a tumor, some of the good cells get removed along with it, but it’s a small price to pay.

  7. proreason says:

    He can be a star in the Democrat party, if he is willing to give up the penney ante stuff and get serious about a life of crime..

  8. Anonymoose says:

    I briefly considered teaching at one point in my life, but even twenty years ago the madness was in place. Trouble maker kids, rather than just being expelled, were given 6th, 7th, 8th chances because, well the world was biased against them and they needed a fair chance, blah blah. Meanwhile the kids who could succeed had to put up with the troublemakers and avoid hurting their feelings or standing out by doing something awful like achieving. And of course we had the “zero tolerance” policies so even chewable vitamins were considered a “drug.”

    In the town I last lived in the elementary school down the road had a huge field for P.E., which was lined by old trees. Secluded, and still out in the open air. Then they cut down all the trees and replaced them with a fence. Maybe someone complained the kids might get bit by a snake or stung by a bee. The fence lasted barely a year before it was replaced by a huge expensive gymnasium building that looks for all the world like a supermax prison. Safe, secure, and they can’t see the outside world. But it doesn’t matter because they don’t really do P.E. today anyways.

    I’m glad I decided to stay out of teaching, the only way to succeed would be a liberal loon.

    • Mithrandir says:

      Strange. The same thing happened at my elementary school. Giant oak trees lined the playground borders. So tall, so pretty…..then they hacked them down for no reason.

      The schools are now a zero-tolerance police-state. But, oddly, an “everything goes” area for the children who need to be institutionalized, as they are from corrupt communities, corrupt families, and have corrupt values.

      The only thing left to do, is pick up and move away…..FAR away, so that a judge can’t reasonably bus-in the socially retarded, and call it some flowery social euphemism.

  9. chazmikel says:


    I didn’t (and wouldn’t) say that your argument is 100% false (bit extreme that). And I assure you, I don’t ‘squeeze’ out of arguments…if anything I was STARTING the argument. I didn’t detect much of an actual ‘argument’ in the comments until you replied. Never the less, I certainly was suggesting that your and many(notice the use of the ‘many’ and not ‘all’) diatribes in these ‘comments’ threads provide little if any data to qualify the magnitude of the GENERAL argument. It may seem so in conservative discussions, granted. I speak up where the subject is something where I have first hand knowledge. I know many public school teachers. Most of them DO care and work extraordinarily hard for their students (not propaganda, first hand knowledge). I have known some very bad teachers too and none of them are still in teaching. Mostly, I am in awe of the job the my wife does and am compelled to defend her integrity. I realize it means nothing here though, don’t worry.

    • Mithrandir says:

      Don’t take it personally b/c your wife is a teacher.

      These are COMMENT boards, not scientific analysis seminars, so don’t look for a whole lot of data to prove an absolute, or a near absolute conclusion. 3.2 million teachers are failures, and corrupt based on EMPIRICAL KNOWLEDGE. So don’t think your experience is any greater than mine. We are at least at a stand-off, neither one having the upper hand.

      Everyone should think back to every teacher they have ever had in school, through college.

      Ok, how many of those people were replaceable with any random college graduate? How many were talented, one of a kind experts, deserving of their job?

      In my life, I can think of 4. Yes, 4 gems out of the landfill. The rest were just paint-by-the-numbers, phone-it-in, hand-out-a-bunch-of-copied-worksheets-and-punch-out-for-home–crowd. Disgraceful. To those 4, I have made a personal and concerted effort to give them the praise they deserved.

      Now I am all ticked off just thinking about how much time I spent learning NOTHING from those other bozos!

  10. canary says:

    Judge Judy chewed out this school parasite taking our taxes. The ending is double wham


  11. Astravogel says:

    #13. “…a full months salary on 6 months pay.” What
    they get is 6 months pay divided into 12 months, then
    that gets nibbled to death by deducts. Did your research
    mention how many qualify for Food Stamps? Did it find
    how long they must teach to pay off their student loans?
    Strikes me that some dedication to the profession is
    indicated by their willingness to put up with all the
    distracting paperwork, stupid rules sent their way by
    legislators who’ve never in their life tried to find a way to
    spark and hold children’s interest, especially in todays
    rapid-paced world. I’m glad you had some that did indeed
    take an interest in your education instead of finding some
    other line of work, which would pay more for their time.
    Next time you go by your local high school, check out the
    cars; the students have much better ones than the teachers do.

    • Mithrandir says:

      1. 180 school days = 6 months, with all holidays, and weekends off. All at FULL PAY, pension, health care. Summer vacation, spring break, winter vacation….not bad at all.

      2. Everyone gets nibbled to death by deducts, not just teachers. No one feels sorry for them.

      3. Basic starting pay is $29K with health care and benefits averages out to be $40K/year. –Well above the poverty line, and food stamp requirements. Unless a teacher at that pay had 9 kids, they would qualify for food stamps, and it would be their fault to begin with.

      4. Everyone has to pay their student loans, why shouldn’t teachers? It’ took me 12 years to pay mine back, no one feels sorry for teachers, welcome to 1-800-REALITY. ; )

      4. Teachers put up with distracting paperwork, stupid rules because they are talentless buffoons, who can’t get a job anywhere else, and are lucky to have the job they have. Everyone has these same irritations it’s called having a J*O*B. This crap notion that teachers are missing out on higher private sector pay is the biggest LIE given by them. They are not altruistic kid-loving martyrs taking less pay for the good of the kids, they are union FRAUDS. “Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach.

      5. “legislators who’ve never in their life tried to find a way to spark and hold children’s interest”
      –Uh that’s what teachers are getting paid for, and has nothing to do with the argument.

      6. “Next time you go by your local high school, check out the cars; the students have much better ones than the teachers do.”
      —Uh, I have, and I have NEVER seen a rusty old car driven by any school staff member, and *ahem*, those “student cars” are owned by their parents. What 16 year old REALLY has enough money to own a Mustang? –Thou shalt not covet thy neighbors things–remember?
      B.T.W. what you’re complaining about IS the natural order of things. The public has the right to own & drive a better car than the public sector union frauds who are SUPPOSED TO BE our“humble servants” sacrificing for the good of the kids…. —remember?

  12. Astravogel says:

    After further review, it seems incredible to me
    that the country did so well in the 20th. Century
    with all the wrongs mentioned in the 19-part list.
    The list of medical and scientific breakthroughs
    would have boggled the mind of people in the
    first quarter of the Century. And all this was done
    by people who benifited from teachers, and they
    taught without benifit from Washinton! Well Done!

    • sheehanjihad says:

      Astra makes a great point without meaning to I think. The reason this country did so well in the 20th century, minus the last 18 years of it was the lack of progressive feel good dumbing down of students. Back before the Seventies, children were taught real knowledge…real history….real math…actual English (albeit boring)…and they were expected to study…to pay attention…and they had to EARN their grade when grades meant something.

      The 21st century is spitting out functional illiterates who have no means of dealing with the actual real world because they were coddled, taught to have great self esteem, revised history if any history was taught at all, and have become a cog in the dumbed down easily led useful idiots the left is harvesting from their carefully sown fields of ignorance. Yes! The 20th century achieved what it did because we were Americans then…not the namby pamby PC infested twerps the schools are turning out.

      Once we get back to personal responsibility…to win or lose and profit from the experience…then and only then will we succeed as a nation. What we have now is nothing but drones bred to vote as they are told by the left….the term useful idiots has never been more true.

      If the Education system was serious in wanting to educate children to excel and try to make something of themselves….we wouldn’t have OWS trouser trouts or brain challenged Cindy Sheehans trying to influence intelligent people with their own version of reality. It’s not any surprise that when you plant weeds, you get weeds. The trouble today is the Education system plants useless nutrient sucking parasites and claims that they are the real fruits of their effort.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      Oh, we’d still have the OWS types and the Cindy She-bags but the difference would be stark in that few, if anyone would pay attention to them and the news agencies would ignore them or maybe even make fun of them.

      There are still those, I’m sure, who can survive the public education system. Many parents are deeply annoyed as to what their kids do and “learn” in public schools. Individual thought, innovation, thoughtful debate are discouraged now-days whereas in the 60’s and 70’s were encouraged. It is sad. But, hopefully enough kids will graduate with the feeling of “Hey, what just happened? How come I didn’t know that?” and start to spend time filling the gaps that their “formal” indoctrination so willfully ignored.

      Even in my own case, I devoured as much Roman history as I could even though that particular portion of Development of Western Civilization ( or, “dev-wess-civv”) was over. There were elective courses for preppies on China/India and others for the fans of Russia…with no question as to why their systems of government sucked out loud. There was proper acknowledgement of their part in the whole grand scheme of things but students generally learned why it’s an advantage to be born or live in the U.S.

      For my own experience, I was sadly disappointed to find, during my substitute teaching days, the enormous number of teachers who were complete idiots. The chat in the teachers’ lounge sounded more like an episode of 90210. I didn’t last long. Kids had all the power…said whatever they wanted, pretty much did whatever they wanted and I wasn’t allowed to teach anything….just babysit. Not my idea of education. Teachers often left NO instructions for subs and that meant I just held study-hall all day long.

      Many kids felt the need to push my buttons and see what pissed me off. A few times I went to the principal and in no uncertain terms told them not to ever call me back. “Your school is a discipline nightmare…and your teachers suck” was what I told one administrator. No ambiguity there. I gave up on the idea of becoming a professional teacher. The system in the “Unified School Districts” I worked was totally driven by sports status and teachers not really interested in teaching.

      Sorry, chazmikel…..I’m sure there are teachers out there who really care. I just didn’t see it for the year that I subbed.

    • Mithrandir says:

      @Astravogel You are giving teachers FAR too much credit.

      Rich people who gave up on teachers and dropped out of college: http://www.collegedropoutshalloffame.com/

      ~Bill Gates DROPPED OUT OF SCHOOL! –why? I thought teachers knew it all?
      ~Richard Branson had dyslexia, became independent at 16. Never attended college.
      ~Ever hear of Rush Limbaugh? Dropped out of college. –didn’t need teachers to tell him how to do his job.
      ~Apple, Amazon.com, and many other started in their GARAGE, not because some teacher taught them what to do.

      Truly talented people succeed DESPITE the rote public school “Early-20th-Century-assembly-line-preparing” teaching methods, from American antiquity.
      ***Ever see how China, Korea, Japan teach their students? They teach them how to THINK, not just copy what a teacher says. Maybe that’s why South Korea (about the size of Minnesota), pound-for-pound, dances circles around U.S. kids.–and they don’t have teacher unions either! Imagine that!

      2007: 1.5 MILLION people gave up on schools and teacher-frauds, to home-school their kids.

      PARENTS get most of the credit. They do most of the heavy lifting, work 2 jobs to pay taxes for the lazy public sector teachers, come home to help with homework, read to their kids in bed, NEVER hand out a worksheet, or make them draw hand-turkeys, or glitter Santas. –

      @Rusty NAIL ON THE HEAD! Substituting is for those who figure out they NEVER WANT TO DO THAT JOB AGAIN.
      I volunteered at an (wink wink) inner city school, for a month, and it was a HELLISH NIGHTMARE OF BIBLICAL PROPORTIONS! My lord…..I couldn’t decide who gave a crap LESS? Was it the students? the parents? The administration? The teachers? The school board?

      And yes, like I wrote up there, the teacher’s lounge is a festering rats nest of gossip, women talking about their periods, menopause, giving birth, snarky politics, insulting religious comments, George Bush bashing cartoons passed around, parent bashing, quasi-lesbianism, 1/2 of the women were divorced or getting divorced and were closet feminists. –Worse than 90210…

      “You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.” — Obi Won Ben Kenobi

  13. Astravogel says:

    Education News: MORGANTOWN, W.Va. (AP) — Jessica Lynch was just 19 when the world first saw her — a broken, blond soldier caught on combat video in Iraq, her face wearing something between a grimace and a grin.
    The Army supply clerk was being carried on a stretcher after nine days as a prisoner of war. She had been captured along with five others after the 507th Maintenance Company took a wrong turn and came under attack in Nasiriyah on March 23, 2003. Eleven of her fellow soldiers died.
    Lynch had joined the Army at 18 to earn money for college and become a school teacher. This Friday, at 28, she completes that mission.
    She’ll spend Thursday finishing her training as a student teacher at the same elementary school she attended in sparsely populated Wirt County. Then, on badly damaged legs and a right foot that still pains her, she’ll walk across a stage Friday evening and get her education degree from West Virginia University at Parkersburg.
    “It’s tough to walk, but I look at it as, ‘At least I’m walking,'” she says. “At least I have my legs. They may not work. I have no feeling in the left one. But it’s attached, at least. … At least I’m alive.” She’ll probably be one of the caring teachers.

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